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Top website hosting in 2019
Top website hosting in 2019

Top Website Hosting in 2019

Top Website Hosting in 2019. Are you looking for a web hosting company for your business website or blog? Keep reading as we narrow down your options to the top website hosting providers.

The Wealthy Affiliate Website Hosting

Top Website Hosting in 2019

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular web hosting, and the advantage with it is that you can build your website using SiteRubix and host several WordPress sites. It is reliable, super-fast, and you can set personalized email accounts for any domains hosted. The advantage of this set up is that you can access your email on the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.

Also, it’s a mandatory requirement to have an email account since you can also incorporate a forwarder in your set up. Regardless of your option, it’s easy to set up an email at the Wealthy Affiliate hosted domains.

Low-cost Hosting

The Wealthy Affiliate program offers a comprehensive training package that will be the foundation of your online business. If you are a beginner, you can start by signing up for the free membership that offers you free Hosting. However, your website will be under a sub-domain.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting is a low-cost solution if you are new to web building. Its Hosting is available in both the free and the premium subscription. The free membership is an attractive option since it introduces you to the Wealthy Affiliate program.

However, for you to earn real money, it’s essential to upgrade to the premium membership for only $49 per month. The advantage of the paid membership is that you can set your domain, and there is no limitation on the number of websites you can host.

User-friendly Hosting and supportive team

Wealthy Affiliate Website Hosting Support

Although Wealthy Affiliate hosting has some limitations in features, you can tune your website for WordPress and have access to thousands of professional themes. It is a friendly option that allows you to build and manage a WordPress based site.

One reason that makes the Wealthy Affiliate a deal worth trying is the supportive team. Any time you have a technical issue, you can submit a ticket. There is a prompt response, and the service is impressive and available 24/7.

Will allow them to choose a SiteRubix domain to Build their Free Website.


Bluehost as a top website hosting

However, unlike Wealthy Affiliate, there are no additional features such as templates. Nonetheless, it’s the right choice if you are a beginner.

Bluehost Company traces its roots to Utah and is a high ranking hosting platform. It tops the list due to an abundance of tools that makes your user experience incredible. It also allows you to have access to great resources and helps your business scale to higher heights.

Bluehost has been around for some time, and although it has no free offers, you can get web hosting at unbelievable low prices. It offers to host services from as little as $2.95 per month for three years. There is also an introductory WordPress offer which starts at $20 every month.

Notably, the basic package gives you 50GB storage space and one free domain. There are also other five domains and twenty-five subdomains. You also get five email accounts, each with 100MB of space.

However, you will need to upgrade to the starter package which will cost you $7.99 every month a reasonable price for a beginner. The WordPress plans are a bit costly, and their start package is $12.49 every month.

A variety of hosting services

Some of the hosting plans offered by Bluehost include; shared, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, and cloud sites. Therefore for a beginner, you can look for one that is cheap and which suits your needs. Although shared Hosting is cheap, WordPress is more user-friendly and has lots of themes to choose for your website. Large businesses prefer dedicated and cloud sites due to the scale of their operation.

Further, you also get access to the Weebly site builder. It’s a cheap platform that allows you to build a maximum of six web pages. However, unlike Wealthy Affiliate, there are no additional features such as templates. Nonetheless, it’s the right choice if you are a beginner.

A hosting space with numerous offers

With Bluehost, there is unlimited bandwidth for all accounts, and the starter package comes with 100 emails accounts. The premium options make Bluehost a top website hosting in that it has the business plan with unlimited emails.

The marketplace platform has various apps, and some of the offers include $200 bonuses for marketing services which include ads. Its cPanel is more advanced for easy configuration and control of your websites. Also, the CPanel based arena is ideal for tweaking things, especially if you are an expert.

Just like the Wealthy Affiliate, the Blue host has a supportive team whenever you have an issue. It is user-friendly, and there is pretty a good chance to tweak for experienced users.

Go Daddy Website Hosting

Go Daddy is a famous US-based company and is one of the best sellers when it comes to web hosting. It comes across as an affordable option for people starting to build their website from scratch. It has the largest domain name platform in the whole world and supports a broad portfolio.


It has the cheapest package, commonly referred to as Economy, which only costs $2.49 per month. Also, you get incredible discounts when you pay a yearly subscription.

Hosting provides for advanced features.

There is a reason why Go Daddy is among the world’s favorite hosting providers. It has a bucket list of items every online business person or marketer would like to have. For instance, you will get restore and free backup.

