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Wealthy Affiliate Complaints
Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints- Review of This Program

As a wealthy affiliate member, I can give you an honest review of this program. Along the way, I have seen some wealthy affiliate complaints, which I’ll mention in this review. Read on.

The Wealthy Affiliate, a brief background

Honestly speaking, you’ll start hearing about the accusation of the wealthy affiliate the moment you join. However, that shouldn’t scare you into joining this incredible program.

One question you need to ask your self is, despite the many complaints, why are there still people in the wealthy affiliate program. To understand this, I will mention briefly about the wealthy affiliate training program then dive into the objection.

What is the wealthy affiliate program?

I’m sure by now; you understand the concept of affiliate marketing. If you’re not, let me take a minute and explain what it’s all about. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and earning a commission.

It may sound simple; however, it’s a complex process that involves building a successful business online by choosing the right niche and promoting the correct products. Success doesn’t come overnight. It requires a lot of effort on your part.

Some people may tell you there are programs better than wealthy affiliate. Like every program, there are wealthy affiliate pros and cons, and every member has a story to tell. Every affiliate training program is unique, for example, affilorama different, but both aim at equipping members with knowledge.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama

Wealthy Affiliate, the highlights-Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

There are two programs under the Wealthy Affiliate program. If you’re a beginner, you’ll start at the free membership. Once you join, you have seven days of joining the paid membership. However, there’s no limit on the amount of time you can stay at the free plan. There are a few benefits here, such as two free wealthy affiliate websites, introductory lessons, thirty keyword searches, and subdomain hosting.

If you’re looking forward to building a successful online business, it’s essential to join the paid membership. The training is more detailed, and there’s plenty of resources to get you started. It costs you only $49 per month, which covers a more comprehensive training program, boot camp training, free hosting, interactive sessions, a vibrant community, and 24/7 support.

Wealthy affiliate Complaint about cost

As I have mentioned, the wealthy affiliate free program doesn’t cost anything to join. The paid membership costs $49 per month. However, there’s a discount when you make annual payments. As compared to wealthy affiliate alternatives, this program is cheaper, cost-effective, and you get value for your money. If it’s this cheap, what’s the complaint? Here is what people say. Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?

The wealthy affiliate doesn’t refund

Yes, it’s true, the wealthy affiliate will not give you a refund. If you’ve heard this on the grapevine, it’s confirmed now. There’s nothing to hide since it’s in the terms and services, and most people don’t bother to read. Cleary states that after joining the program, you pay a monthly fee, and there’s no refund.

Everybody would like value for the services they pay for, and not getting a refund for poor services is irritating. These days, most companies are refunding after a certain period.

Although the wealthy affiliate doesn’t refund, there is an opportunity to join the free program. Here you can get the feel of the paid membership at least for the first month.

You can still remain at the free membership if you don’t want to spend any cash. Therefore even though the complaint of refund is valid, you can get the basic training that will help you start an online business.

Is there a refund after accidental billing?

Some people complain of accidental billing when trying to cancel the membership. When this happens, you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned cash. You will get a refund.

Wealthy affiliate Complaint about quality of training

Some people will complain of shallow training, especially at the free membership. There’s no cause for alarm since there is the option of joining the paid membership and enrolling for the entire course.

What are the options for training?

Wealthy affiliate complaints? Why would they complain about the quality of the wealthy affiliate training, yet you can still learn more at free training? Remember, you’ll get all these for free, and if you want to upgrade, there’s a basket full of goodies.

The training section at the free plan is limited, and the lessons are few. However, for a beginner, you can start here since you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to build an online business.

You’ll learn how to choose a niche, idea, or interest since your website will revolve around the products you want to promote. Next, you’ll create your own websites. There’s an option of creating two websites; it’s a simple process that will only take a few minutes to design an eye-catching site that will awe audiences.

It doesn’t end there since you can still access the first phase of the affiliate boot camp training. There are two classroom lessons, thirty free keyword searches, and one-to-one coaching.

Does the premium membership training quell the complaints?

Well, the paid membership will only cost you $49 per month, yet the training is so intensive, and multiple benefits come with being a member.

Under this program, you’ll still learn the basics of creating a website, choosing a niche, and products to promote. The training is intensive since you’ll learn how to optimize your website for SEO through keyword research.

There are unlimited keyword searches, and you can create up to 50 websites. You can access all the seven phases of the boot camp training and attend up to twelve classroom lessons.

Other advantages are; live chats, private access to wealthy affiliate owners, 24/7 support, and access to a robust community.

Some people feel that the wealthy affiliate should be free up to the point where they start making money. I totally disagree with such an assertion since, for your business to grow, there must be some costs.

Wealthy affiliate is also a business, and they need cash to run their operations, considering they have thousands of members. At this point, it wouldn’t hurt joining the starter membership.

The complaint about the community, hosting, contacts, and emails

I will briefly look at these complains below.

The community

The community is what makes the wealthy affiliate program. Without the community, this platform will cease to exist. Despite this, you’ll still hear murmurs about the quality of the engagement in the community. Some people feel there’s no regulation, and it’s just like a social media platform.

This kind of gripe comes from those people who’ve not spent much time in the chat. As an active member for many years now, and I can tell you for sure that most of the training I got from the chat sessions. Of course, the classroom lessons are crucial. However, there is a time you may have issues you need clarification.

The best place to post your question is chatroom. The members are willing to help you create a profitable business, and the quality of conversation revolves around affiliate marketing and earning a sustainable income.

The Hosting

There are two types of hosting under the wealthy affiliate program. Under the free plan, there is free hosting. However, you get a subdomain for your website.

The paid membership offers you a chance to have a domain name, and also you can host your website externally.

I’ve heard some people complain that the wealthy affiliate has only (.com/.net/.org) and that you can’t have customized domain names like (. web/.tweet).

Their complaints are understandable; however, if you’re building a serious online business, I wouldn’t encourage casual domain names.

Lots of emails

To some users, it may not be unusual to receive email notifications now and then. To others, it’s simply annoying. Do you receive a lot of emails from the wealthy affiliate program? If you’re a beginner, it may take time before you can master the process and navigate through various options.

Emails are essential since you get to receive important updates from the wealthy affiliate. Also, you won’t miss out on important announcements.

That said, if you feel it’s too much of a bother, you can change the email settings by navigating through the accounts. You can either turn off or select items that you’d like to receive updates on.


Some people complain that the wealthy affiliate doesn’t have a phone number where members can call and have their issues resolved. Currently, phone numbers are no longer popular, and most companies prefer issuing tickets. It could be useful if you want to follow up on the issue of billing. However, issues to do with the websites do not require a phone number.


Wealthy affiliate complaints are not bad since they help the management improve on service delivery. However, for a newbie, they shouldn’t scare you since the wealthy affiliate is a successful program with thousands of members earning money and benefiting from it. There are success stories from members who are making it big. I hope this wealthy affiliate unbiased review has addressed your fears, and now you’re ready to join this program and tell a story someday.

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