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The Wealthy Affiliate University review.
The Wealthy Affiliate University review.

The Wealthy Affiliate University review. The place to be

When starting an online business, it is essential to have access to all the resources and training. The Wealthy Affiliate university review has everything you need to get you started. Let us expound further.

The background of the Wealthy Affiliate training program

The Wealthy Affiliate program started way back in 2005. With over a decade in existence, we can conclude that it’s a deal worth a trial. If you are beginning, we highly recommend this fantastic program. It offers a chance to start with a free subscription for seven days before deciding whether to stay or sign up for paid membership.

First 7 Days-Starter For Newbies to Get Started Fast! $0/month




  • Website Backup: We do daily website backups for all Premium & Starter members. If you ever make a mistake or need to revert your website to a backup, we got your back. Are you looking for a web hosting company for your business website or blog? Keep reading as we narrow down your options to the top website hosting providers. Top Website Hosting in 2019
  • Beginner Training Course
    Our famous, 10 Lesson training and your introduction to the proper way of creating a business online. By lesson 4 you will have your very own niche website up and running.


  • Personal Affiliate Blog: Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate gets their very own personal blog space that can be used to document your Journey, interact with others, ask questions, and get help!

  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool. Jaaxy keyword research tool review 2019: It’s a perfect decision picking the right cool. In here, we have the Jaaxy keyword research tool review that will reveal to you all about it. Let’s get started.
  • Training Classrooms
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn While You Learn

The training program is comprehensive.

There are a lot of scams and phoney programs online that are time-wasting and not worthy of paying. In here, we will expound further on why this program is the best deal for any online business entrepreneur.

The Wealthy Affiliate program requires a lot of dedication and effort to make money. For you to make money, you must first go through a comprehensive training program and acquire skills and knowledge. It’s through the application of these skills that you start earning money from your online business.


Is the Wealthy Affiliate training program necessary?

Wealthy Affiliate program teaches you a lot about creating your website and digital marketing. The training is comprehensive and has video lessons which are neat, easy and straightforward. Other than the courses, there is an active community with lots of skilled users sharing skills and knowledge. It’s an all-inclusive online platform that will take your online business to the next level.

The Wealthy Affiliate does not transform you into an overnight millionaire. We have seen that it takes time for the dollars to start trickling into your account. You start with the free subscription and later upgrade to the premium membership.

There is much more to gain by being a member. You have your domain, create a website, put content and market your website online. It takes time, and there are steps to help you along the way. Also, there is a vibrant community of other online business entrepreneurs who are always ready to help.

An interactive training program

People go to the university to get knowledge and skills which will be useful in their advancement of career goals. The Wealthy Affiliate training program is akin to a university where online entrepreneurs get the experience that they can use to develop their business into prosperity.

It is also a point of interaction with other users, and through the various forms of engagement, you can get exposure to what the industry has to offer. What makes the Wealthy Affiliate a wealth of knowledge? Let’s find out.

Training modules

Some of the highlights of the training are; videos, tutorials, classroom lessons, Q&A’s live classes, tasks and interactive sessions.

Once you sign up for the premium membership, you can start by going through the five stages of training. The course is comprehensive with tutorials, videos walk-throughs, feedback sessions and all the resources you need. These are just like the regular class sessions only that here, they are purely online, and there is one-to-one interaction.

In total, there are five modules, and each has ten lessons. Therefore, there is a lot to learn since each module gives you task for your attention, and once you complete, you can proceed to the next lesson. It’s more than buying an online eBook since you study at your pace while absorbing all the knowledge.

Up to date courses and programs

Unlike the traditional classroom lessons where there are lecturers and examinations, the Wealthy Affiliate training program offers interactive courses. These courses are fun, and you will enjoy it. Furthermore, you will get an online certification once you complete your training session.

The other advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate program is that the courses are up to date. Therefore, due to advancements in technology, you are always assured of having access to modern materials necessary for business growth.

No university is complete without classrooms. The Wealthy Affiliate has classes where you get video lessons, tutorials, Webinars and courses. There is a question and answers session where you can get complete answers.

Research is vital for success, and the Wealthy Affiliate has Jaaxy keyword research feature. This feature helps you gather data on useful topics such as ranking, search analysis, brainstorm and much more.

Step by step training sessions

After enrolling for the Wealthy Affiliate program, you create a profile and get access to the course outline. The training starts with a walk-through video. This presentation will give you much information on what the training program is all about.

Introduction training courses

The first module introduces you to how you can build your website from scratch, here you will learn how to choose a niche, idea or interest. Then you will learn how to attract visitors to your website and start earning money.

Lesson 2 and 3 are more detailed since you learn more about selecting relevant content for your website. In lesson four, you will learn about hosting and choosing a domain. In the premium membership, the entire cost covers the cost of hosting. However, for the free membership, you will have a sub-domain and should you wish to have your domain, you will pay for it.

In lesson 5, you get to learn how you can configure your website to WordPress. You will learn about add on, extras, adding pages, deleting and much more.

Advanced training courses

Advanced training courses
Advanced training courses

Lesson six introduces you how to get your website ready for SEO and google. There are some plugins you may need to install, such as Yoast. Under the paid membership, you have access to an unlimited number of keyword searches. Having the right keyword is essential in optimizing your website for SEO and improving your search engine ranking.

Towards the conclusion of the course, your website is almost complete and needs some few touches before launching. In lesson seven, you will learn about privacy policy and web pages. Lesson eight shows you how you can customize your settings depending on your preferences.

To end with, you can track your training sessions, and therefore you can stay on top of things. Furthermore, the training headquarters has everything you need.

