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Profitable niche ideas for your website
Profitable niche ideas for your website

Profitable niche ideas for your website

Profitable niche ideas for your website. In this post, we use eBay and Alibaba to find a niche for you. eBay and Alibaba are huge e-commerce websites, so you should use them to create profitable niche ideas, as we’ve seen on Amazon before. eBay is constantly evolving in line with current trends.

eBay and Alibaba niche ideas for your profitable website

We want to find those products which are related to your passionate topic. Clicking on any of them will give you a deeper look at the categories. And you will see individual products that you can promote about your own passionate topic, and you will create unique, truly unique content about them.

Click on motorcycle accessories

Many broad categories are listed. Click on any of them to go deeper. Let’s go into “motors” for example. There are subcategories in the left navigation panel, and there are many parts and accessories here. Tires, brakes, suspension, lights and motorcycle parts. Click on motorcycle accessories.

As you can see, there are millions of parts. Again, you will see even more subcategories on the left side. These are starting to approach your niche market, How to create a niche website can save you from a lot of frustration later because your perfectly constructed blog post will not resonate with your readers..

Now, let’s choose Fashion. There are several subcategories on the left. You can choose any of them if you want to go deeper into the subcategories. Let’s go into the shoe subcategory, and you’ll find lots of niche ideas.

Click on „ Women’s Shoes,” and as you can see, there are over thirty-two million unique products in this subcategory. You can easily build a Niche website around women’s shoes. There are plenty of products that you can sell on your website, but I suggest that you narrow the gap to the Women’s Heel’s subcategory.

but I suggest that you narrow the gap to the Women’s Heel’s subcategory.

Our goal is to create ideas that you will find among the Amazon products as well.

Let’s look at Amazon’s Women’s Heels. As you can see, there are more than 90,000 in this category. WILL IT BE ENOUGH FOR THE RESEARCH? 😊 Of course!

Let’s look at Amazon’s Women’s Heels. As you can see

Similarly, alibaba.com can be a great resource for niche ideas. One of the largest online companies in the world, with its 500 million customers. Its turnover is breaking records every quarter, and it is also performing well on the stock market.

The company has grown beyond Chinese trade. True, the portal itself is Chinese, but we also find sellers from India, South Korea and from other nations, trying to sell their own products. This is only good for us as for our global business, the competition is good 😊

You can view a partial list of categories on the homepage but by clicking on the „All Categories” link, another page will be displayed with a complete list. Next to each category you can see the number of products listed in this category.

You can easily build your website with multiple niches by building around these subcategories.

And if you click on the “View More” button, you’ll see a complete list of all the subcategories within each category. You can easily build your website with multiple niches by building around these subcategories.

Great Niche ideas by using magazines, movie stars, and athletes for your website

If you haven’t been able to find profitable niche ideas until now, then my good news is that now you will find them for sure.

Why should you check magazines? Magazines are also living from the market, and therefore, they promote products or services. They advertise what people are interested in right now in the current trends and, at best, they profit from a particular niche market.

Let’s go to magazines.com. From the menu at the top of the page, select the Men’s category. On the left side, you can see the categories.

Men’s (214)

Men’s Discounts & Deals Magazines.com

These categories are very broad, and they have many, many subcategories. Click on the outdoor category. Now we can see the list of those magazines where you can find your niche idea.

I would like to draw your attention once again

that there are sub-categories here like bowhunting, RifleShooter, a recreational sports magazine that gives readers an insight into hunting, fishing and more. “Field & Stream,” golf, skiing and much more that gives you a “wide” market that you can’t compete with on your website.


But it’s a great starting point to find what you’re interested in and then check it out on Amazon or in the Google AdWords keyword planner. You can “dig” deeper and can do more research.

Let’s now look at all the categories which are listed on this page. Click on the All categories button. Many more categories appear here. Click on the Browse All Categories button. You can see that there are many huge categories, with thousands of products on Amazon.

