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Surveys that pay cash, here are the best websites to make money online
Surveys that pay cash, here are the best websites to make money online

Surveys that pay cash, here are the best websites to make money online

Everyone wants to make extra bucks. However, earning money through surveys can be exciting. Today, I’m going to talk about surveys that pay cash and help you make money online.

Surveys that pay cash
Surveys that pay cash

Surveys that pay cash, an introduction

Doing surveys is one thing; getting paid is one of the simplest things on the internet today. It’s so easy and doesn’t require any skills. Furthermore, many legitimate companies pay you when you fill online surveys. This helps boost your online cash.

For you to make money through surveys, you only need to give an accurate view of something. It doesn’t have to be your main hustle since the earnings are little and sometimes unpredictable. However, it’s an easy way to make some passive cash at the comfort of your home. It’s pretty attractive since all you need is a reliable internet connection.

Receive cash to your PayPal account

The good news is, you can fill the surveys anywhere on the go, and thus its more convenient. Other than cash, there are other rewards such as vouchers and free items. However, this will depend entirely on the survey and the terms. Nonetheless, most people prefer cash payments to gifts. The advantage of cash is that you’ll receive money right to your PayPal address. Unlike vouchers where the redemption process might be a little bit complex.

Are there legitimate surveys that pay cash

Yes, there are, and in this review, I’ll highlight several websites where you can earn money by filling surveys. If you have some spare time, well, instead of playing games or watching videos, you can make money by filling online surveys. Sounds pretty cool. Right at home without leaving your sofa and with less effort.

The logic behind online surveys is that many companies conducting research or testing their products. Usually, from time to time, they need opinions from real people, and in return, you get rewarded in cash. However, it’s essential to take care since some scams never pay. Today, I’ll share the best platforms, tried and tested where you can make money by filling surveys.

Make money online through, these websites have some surveys per month. For you to maximize your online revenue, you can combine several online jobs such as blogging and affiliate marketing. Alternatively, you can register with several websites and fill many surveys. There’s no limit whatsoever of the number of surveys you can fill at any given time.

What is a high paying affiliate programs? Here they are

Top Surveys that pay cash

I will start with the most popular surveys that pay cash, and to kick start our list is Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Surveys

Most people who participate in online jobs have heard about Swagbucks. It’s the most popular website and whose membership is available to many people worldwide. The unique thing about Swagbucks is that there are tons of benefits where you get rewarded with cash and gifts, Sign-up is free, and you get a free bonus.

Swagbucks is a large company and has paid millions of dollars to its members worldwide. Other than surveys, you can earn cash by playing video games, searching web pages, buying online, and watching several videos.

The rewards include money, prizes, and vouchers. Swagbucks is great, and most participants have a positive story to tell. Surveys will only take around ten minutes, and you could earn up to $5 per hour. Therefore, you can fill as many surveys as possible.

One Poll survey

One poll has the reputation of having short and easy to fill surveys. There is a bonus of $5 per signup. The rewards are paid in cash or via PayPal. They have fun surveys, and for you to earn $40, it can take you $40. However, you need to check the account for new surveys continually.

Toluna survey

These surveys are also popular and pay gift vouchers or cash. They work with many companies, and all you need is to give an honest opinion about the products or services. Payment is through PayPal or Amazon vouchers. Every time you complete a survey, you earn points. It’s an easy survey that can take up to 4 hours to earn $15.

Surveys that pay cash, other websites

Other websites pay cash when you participate in surveys. Below here, I’ll highlight the surveys that pay cash.

Survey Junkie

This website seeks out honest opinions from people and, in return, pays cash. Unlike Swagbucks or OnePoll, this one pays cash basis exclusively, and there are no points to redeem.

Life point survey

Life point is a popular website where you can make money by taking a survey. Here, you can earn up to $5 per hour. The payments are made directly to PayPal, and you can also receive Amazon gift vouchers. Registration is free, and it takes just a few minutes to complete a survey.

Panel base survey

Unlike other websites, the panel base will cost you $3 to sign up. Its operations are different from other surveys in that they pay well and send surveys to members. They can pay prizes, money, or vouchers.

Although the signup fee of $3 may seem little, they are very strict in their selection process. However, for you to qualify, fill the profile and wait for a response.

YouGov Survey

YouGov survey is another example of a website where you can earn cash by filling surveys. It’s a bit different when you compare it to others. The topics center on normal issues affecting people, such as politics and public affairs. The rewards are prizes and sums of money.

Paid ViewPoint survey

A paid viewpoint is another website where you can earn money by filling surveys. It’s a trusted site, and the surveys are simple and quick. You can make money quickly and get paid through PayPal. Usually, you’ll accumulate points that are redeemable by cash.

Survey SaVvy

Survey SaVvy can earn you good cash by completing their surveys. It’s one of the oldest platforms and pays depending on the time taken per survey. You can receive some money anytime your balance falls above $1.

Prolific Academic

This company offers surveys for academic and for research for universities. They reward cash only and can pay up to ten pounds per survey. The survey is a high end, and therefore you must offer a high-quality opinion. The survey can take up to 45 minutes and is a reasonable consideration.

CashCrate survey

CashCrate has a variety of ways through which you can make online money. You can make money through surveys. Sign up is easy, and soon after, you receive an invitation to fill the surveys. The maximum payment is $5, and payments are cash once your cash exceeds $20.

Ipsos Survey

Ipsos is a large survey platform that works with leading brands and companies. Every time you take part in a survey, you earn cash which is payable via PayPal. You can also earn prizes and gift cards.

Surveys that pay cash, other ways to optimize your income

As earlier mentioned, filling surveys is one way to make money online. However, to maximize your online cash, it’s crucial to join a platform where you can get valuable training. The Wealthy Affiliate program gives you plenty of resources and training to get you started and support your online business.

Surveys that pay cash, free platform

When starting as a beginner, the free option is the best place more so if you have a squeezed budget. Also, you’ll receive some training, and within the first seven days, you have the option of sampling the premium program. Here, you’ll receive some limited training and get two free websites. Further, there are thirty keyword searches to help you develop quality content for your audience.

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Make money online, use the premium program

The premium training has everything you need to get on your feet and build a successful online business. It’ll only cost you $19 in the first month, however, subsequently, it’ll cost you $49 per month and significant discounts when you pay yearly.

Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?


Under this program, you’ll receive 50 free websites, free hosting, and unlimited keyword research. Also, you’ll learn how to select a niche and built a successful business. You’ll enter into the world of blogging and why it’s essential for your business.

You’ll also get to participate in the boot camp training and a vibrant community of other members. Here you can chat and get answers to your questions. You’ll also benefit from 24/7 support and chat with founders. The live classes are interactive, and there’s a one on one session.

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Surveys that pay cash are there

There are various ways to earn money by writing surveys. Surveys that pay cash are there. However, it’s vital to select those that are legit. Those highlighted in this review have a significant following online and have spent millions of dollars by paying members. It’s worth noting that income from the survey may not be sufficient, and it’s crucial to combine with another online activity such as affiliate writing. The wealthy affiliate program has useful lessons on how you can maximize your online income. You also get to learn how to build a successful online business.

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