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Do You Want to Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Online Business?
Welcome to my website about Affiliate Niche Riches. My name is Peter Nagy
Welcome to my website about Affiliate Niche Riches. My name is Peter Nagy

Welcome to My Website About Affiliate Niche Riches

Welcome to my website about Affiliate Niche  Riches. My name is Peter Nagy, and I’d like to tell you how I started affiliate marketing. What did I do for a living, before I got to the decision to help you guys out earning money from home? Everyone has a story and it’s good to listen to them. Even if it’s a story full of disappointment and frustration. There isn’t a person who hasn’t gone through something similar to myself.

My story about how I tried offline and online paths that sometimes lead to totally different directions:

I live in Budapest, the capital of Hungary
The Chain Bridge was the first permanent stone-bridge connecting Pest and Buda, and only the second permanent crossing on the whole length of the river Danube.

I could probably write five books about it, but I’ll leave that for when I’m a pensioner. It’s almost been thirty years since I have finished my gardening studies and got accepted to the University of Nyiregyhaza to study mechanical engineering. However, I was never interested in machines and that wasn’t even my major at high school (plus I was broke) and all my mother said was “Now you’ve got a qualification, go and get by how you can. This is why I decided not to go to university. I started working.

Almost 30 years later in 2019, I am a bit smarter. It was a big mistake because a degree is a degree. Unfortunately, people appreciate papers and certificates over knowledge – unless it’s languages – Hungary has almost run out of engineers, professional tradesmen, specialists or laborers, as all of this workforce has immigrated abroad to earn up to six times as much as they do in Hungary.

Someone can have a degree and have years of experience in teaching but earn less than someone with less experience working their first job at a fast-food restaurant. My wife doesn’t teach anymore, even though she’d love to, but we couldn’t afford that during the years. She has a second degree, so she gets by in the world of chemical engineering, which she loves doing. Of course, not everyone is like this. There are a few other fields that would make quite the income, but those aren’t my specialties because they are all offline industries.

Machines, blueprints and material studies didn’t interest me, but technology and the online world definitely did

I asked myself – how should you make money from home, Peter?

Technology always interested me – IT, specifically. How lucky am I, that I matured just as the internet became widely used and popular? 😛 I live in Hungary’s capital, Budapest. I have begun to learn about the world of information technology 19 years ago. I started self-teaching then I started properly learning via online courses. I even completed the European Computer Driving Licence (ECLD) program.



Knowledge in Autodesk 3DS Max software in Mesharray Information Technology School

In 2009, I have completed a 2-year course in digital media, the film industry, and game development. (Digital drawing, digital modeling,

I opened “Peter Creative Media” designing websites

animation, textures, character animation, character studio, digital brightening and rendering, game integration and physical simulation.) I have learned about trends and workflows through live projects and examples. We’ll prepare you to be able to sort problems out individually during this course.

Because my English wasn’t really good due to being taught to be more of a Cyril Script guy, I had no other option but to do freelance work but thankfully I wasn’t desperate. Getting hired as an employee in the film and game development industry in Hungary proved almost impossible to back in the day. I opened “Peter Creative Media” designing websites. First, I made them for family members, the I got suggested to others and eventually, I’ve done numerous digital projects. The digital world has opened up in front of me.

When imagination and innovation meet, there is no such thing as an impossible project



At the beginning, I have made websites using HTML and Flash (JavaScript) as these techniques were on-trend. However, as mobile devices, the new Google search engine, the importance of being user-friendly has become more important, manual coding kind of died out and content management systems such as WordPress took over the industry. I realized that the majority of people didn’t care for this or had the time to deal with it was an opportunity to get busy within this market.

Content Marketing started to appear and the world of blogging has begun

Because of this shift in technology, I was able to create websites for small businesses, landing pages or e-commerce pages without having to code. PHP got stronger and HTML5 came out as well as CSS, which I have learned in 10 years while working with it. For me, this was only a question of interest and time.

I quickly realized that WordPress required serious work,

such as hosting and other services that required knowledge in information technology. In order to keep up with trends and help people make money from home, I completed a 2-year accredited course, so I achieved a System Administrator qualification as well – this way being on top of software and hardware too. Webservers became available for me. This way I was able to provide servers and fulfill hosting requests for clients.

It’s time for E-Commerce

I didn’t just make websites but produced creative media content. Videography and editing, creative planning, drawing, animation, photos, and publishing. Back in the day, I used Macromedia Dreamweaver to code in HTML, which was later bought by Adobe. This is when I became a loyal Adobe user (since then you might know it under the name Creative Cloud). I developed a very high knowledge in Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects.



