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Start blog make money, optimize your online income by blogging
Start blog make money, optimize your online income by blogging

Start blog Make Money, Optimize Your Online Income by Blogging

Do you want to start blog make money? Simply put, blogging is an excellent way to make money online. I’ll tell you all about it; keep reading.

Start Blog Make Money, a Close Perspective

Have you ever considered starting a blog? Probably you’ve had many questions on your mind key among them how to create a blog and make money from it. There are millions of bloggers worldwide, and only a few make income through individual efforts.

If you’d like to start a blog and make money online, it’s important to concentrate your efforts on your passion, interest, and idea. Writing something that doesn’t interest, you will just be a waste of time and effort.

Most people who are successful bloggers have a deep passion for what they do. It’s easy to start a blog. However, it doesn’t matter how stylish the design is if you don’t put effort. You also need a clearly executed strategy to succeed.

Can you make money by blogging?

If you’re wondering if you can start blog make money, stay read on. There are various ways to make money by blogging and I will expound on them shortly. However, before I do that, I’d like to share some secrets to successful blogging.

For you to make money by blogging, you must have a substantial following and visitors. People will visit your blog and read content if its relevant and high quality. It doesn’t come easy, and you must put some effort. For there to be dollars trickling to your account, it requires persistence and hard work regardless of the niche.

Easy steps on how to set up a blog

The first step is to select a niche that starts at picking the right topic. You need to know for sure what you’ll write about. Then focus your blog around the niche and topic. For example, if you want to write about parenting, you can choose topics related to that niche.

For instance, you can write about how to feed a baby and how to take care of a newborn. Visitors seeking information about parenting will flock your site and improve your rating in search engines.

It’s important to provide the best content, and this you can do by Keyword research and optimizing your content for SEO. Start blog make money, below here are the ways to monetize your blog.

Start blog make money, monetize your blog

For our earlier discussion, we’ve seen that a blog is fairly easy to set up. However, there is need for some effort for you to make real money. Probably you’ve heard tales of people making thousands of dollars every month. The truth is, there’s no magic into what they do. The best thing is to have a strategy, select your niche carefully and provide high quality content. How can you monetize your blog? Let’s find out.

Make online money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept of selling what you don’t have and making money. You simply become like an agent or a broker since you earn a commission. Bloggers make money through affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you must first enroll for an affiliate program and receive an affiliate link.

After receiving an affiliate link, the next step is to use it in your blog to promote the affiliate products. When people to your blog click on the link and buy, you earn commissions. For you to maximize your income, you must promote your blog to gather a credible audience. There are some many places to promote the blog such as social media and online communities.

There are several affiliate programs through which you can receive an affiliate link. For example, amazon associates program is the most popular. Start blog makes money, others are, ShareAsale, CJ junction, Clickbank and more. The concept is the same, and all you need is to promote the affiliate link and make money.

Sell products through your blog

If affiliate marketing doesn’t work for you, then you may consider promoting your own products. I would recommend the sale of digital products since they’re easy to create and will not cost you much. A perfect example is eBooks.

If you’re good in writing, you can write eBooks and sell them through e-commerce websites such as Amazon. Then, write several topics concerning your blog as teasers to audiences to read and buy your eBooks.

Before you write an eBook, brainstorm different ideas and choose those that blend with the audience. Ensure to use simple languages without the use of complicated software. Google docs are ideal; however, you can make it more attractive by having a stylish cover. Lastly, choose platforms to sell. It can be on your blog or e-commerce websites.

Create some online courses on your blog

If you have a special skill, then you may consider writing an online course on different topics. For example, if you enjoy cooking, you can create an online recipe and teach people. If you love dogs, you can create a course on pets or handling. Then, sell the courses and make money.

Start blog make money freelancing and ads

If you have some writing skills, there are many platforms online through which you can get clients and write on various topics. For example, Upwork, Fiverr, and others. You can also source for clients online through social media or job boards.

However, for people to trust you, you must have a credible portfolio and showcase your skills. It’s essential to establish your niche and write on several topics. Clients love portfolios, and your blog is a gateway to winning writing clients and boosting your online income.

Monetize your blog through ads

To start as a freelancer, you need to have a niche or a specialty. It’s important to research first and decide on the best niche that can earn you money.

Then search for writing opportunities through different platforms such as Upwork. Your blog becomes an integral part of your online business since you can use it for advertising yourself to potential clients.

Google AdSense is a promoting platform where you can make money as a blog. Sign up is free, and Google will then place adverts on the blog. You are free to choose how you’d like the ads to appear. When the audience clicks on the ad, then you’ll earn money. The most vital thing is to have many visitors coming to your site to maximize your income.

AdSense will only show those adverts that are useful to your audience. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, this is the best place to start.

Start blog make money through Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate program is a training program where you’ll find resources and tools to kick start your online business. Of course, a blog will earn you money; however, it’s essential to enroll for a training program to get the skills and knowhow.

Other than training, the Wealthy Affiliate program has a referral program and recurring commission when you join as a premium member.

For starters, you may join the free program, which will cost you nothing at all. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of the premium program for the first seven days. During the 1st week, you’ll get a chance to create two websites and an introductory course about starting an online business.

You’ll also have access to 30 keyword searches and minimum training. However, after seven days, you can remain in the free program. I usually advise members not to stop there but join the premium program. There are plenty of resources for only $19 in the first month and $49 in the subsequent months.

Start blog make money, optimize your online income by blogging
I usually advise members not to stop there but join the premium program


Other than that, you’ll receive ample training in the boot camp and 50 free websites with free hosting. There are unlimited keyword searches, and there is a supportive team who are available 24/7. Other benefits include live chats with members and private chats with owners.

Earn commissions through the Wealthy Affiliate

Upon joining the Wealthy Affiliate program, you’ll earn money by referring new members. Also, there are commissions every month by virtual of being a member.

As a member, you’ll earn $11.75 every month, and when you make annual payments, you’ll earn $87.50. You can use your blog to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program and benefit from the referral program. For every person who joins, you earn $1, and if they buy a domain, you earn $1.


Start blog makes money. It’s easy as long as you have a niche and promote your blog to a credible audience. There are various ways to make money through blogging especially as a beginner. It’s essential to take time to select a niche that your audience will love. Then choose topics that are carefully written and awe the audience to read more and stay on your blog. Promote, promote and promote. You must promote your blog to every place where you’re likely to find a credible audience. For example the social media and other online communities. In the end, you’re going to win big when $$$ start to trickle to your account.

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