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Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure
Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure-Free & Premium Membership

If you’re a member, the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure applies to both free and premium membership. In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know. Let’s get started.

The Wealthy Affiliate program

If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, I guess that you’re all too familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate training program. If you’re a beginner, this could be the first time you hear about it.

Probably you’ve listened to testimonies of how people are raking big online. I’m here to break everything down. But before I jump into a review of Wealthy Affiliate commissions, I’ll explain the concept of the Wealthy Affiliate to get a clear understanding.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate program?

The Wealthy Affiliate is a training program for affiliate marketers to help them build successful businesses online. For you to earn Wealthy Affiliate commissions, you must be a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

There are two membership plans, the free and the paid membership. Joining the free plan will not cost you a penny, and the good thing is that you’ll have seven days to sample the premium membership. It’s the best plan for beginners and has a starter kit to get you started.

Under the free program, you’ll receive two free websites, phase one of the boot camp training, and one-to-one coaching sessions in the first seven days. The training is quite limited here, and to get most of it, you can upgrade your membership.

The premium plan is an upgrade of the free membership, and here you’ll get unlimited live help and access to all the seven phases of the boot camp training.

Other benefits include fifty free websites, unlimited coaching, unlimited keyword search, and twelve classroom lessons. You engage with a community of like-minded individuals and a 24/7 support team.

Does it cost anything to join the Wealthy Affiliate program?

Like I mentioned earlier in this review, it’ll cost you nothing to join the Wealthy Affiliate program. You can start your membership here, and the good news is, there’s no limitation on the time you can stay at the free plan.

Answers on what about Wealthy Affiliate that makes it worth your money

However, after seven days, you can upgrade to the paid membership. There’s a special offer, and it’ll cost you $19 in the first month after subscribing.

The subsequent months will cost you $49 per month. The annual subscription goes for $359. When you do the calculations, you can see that there are a savings of a whopping $229 if you opt for annual Wealthy Affiliate commission payments.

The Wealthy Affiliate commission structure

How do you earn the commissions? Let’s now look at the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure. From my earlier remark, you can only earn commissions when you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate membership. You’re eligible at both plans; namely, the free or paid membership, that’s why the Wealthy Affiliate is a popular plan, unlike other programs where you must pay first before earning any commission.

How Much Does The Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

The Wealthy Affiliate commissions breakdown

If you choose to join the free membership, you’ll earn $11.75 every month when you opt for a $49 subscription per month. If you subscribe to the yearly subscription of $359, you’ll earn $87.50 every year as commission.

They’ll be double what you’ll receive under the free membership. If you choose to be a premium member, the commission will increase significantly. By paying $49 subscription, you’ll earn $23.50 every month, and by paying the annual fee of $359, you’ll receive a yearly commission of $175.

You also earn $1 if a referral completes their profile, like adding a picture and filling a bio. Every time your referral buys a domain, you get $1, and this reoccurs every time they renew.

Advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure

One outstanding feature of the commission feature is that you’ll receive monthly payments or yearly payments depending on your subscription plan.

Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect source of passive income where you can earn money from the comfort of your coach or doing other things. The secret is maintaining an active subscription.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate conversion rate?

Does the Wealthy Affiliate help you become rich? I come across this question quite often from new members. For you to make money, it all depends on your individual effort and strategy.

Does the commission rate matter?

Personally, I have come across commissions ranging between 1% to even 100%, and I’ve seen individuals earning more on a 1% commission and less on a 100% commission.

What I’m saying is that the Wealthy Affiliate commission rates don’t matter; what matters is your effort and quality of your content.

The Wealthy Affiliate offers you a chance to train and acquire skills on how to create a successful online business from the structure. Wealthy Affiliate has a conversion rate of 12% for individuals joining the premium membership plan.

In simple words, it means for every eight people who join the Wealthy Affiliate membership, eight converts to premium membership.

The Wealthy Affiliate premium advantage

So, do you earn anything by referring other people to the Wealthy Affiliate program? There is a commission structure, and this depends on whether you are a premium or a beginner member.

Within the first seven days of joining the free membership, there’s a special discount of $19. The commission offer is $8 in the first month. After that, you’ll earn $23.50 per month. Starter membership earns you $4 for referrals, then increases to $11.75 every month, and annual commissions are $87.50.

When you look at the commission structure, it’s evident that you’ll receive 50% of commission if you choose to remain at the free membership. It means that you can still promote the Wealthy Affiliate program at zero cost and yet receive the goodies of free memberships.

You’ll enjoy massive commissions and access the full training program. Also, you can enjoy an all paid excursion to luxurious Las Vegas if you refer up to 300 new members under the paid membership.

What influences the commissions in Wealthy Affiliate?

I must state that you can make commissions from Wealthy Affiliates, and to succeed, it requires lots of hard work on your part. There are individuals making thousands of dollars every month by implementing what they learn in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate cookies

The Wealthy Affiliate has cookies whereby if a member clicks on a cookie on your platform or link, there is a benefit. Here’s how. Once the individual signs up, they become a referral.

Other programs have conditions of 24 hours upon which the cookies expire. The advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate cookies is that they are a lifetime and will not expire.

Wealthy Affiliate link

You’re bound to find an affiliate link in all pages of the Wealthy Affiliate. For example, you can use the link to show your referrals. This link is available on blogs, training, webinar, and much more. If you have many referrals per day, you’re bound to increase your commission.

I would recommend the premium membership, and although the commissions may not sound good when you join, they add pretty first.

For instance, if you have ten referrals under the premium membership, you’ll earn a commission of $1750. Quite impressive. These earnings are a reality for anyone with stable internet and willingness to excel.

The Wealthy Affiliate payment options

The Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most flexible options. You can receive your commissions through PayPal at the start of every month.

Typically, it can be on the 1st or 2nd of every month. The advantage of PayPal is that it’s widely accepted in most countries in the world.

What makes the Wealthy Affiliate commission unique?

By joining the Wealthy Affiliate, the payoff comes in earning a commission for working hard. So If you’re new, it’s a motivation since there’s something to look forward to after a day’s work.

By just referring to new members, you can earn money even by not paying the Wealthy Affiliate fee. Fair enough, you’ll also get free training, free websites, and much more.

Of course, there is the one time commission when your referrals fill their profile page. However, the kicker comes in the recurring commissions. By choosing this route, you’re now aware that you can create 50 websites, and all these have domains and subdomains.

Assuming you get referrals who create websites and buy domains every year, you’ll be earning $1 per domain purchase. That’s good enough, and all you need is to refer more people to the program.

Longtime recurring commissions are what makes people stick to the Wealthy Affiliate program and become a success. Few programs will double your commissions, and numbers don’t lie. The conversion rate of 1 to 8 means many people are joining the premium membership.

The other advantage is that you track your referrals ad training and probably make some improvements.


Is the Wealthy Affiliate commission system worth the effort? Yes, it’s worth every penny. You can earn passive income by promoting this incredible program.

But the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure is simple and straight forward and other than that, you’ll also get other benefits.

The training program is comprehensive, and you’ll get step by step support. Top Wealthy Affiliate commissions are through a spirited referral system. I hope that the Wealthy Affiliate commissions’ review has offered some useful insights.

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