I got to a point where I had no time for anything

In the meantime, my kids were born and their mother had to go back to work after a year so I stayed at home with them for 2 years. I needed a strategy that works even when I’m playing with my kids or while changing nappies. This is why I started learning about digital marketing, and Affiliate Marketing to be more specific.

Fanni and Eszter, who was only a couple months old

(Finally home after premature birth and being in incubation)


6 years old soon ????

6 years old soon

My children are 6 years old. Birthday party!


I build around 100 websites and I started trading Amazon and Clickbank products via these e-commerce systems. Important to mention, there was no need to write content and blogging at this stage. All I had to do is upload the products and write descriptions. I have made my first $200 in February 2015. But at the beginning of February 2016 traffic to my sites plummeted and I discontinued this business. This time I stopped what I was doing and the work put in and my many websites went into the trashcan. It was a massive failure, but I didn’t mind – at least I had time for my babies.

I started researching how Affiliate Marketing Strategy works

It became obvious that I needed good content for these websites. Blogging became a priority. As social media platforms became increasingly popular it seemed as if blogging had no point anymore, but it was the opposite! Facebook started to fail as it didn’t fulfill the role it was created for. Blogging, writing articles and content became a massive priority. Google’s search engine now prefers these types of websites over Social Media posts at the moment. Of course, proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was needed.

Competition is heavy, only the best of the best make it to Google’s first search results page!

My aim is to use proper techniques and hard work to start Amazon and other affiliate marketing business in the USA. And later, if it’s successful start this in Germany also. My aim is to generate $2000 monthly. As I don’t speak fluent English and no German at all, I hire freelance translating professionals to interpret my content.

My YouTube channel, NboM (Nagy-Borko-Media) was launched to help others

Understanding videos and podcasts in English isn’t a problem for me, however, this wasn’t perfect either. I don’t want to be perfect at everything, though. There is technical help available, but my affiliate marketing strategy still works. 😊 Putting it differently: speaking a language isn’t the most essential thing that affiliate marketing work.

Costs can seem a bit high at first as it might take 3-6 months to make a profit. My idea is that only hard work results in a working affiliate marketing program. If the process doesn’t take off within 60 days in its given niche, we need to find a new gap in the market. The secret, which isn’t really a secret, is to choose the right topic and create professional content for this.

I am aware of the fact that you can’t make money immediately using affiliate niche websites, but I also know – from experience – that in 2015 I was able to make $200 monthly per website. Of course, this isn’t enough for a full-time income, but everyone likes that bit of extra cash that you can make from home even while you’re asleep. By 2019, a new marketing strategy formed that I can honestly say – it works perfectly. Of course, I didn’t invent sliced bread but I had to rethink and plan my online marketing aka digital marketing strategy.

My aim is to make $500 with each website that covers a specific niche, within 6 months. This means 150.000 HUF per month after taxes. This is a fully realistic aim as if you remember I mentioned my plan to make $2000 per month, which is so doable – with hard work, of course.

The blueprint of digital marketing builds on content writing for affiliate marketing

You need to know that you’ll need to invest time and hard work. And money, of course. Money makes money, but making money from home does not just depend on investing funds into your business. You need to do the “right” type of work. This is the only secret that is key to YOUR success. The adequate training and system that’s put in place. This is what I work in, and this is the most important thing I can offer.

How successful you’ll be depending on this. How well you can copy the tasks I did to be successful.

Learning from my past mistakes, which you can read on this site, and whatever I have learned – and still continue to learn- during building my businesses is there to help others who might have little kids or want to make money from home, even as a second income with working a couple of hours a day. The rest of the time you have, you can spend with your family.


It is my dream to popularise Affiliate marketing training and courses in Hungary. I want those who put time and effort into this to make money from home, even if they don’t speak any English. Of course, I’ll share this system with people in the USA or Germany. The sky is the limit. It all depends on time and how consistent you are. It only costs $19 a month and you can start your own affiliate marketing training too. Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you! Create your account now and get rolling with your online business today!

How can you begin?

Subscribe to my newsletters, read my blog posts and pay attention, learn! Look at my YouTube channel and subscribe if you don’t want to fall behind. This valuable information is free, but worth a lot. As you have heard it from me before:

“Information is a treasure”

Do You Want to Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Online Business?

About Peter

Thank you for reading my post! Share it with others on your social media profiles if you want to help others making money online. You know a lot of like-minded people who would love to know about affiliate marketing and its secrets. In order to make money online luck or secrets aren’t what you need, but something that has been dominating the online world for almost 15 years. “ information is power “ Have an amazing day! Peter Nagy: Digital Marketer

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