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Where to sell your products - Market Channels
Where to sell your products - Market Channels

Where to sell your products – Market Channels

We can hardly call this business model “easy,” but you do not have to be frightened, if you are persistent, you will succeed. Let’s talk about this a little, where to sell your products? Before we get into Niche (market gap) research, generic keyword research and specifically into Amazon Partner Affiliate keyword research in the next very big topic, which is the basis of the Affiliate marketing.

Because for all these processes, you will need hard work, perseverance and patience,

to discover the golden keywords of your Niche-website. (the goose that laid the golden eggs can’t be found just like that). I would like to note here: there is a workflow or result that you need to know. And this is what it is,

you won’t get any traffic on your website at all, if you rely on the wrong keywords!

No matter the professional content and the professional SEO, in which you invest a lot of time, work and money, if it is all based on the wrong keywords.

Market research (in my previous post) is also taught at universities and cannot be learned in 40 minutes. But for your Affiliate marketing, to make money on the Internet, you get enough information to get started on the right track.

With the same attitude, you can build your own online empire. Whatever you sell and whatever you do as a business (even the unpopular MLM business model), you can apply this knowledge to them, if you want to be found on the Internet!

Let’s just look at the Market channels – where to sell your products and services if you started digital marketing?

(I note in brackets that I am demoing with English keywords, as your global Affiliate business is unfortunately not yet sophisticated in Hungarian. And unfortunately, this is also typical for keyword research.) But don’t be disappointed, as if you want to make money then you should go a little further from the Hungarian border 😊  (or from the border of your country) and you will have many more options.

First, let’s see how it works!

Open the Google search box and enter the name of the product you want to sell. So, let’s say you type the following search word (so the keyword that if someone did good research and good SEO, then these pages will appear on the first page of Google):

colored hair wax

and then you press Enter.

colored hair wax-SERP
colored hair wax-SERP

The first thing we can see above is that there are sponsored ads. These ads will appear depending on your Google AdWords (ad words) settings. So, we already know that if we want to rank our website to appear on the first page for these words, we need to enter those words and optimize our content for them. (you will learn this in the topics of keyword research and SEO)

So, this is how we get the best search results. If you scroll down, we will also see Amazon and eBay sales channels. Now we have 3 channels on the market to gain a competitive edge, obviously if we sell our product on these pages.

Let’s look at it from a different angle

If we do not want to sell through these sales channels (but for example, on our own website) then they must be preceded in the ranking. You already understand that if you are not selling your own product, but you are selling Amazon or eBay products to earn a commission, you will be competing with your own partner company as well. If it’s good or not, that you’ll see it in later keyword research posts.

Let’s see who the best in the race is

It is sure that you notice that ahead of web pages there are YouTube videos. Let’s look at a web page below a YouTube video.


You see that we’re coming to a web shop selling this product. You probably knew that, too. But if you look deeper, you will see that we were not immediately taken to the sales page of the product, but to a perfectly written (you will learn more about this in the content writing articles) content (with the specific keywords we typed, when we searched for the product), perfectly optimized for search engines (you will learn this in the SEO articles).

The website has its own web shop, where you can buy similar products, but there is a link in the content which, if clicked, will take you to an Amazon page. 🙂

Mofajang Hair Color Wax

Of course, he (the owner of the site) will get his commission, as he took the time to write professional content, to optimize it, to do research on keywords, and, if the product is bought through him, he can reap the fruits of his work. The content is there. If someone is searching for this product, even when the owner of the website is sleeping, he will still be making money without having to manage his own web shop (obviously he wouldn’t be able to do that while he is sleeping 😊), because Amazon will do the rest of the process.

Nowadays it is not enough to create a web shop and to give a description to a product.

All those websites which have a solution, comparison, etc. about the product, so the sites which are writing content about the product, will be ranked.

But let’s look a little behind the “performance” to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Then let’s go to site https://www.similarweb.com

Copy the URL link, but the homepage is enough. Then let’s go to site https://www.similarweb.com/ . Here we will know why Google ranked this site in the first place and we will know also from where the sales are coming from.

Let’s copy the website link and we will get all the information. Scroll down and you can see that most people are coming from the United States to this site, but the trend is changing now. Although other countries are still far behind. (I would note here that there is not much competition in the UK and other countries, so it might be worthwhile to join England, Canada or Germany as an Amazon partner).

Of course, this requires communication in the given language. I would stay in the US because there are more customers there, even though I’m facing bigger competition. This needs to be considered.

But, if you scroll down, you can see that the most traffic is coming from search engines to the website

We already know that shopping ads can get you to the top of Google’s first page and that my target audience is in the United States. But, if you scroll down, you can see that the most traffic is coming from search engines to the website. So, the owners of the website put lot of efforts into keyword research and SEO.

If we scroll down, we can see the most popular referring sites (Top Referring Sites). You’ll find plenty of information without paying for anything. You can see why this site was ranked for the first page.

If we scroll down more, we can see that 75.17% of the traffic is coming from search results and is ranked so high because of the top 5 organic search keywords. And best of all, we even get the keywords, which were used to achieve it.

Going back to the website, we can see that a great way to sell, is a web shop, but only if you have excellent content with professional SEO and keyword research. (there will be detailed articles on how to create such a website). You’ve just seen how well it works.

I was a little bit surprised what would happen if they would invest more energy in social marketing, how much extra traffic would be generated (if we go back and look at the results, it is only 5.85%). Facebook is almost the worst and I am not surprised that Twitter is the last. But obviously, it is quite understandable, because if he has enough profits from Google search traffic, then why he would invest more in social networking sites.

But if you think about it, everyone thought that Facebook is the “king”. Why a website is needed! Ohhhhhhhhh, you’re wrong! We as professionals know very well that those who

are not creating unique, professional content on their website, will be left behind in the competition.

Facebook is not so good in this industry because it decides what your followers can or cannot see. The same with Twitter. It does not matter that it has 628. 837 Facebook fans and 59,3k followers on Twitter. Of course, a well targeted Facebook and Twitter ad could generate even more traffic for the website owner. But on Pinterest, it is in very good situation as it is from where most of the social media traffic of 5.85% is coming from. 40.31%.

We’ve seen a nice example of the value of focusing on content marketing as part of digital marketing,

while also using social media, if possible, but not by linking directly to the product, but first directing our followers to our blog post to provide a SOLUTION to their problem (do you remember for market research?)

Not to mention that our website works even when we sleep!

Especially, we Hungarians, if we have a professional website in the US with professional content that will direct potential customers to Amazon. Because of the time difference, they shop there when we are deeply asleep here😊.


  • you found out where you could sell your products
  • what sales channels exist and work
  • We could see what type of competition we have

Following a similar path, you no longer must reinvent the wheel, you just have to gain a competitive edge. It’s a winning concept. Do what works!


So, search for the product on Google. Where to sell your products. Check out what sales channels are working as I showed to you in the last few minutes. Do what works. Take your own slice of the cake. Of course, you have to study and work to do that.

Fortunately, not everyone does this job perfectly, so there will always be niche markets where you can fit in.

In my next post, we will go deeper into research and it will no longer be so new, why do we need to research Niche, Keyword and Amazon keywords?! I wish you good profit.

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