Similarly, you can sign up for MS office cloud email solution for one year. Also, you will receive 100GB of storage under the economy plan and an annual free domain. Another attractive feature on all of the Go Daddy’s package is the fact that it expands its hosting capability. This feature is useful when there is high traffic from your account.

Shared Hosting

It’s well-known as a shared hosting provider and has numerous options for virtual servers as well as dedicated ones. It’s easy to upgrade, and therefore it’s a favorite option if you are looking to expand your business. Since it offers unlimited bandwidth, there is more room for growth, and it’s a hosting space that grows with your business size.

Also, Go Daddy gives you the flexibility of choosing the type of control panel you would like for your website. For instance, for a beginner, you can select the Plesk or cPanel options. However, for an experienced user, you can choose plus root for administrative functions.

Hosting service with 24/7 monitoring

Go Daddy tops when it comes to service delivery. It has won several awards, and their customer service responds to tickets promptly. Indeed, their service extends to your sharing partners. Their 24/7 monitoring keeps a close check on your services and guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate which is one of the highest prices in the industry.

Wix Website Hosting

Wix is a superior hosting space with a user-friendly platform available in a total of nine languages. It comes in different plans to suit your needs; however, the unlimited subscription is the favorite option.

The subscription plans are affordable and give you a discount when you make annual subscriptions. The premium programs have stable structures with charges for domains ranging from 5 dollars to $24.5. There are G suite offers that go for $5 per every user each month.

Web hosting with attractive offers

Wix is an exceptional web hosting service with remarkable offers and engaging subscription plans. It has some impressive features which allow you to customize your website depending on your needs. Hosting with Wix offers you an easy to use an editor that will enable you to change your website in a dozen ways.

Besides, Wix has more than 500 templates, and this gives you a wide variety of selection. Another unique feature is that its image editor has Instagram type filters and several online business templates. Unlike its rivals, Wix does not impose charges on your revenue.

There are various tools that you will find useful when building your website. These improve your interaction and engagement. For instance, the shootout tool lets you collect details of potential customers. Also, you can use Wix Video for marketing purpose. This live stream allows users to interact with you in real-time.

The Wix Gallery has advanced features and lets you optimize your website for mobile use. Besides, there are other tools such as; Google Analytics, SEO, Live chats, and comment app. You can also integrate your website with YouTube or Vimeo for audience outreach.

Affordable Hosting and customer service

The Wix has an open subscription plan which comes with limited storage and bandwidth. However, you can upgrade to their premium plan where you will have a storage space of 10GB and a free domain. There also no limitations on the bandwidth and you get Google Ad coupons of up to $75. The unlimited bandwidth makes it easier to upgrade your plan when your business grows.

Wix has various videos to get you started. Moreover, the customer support team is available 24/7, and if you have an issue, you can submit a ticket or call their call center.

Will allow them to choose a SiteRubix domain to Build their Free Website.



The bottom line is the top website hosting is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. However, when choosing a hosting service company for your website, price is usually a prime consideration. For a new online business, you can select the starter plans and upgrade when your business grows. Other factors to consider are unlimited bandwidth, domains, sub-domains, adaptation to WordPress, and other extras. It Starts with a beautiful website and make money online!

Do You Want to Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Online Business?

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  1. I’ve been looking into the various options of hosting over the last few weeks, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’d be best I choose one which is ‘all under one roof’.

    From your article I see that the Wealthy Affiliate is the best fit for this – what is their web support network like and how stable is their hosting overall?

  2. Thanks for sharing. 

    It’s so great to see the different options in front of you rather than having to do all the research yourself. 

    It’s clear to see that Wealthy Affiliate is your recommendation if you have the budget. 

    One question…

    You say that Bluehost doesn’t offer some features such as templates, what do you mean?

  3. Being very, very new to websites, there are a lot of things that are just overwhelming, and I struggle to wrap my head around certain aspects. Web Hosting is one such thing so I am very grateful that I have happened across your website with some really great pointers to help me decide how to proceed. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  4. I haven’t tried other website hosting except for Wealthy Affiliate since I’m really satisfied with the program they offer. When I first joined as a starter, I learned a few lessons from training and information on what it is all about.  That’s when i decided to go premium because for one it is so easy to navigate and second, its all in one feature can be avail at the lowest cost.This review is a proof that I made the right decision. Thanks for clearing this through your in depth comparison and review.

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