The Wealthy affiliate university review. Training benefits

By joining the training program, you will get access to lots of benefits that will help your business in realizing its full potential. The boot camp is ideal if you want to apply the skills learnt into use. It is available under the paid membership, and it’s one of the benefits of the wWealthy Affiliate program.

A continuous training program

Indeed under the Wealthy Affiliate university review, training does not end with the lessons and the boot camp. It’s a never-ending process since the Wealthy Affiliate provides you with access to resources and materials. The free membership offers you only one stage of the boot camp training and a one on one coaching during the first seven days. However, under the paid membership, you get access to all the seven stages.

For any questions or concerns, you can always refer to the training modules. Furthermore, the training modules are up to date and with current information. The Wealthy Affiliate program is a meeting point of people with similar goals and interests.

By being a member, you have access to a vibrant community who are always ready to help. You can ask questions through the chat room or private messages. It’s here that you apply what you learnt in your training.

For instance, if you want specific information about a particular platform such as WordPress, you can get everything you need in the classroom.

Users in the Wealthy Affiliate community are active and always ready to help. Sometimes it may not be easy figuring out all the training lessons at once. Or remember what you learnt from the videos. You can get back into the community and ask a question. The good thing is that there is feedback instantly since most of the time, members are online.

The benefit of Instant feedback

By being a member of the lucrative Wealthy Affiliate, you will need help along the away and instant feedback is essential for your business. There is a supportive team that is available 24/7 to respond to queries and solve issues. The team is always at hand to help and ensure your website runs smoothly without delaying your projects.


Comments are essential during website ranking in search engines. The community is active and will regularly comment on your posts. With the Wealthy Affiliate, you get credits when you comment on different websites for other people. During your training, you will learn how commenting can help you rank.

Comments are essential during website ranking in search engines. The community is active and will regularly comment on your posts.

The benefit of access to numerous resources

During training, you get to learn how to build a website. SiteRubix is an incredible platform for site-building. You get free hosting under the free program. However, you can only use sub-domains. Under the paid membership, you have unlimited hosting, and you also have the advantage of WordPress hosting.

Unreliable hosting can slow your effort and subsequent ranking of your website on google. The Wealthy aAffiliate has reliable, fast and secure hosting. It doesn’t matter your skill level; SiteRubix will support your business and grow it to extraordinary levels.

You also learn about the site manager. It is an application that takes care of your website. For instance, you get updates on the health status of your website, thus keeping it thriving.


The Wealthy Affiliate university review allows you to understand this training program. The Wealthy Affiliate program is an excellent platform where you learn everything about affiliate marketing. The training is world-class and includes free hosting and access to a plethora of resources.

Absolutely everything about your learning experience is live and interactive. You can engage and communicate directly within the lessons and get help with any questions that you may have. Live Chat, Live Classes, Live Interaction, and Live Expert Help are all big components of your educational experience at Wealthy Affiliate. Get Started Now

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  1. Wealthy Affiliate university is definitely the right place to be and for anyone to be on thus platform, they should be ready to be well taught and have the willingness to learn because this is the most detailed  and most intensive training I have ever taken online. Well, I am still on the platform and I’m still learning but practising is the most integral in their university. You must practise everything being daughter as that is the only way to maintain steady flow of the information being passed and to ensure growth and development in the affiliate marketing journey.

  2. Hello Peter, nicely done here on the information of wealthy affiliate training. This University is a really good one an I must say that the training is truly necessary for anyone who wants to make the money right. One cannot drive a car without earning a licence or knowing how to drive and that is the essence of the university. One thing I like is that they do all they have to do to make the training up to date with the search engines updates too. Everything matches. Nice breakdown Peter. Best regards!

  3. Looking at the great opportunity that comes with wealthy I must commend the idea of the founders. Most people who wants to go into affiliate marketing or making money online lack the proper training and I must confess its really nice knowing they are being taught here at Wealthy affiliate. You are exposed to using some special tool which can help you develop your blog should you go into blogging. Wealthy affiliate is indeed  really big family.

  4. This is a very educative post about WA! I’m part of the program myself and I have to say that I absolutely love it! If there are any people having any doubt, just read this article completely to know what WA is all about! Thank you for sharing this and hope to see you around 🙂

  5. Wealthy affiliate is definitely the place to be. The training is very easy to understand and you get to host up to 50 websites for free. For me, that is the best opportunity for you to become a serial online entrepreneur. It gives me the opportunity to create a website for each of my passions and make money.

    It is the place for beginners and those with some years of experience, the community is awesome and very helpful.


  6. I’ve been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and sincerely, I’ve had the best of my days of surfing online there and I’m still looking forward to more. I joined as a learner online, I was looking out to picking one or two online businesses when I stumbled on WA and I went through the free trial and the free trainings, it was so awesome. I’ll recommend WA to anyone who’s looking forward to making casa online and needs a background knowledge. Thanks foe sharing, I like it.

  7. This is really indeed the best place to be, I can remember when I started building my first website without knowing wealthy affiliate, it was very difficult because I couldn’t tell what and when to go about building a successful online business campaign. Although no system is perfect but I can say wealthy affiliate has taught me almost everything I know and it has been a wonderful experience. Looking forward to learning more from Kyle and Carson and the amazing community. 

  8. I love the way wealthy affiliate operates. Going by the way they train members to be very successful in dealing with thier blog and how they help you to attaining your dream of opening a blog post is really nice. I have just only recently quit my job and I’m looking for a platform where I can gain proper training on how to open my own page. I’ll love to give wealthy affiliate a try. Thanks for the information.

  9. This is great and informative Peter. I didn’t know that Wealthy Affiliate did back ups. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months and this seems like a bonus and is good to know. You really summed it up well. The community support is amazing and it does fill in some of the gaps in the WA course. The only thing I wished they would spend more time on is the advertising component, that is paid advertising. Otherwise I recommend it 100%

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