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Tips on how to wealthy affiliate for new members
Tips on how to wealthy affiliate for new members

Tips on how to Wealthy Affiliate for new members

Tips on how to Wealthy Affiliate for new members. Everybody wants to get rich without much of a hustle. If you are a beginner, you may be wondering how to wealthy affiliate. Undoubtedly this program offers the road map for success and achieving money making goals online. In this post, we will share with you useful tips on wealthy affiliate as a beginner. Keep reading.

Sign up for the free membership plan

Unlike some programs that offer a free trial for just a short period, this program allows you to sign up for free. After joining, you can stay as a member for long and for free. Most people usually confuse it with a free trial. However, there is often a seven-day period where you can test the premium membership program for free. After that, you can go back to the free starter program or upgrade.

Try Wealthy Affiliate Free, No Risk, and No Credit Card Required


The free starter plan has two free websites, and there are ten lessons to get you started. The main advantage of starting here is that, once you join the premium plan, you will get a discount in your first month.

This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.

It is always a good starting point even for those willing to join the premium plan since it allows you to have a feel of what wealthy affiliate is all about. You also get a chance to decide on whether you would like to upgrade your membership. It may have limitations but useful if you are a beginner and would like to learn more about internet marketing.

As a business person, the main reason for starting a venture, whether online or offline, is to maximize your earnings by use of available tools. Although the free subscription offers you a platform to make money, it may not be that simple since you may not have access to all the resources. To create a successful online business, you will need to sign up for the premium membership at one point.

Subscription to the premium membership plan

If you are serious about building a successful online business and making money, then you must sign up for premium membership. It is open knowledge that businesses operate on costs to generate revenue. Premium membership is the cost or the investment, which costs less when you compare to the cost of running other businesses.

In this program, you will have full access to the entire platform, and you will get most of your training. The subscription has so much to offer and also includes one on one coaching, fifty websites, private chats and messages. There is also the availability of seven boot camp training lessons, feedback, and access to the community.

Networking with a community of thousands of business-minded individuals is priceless, and there is a wealth of resources that you will find useful in your start up journey. Further, the training programs are regularly updated with new changes and improvements to help you along the way.

Membership is relatively reasonable and is inclusive of all training costs. Other costs involved are web hosting, keyword research tool, weekly webinars, and support from the team. You will get to interact with other members, the owners, and the technical team.

Since there is a discount in the first month, it will only cost you $19 after you upgrade. However, this offer is only available within the first seven days. Subsequent, months will cost you $49 or $359 per year. There are a lot of savings if you pay annually as opposed to monthly payments.

Notably, this cost does not include the cost of domain names that you choose, which will cost you $15 every year. Nevertheless, you can buy your domain name elsewhere at a lower price and host it at the wealthy affiliate.

Just like any other business, you need assets for it to run smoothly. When it comes to online business, these assets may not be tangible, and they are the domain names. It’s essential to budget for them regardless of your training platform.

Usually, it may be hard to get people to comment on your blog posts when you are a beginner. However, with the premium membership, you can purchase comments credits, and this greatly improves your engagement levels, which in turn boosts your ranking on google.

Joining the main course on how to wealthy affiliate

Before starting your training, you will need first to complete your profile page. Here you need to upload your picture and write a brief description of who you are. Your profile is an integral part of this platform since you will become a member of a large community which will help improve communication and interaction.

There are no restrictions on the type of image to use; however, your real picture helps create a personalized kind of engagement. Also, other members will know about you and can easily recognize you. A short bio is essential; however, you can still write a long one.

The main reason for signing up for a wealthy affiliate program is to acquire money making skills and use them in building a successful online business. This program is educational and will teach you about online marketing and how to build a lucrative online venture. Earning money as you learn is a smart approach that is also affordable compared to other online training programs.

After completing your profile, you can now join the training program. On the dashboard, there is the access button for the training, which is labeled “Get Started Here.” Most often, new team members may be tempted to start searching on how to make money. However, for the business to hold and have a stable foundation, you need to start with the training and follow the steps.

This course is known as Online Entrepreneur Certification or the OEC. It allows you to learn everything on how to wealthy affiliate by use of an affiliate marketing program in your preferred topic. You will also learn the steps to building a successful website.

In the main course, there is a lot of information available for reading and learning. It’s essential not to skip lessons but to focus on tasks after each lesson. The step by step approach allows your business to grow along with the lesson. It also ensures you are moving in the right direction and building a strong foundation.

Creating a positive engagement

Just like any other training program, there are several ways to get help if you feel there is something you need clarification. Do not hesitate to raise your concerns at the conclusion of each lesson. Usually, there is a thread where members can discuss and ask questions. There is also an Ask a question blog which allows you to get opinions from other members.

Wealthy Affiliate Help Center-There is also an Ask a question blog which allows you to get opinions from other members.
Wealthy Affiliate Help Center-There is also an Ask a question blog which allows you to get opinions from other members.


For a beginner, building a robust online business is simple.

There are also live chats which will offer you with a full exposure since there are instant questions and answers. You can also send private messages to a member, visit their profiles, and ask questions too. If you have a technical issue, you may get help from the support team who are available 24/7.

A positive engagement is necessary to improve your ranking on google and other than buying comments credits, you may also comment on other members’ blog posts. By commenting, you may earn a comment for every two comments. These comments are only available if your website is on the wealthy affiliate. If your site is not hosted, then you can post a link to your blog post and ask members to comment.

You can also use the feedback thread, which works more or less like the comments. Here you get positive or negative responses on how your website is developing. Other members will give you pointers on things you need to do to improve. This approach is merely positive criticism, and the community participates in helping you build an excellent website.

Online business involves blogging, and in a wealthy affiliate, you can also blog there. This feature allows your blog to rank quickly on google since there is high domain authority. You can make quick bucks since if someone joins the premium membership through your wealthy affiliate content from a search engine, then you earn a commission. You also get two points worth $1 when referrals upload pictures and pen down a description. You will also receive two credits of $1 when they purchase a domain on the premium platform.


For a beginner, building a robust online business is simple. The hard task is usually starting up. Nonetheless, once you have finished with the main course, everything will flow well if you adhere to the rules of the game. The secret to a successful business is about putting all your effort, commitment, and the determination to succeed. The tips learned here on how a wealthy affiliate may not be enough since it’s a gradual process that requires patience. There may be many pitfalls on the way, especially the first months, but you will get over them if you have the zeal to succeed. Giving up is not an option, and with strict discipline and perseverance, your business will succeed, and you will be smiling to the bank.

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