You can use popular TV shows, superhero movies, and other popular movie characters

to find many niches in the market – in places you would never have thought to look for!

Let’s look at the movie 2012 for example!

If they want to survive a natural disaster, then what people are doing? Looking for a survival gear! You can build a perfect Niche website, as they spend a lot of money on it.

Let’s just look at Amazon, what do we find related to survival gear?

But, if we talk about movies, then let’s see one of the most successful series, Star Wars.

Star Wars is one of the most successful movie concessions in the world. Let’s search for the keyword star wars. You should count the zeros correctly! 😊 Fifty million products. I think you would like to enjoy this cake too.

But remember, you have to find a market gap here too. Do not want to sell all type of Star Wars products. It will not work. Believe me, there’s a lot of competition out there on the Internet, but don’t worry, that’s why Niche research and keyword research are needed.


That’s why I said it in the past, and that’s why I’m saying it now again if you build on the wrong Niche word and keyword, then you will lose all the work you have invested in it.


Especially when Google is upgrading its search algorithm. In SEO (search-engine-optimization), you will see what it means, if you have 50 websites, with approximately 5,000 blog posts which you will no longer optimize for the new algorithm because it is easier to build a brand-new website, a new domain with new content.

You will always have to create new content anyway (renew your older ones every six months). You have to adapt to the latest techniques and trends. Anyone who does not remain up to date will be left behind in competing. Nowadays, it’s not enough to pay someone to make a website for you and say “that was all,” and a Facebook page is not enough neither which many people use instead of websites. They have to pay a lot of money if they want their Facebook fans to see what they are posting on their timeline because Facebook decides what they can see and what they cannot.

So… YOU MUST ADVERTISE. Now I ask one question…

ISN’T BETTER A PROFESSIONALLY BUILT, SEARCH OPTIMIZED website which is found by the searching people on Google for free?

Of course, you would still need Facebook ads, but you don’t need to get thousands and millions of followers to drive readers and potential customers to your blog. The future is the serious content and not the like-hunter Facebook pages.


So, the more profitable niche ideas we can produce, the more thorough our research will be. You will find your own niche market. If necessary, use the names of celebrities.

You can also use the names of popular movie stars and athletes to create your Niche idea.

We see ads about workout plans, workout supplement products, DVDs, movies, posters, postcards, T-shirts and more. All of these could be potential candidates for your market niche. You can easily build a website around DVD movies, posters, or T-shirts.

We see wall posters, books, calendars, and more.

We see perfumes, t-shirts, books, tennis rackets, posters and more. As I mentioned earlier, each of these can be a potential niche for your website. You don’t have to create a website about Maria Sharapova, but you can create a website about tennis rackets, posters and more.

You can see that there are seven thousand hits now. The first thing you see here is Bedding Sets. Could “blankets” be a potential niche? Obviously!





So, blankets would be great as a niche market, but obviously, we need to do more research, but at this stage, we are only generating potential ideas.


Let’s search for the keyword “throw blankets” on Amazon. We have so much searching results that we wouldn’t believe it. 40000 hits. So, blankets would be great as a niche market, but obviously, we need to do more research, but at this stage, we are only generating potential ideas.

Let’s search for the keyword “throw blankets” on Amazon

The more ideas we can generate, the more thorough our research will be,

and this is the foundation of your entire Affiliate Marketing and “make money at home” strategy.

Hopefully, you will find your own topic, idea you want to deal with. People who make and sell these products under the names of celebrities have done a lot of research. They know what to sell! They are constantly studying the market and spending millions of dollars each year on research and market research. We take the “ideas” from them, which is fine, as you also will be selling through Amazon and will be contributing to the profits. With this method, you can benefit from research and Amazon expertise. Feel free to use it!

And it’s not over here, if you haven’t been enthusiastic until now, you will be now. In the next post, I will show you

how to get 100 niche market ideas in 5 minutes

and I show you a search method that no one talks about.

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