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Niche site ideas trends
Niche site ideas trends

Niche site ideas trends

Part 2. Niche Research – How to choose Niche to make profit with your website? Niche site ideas trends. You can read in my previous posts what you should be doing to be successful at making money at home.

Focus on your Niche topic to make money in your home

It is also important for your business which is the basis for your digital marketing to focus on a specific topic or topics. Whatever you do as an individual or an entrepreneur, even the big companies are moving in this direction. (forced to do so if they want to compete in the digital marketing world).

In my previous post, you learned how to get started. I would like to mention very briefly again

What topics your website should address to make a profit?

This is possible in three ways

  • Think about what you are doing in your current job.
  • Where can you place this activity in the industry?
  • Focus on your favorite hobbies
  • look around to see what help is needed for your friends and for your environment. What solutions do they want?

Everyone is a genius on a particular topic 😊

Reflect and think about what kind of help is needed for people? If you build your website on that, you will have an Authority ranked website.

From your niche research, you already have 5 topics to start with

to find our Niche keywords, our niche (market gap) in these topics. Like I said before, if you mess this up, your work will be useless, and you will waste only the rest of your time.

I call your attention to another mistake

what beginners usually make. And that’s probably the biggest mistake.

While selecting the Niche ideas, they do not control how products change within each niche every year or every month. It doesn’t make sense to spend 3-4 months on a website that only generates small revenue.

You would like to create such niche websites, which are generating revenue and there is demand for the particular products or services throughout the year!

These products may change within one year. By the season. For example, if you sell snow shovels, you know that you will have demand in the winter, and you will have zero revenue in the summer.

Like the swimsuits. These will be bought in the summer and you will have zero traffic in the winter. But at least it is sure that your revenue will fall. You’ll see those “goddamn” curves in the statements below 😊. The Halloween costumes will generate good profits again in September, but most probably in March it is likely that your profit will be zero. It works in the same way with other Niche products.

Seasonal products “exist” in certain months of the year in digital marketing.

If you don’t spend a little time to check out these niche products to see what their peak period is, you will miss the current shopping peak for that month. You have to wait several months again for the better demand.

Not all products are seasonal in niche site ideas trends

For example, designer clothes, cosmetics, DVDs, electronic products, children’s toys (although the number of orders is tripled at Christmas), etc. They can be sold throughout the year. If you build websites like these that focus on these niches in the market, you can expect constant revenue.


It is not pleasant for anyone that there will be no traffic to your website at any given time. Especially if you spent time to research keywords, do SEO and to create content. This is unpleasant!


So, take the time to find out which products are seasonal, and which are not!

We will now go over this in more detail, how you should do this.

You’ll soon see how we can use Google Trends, which show us the latest information. This is the easiest way to see how the demand for a product changes in a given year. Also, please visit Google trends page.

You’ll soon see how we can use Google Trends, which show us the latest information


Let’s look at the information we get to build a golf ball sales website, for example.

Let’s enter “golf balls” in the text box. Then choose the option to have the topic and the trend in the United States. After all, if you are starting Affiliates Marketing for your online business, you might want to look for an English-speaking area, as the Affiliate system in the sales hierarchy is not yet very sophisticated in Hungary and other countries.

Of course, you can build on German language and all other language areas,

where there are companies that offer their products through Affiliate system, so through affiliate marketing, and you can get a commission on selling their product. But you may see soon that among your topics there are trends outside of the United States, so you will know in which language you need to build your website.

Unfortunately, Hungarian and a couple of other languages cannot be used for the time being, but by building on English, you will have plenty of opportunities without having a good command of that language (you will learn about this in another post how to do it). Obviously, the programming of your webpage is also in English, but you will build your webpage without having to write a sentence in English programming language.

Select the option to see the past 5 years. (or from 2014) And you can see in the graph what searches were performed on the term “golf balls” in the last 5 years.

It is obvious that the trend is declining in 15 years. Let’s look at the demand.

You can see that the peak falls for the summer months and then it is decreasing well during winter. This is what we would have expected from this product anyway.

Let’s look at the searches for one of the most popular golf brands.

Now you are starting to understand how we can narrow the market, if we are looking for a particular niche in that particular market. Let’s search for a smaller market segment for the golf balls. Type in “callaway golf balls

Practically it is identical to the previous graph we saw on golf balls. Here too, you can expect to sell more in the summer months than in the winter months, but it can be sold all year round because there are no major breaks in the graph. What’s interesting is that December is a little bit better, which is good for us, as winter searches are generally weaker.

Let’s also look for the phrase: “nike golf balls“. Not surprisingly, we see similar data.

Now let’s look at the search rate for a product that isn’t golf ball but relevant to the topic. For example, „golf clubs

Now let’s look at the search rate for a product that isn’t golf ball but relevant to the topic.

Like for the previous three searches, this will peak in the summer and it is much lower for the rest of the year. What’s interesting here is that the December search rate is no longer bigger than in the previous months. I do not know golf at all, but it is clear what is happening with this product. It’s just icing on the cake if this product is in your Top 5 topics.

Now let’s move on to another search term. For example, “rain coats“. You can see that it peaks in September and October. We obviously know why😊

Let’s look at the trend of the word “diamond rings“. You can see that it peaks in December, then it peaks again in February and this peak falls on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s look at the word “gold certificates”. It is clear that the demand is high.

If you build your Affiliates website on this, then obviously your sales will be continuous. And it will generate a steady income.

Let’s look at a completely different topic. For example, “kitchen faucets”.


The best example for a product for which the demand is steady through the year.


What’s more, it is a high and steady demand. Of course, we don’t see the exact search data yet, but you will see it later.

Like “kitchen islands”. This is also more or less constant throughout the year.

Let’s look at kitchen knives “kitchen knives”. This is also very similar, but there is a striking peak between November and December. Why? Obviously, searches are increasing due to Christmas holidays.

Let’s look at the word “hair dye“. This chart is very interesting! In fact, if you are already into the research on search trends, your heart will start beating heavily here, and you see dollar signs in your eyes 😊. Demand is high for this search. We don’t know how big, but we know that is high.

Although there is a slight decline in November and December, we know that airline tickets and other gifts are also being bought in the US. They’re getting ready for Christmas, so the demand for the hair dye is a little bit lower because they don’t have time for it 😊. This will also be a post on how to make the most out of the holidays in the given country. (It will also be a marketing strategy, but you will find out in that time)

Let’s look at another search term that will be clear to you after so many searches. For example, “bathing suits“. It is clear. But I gave you this example because I’m just showing you another one that can compensate for your outage if you chose these topics because they are your passion.

It is clear, that you won’t have demand for swimsuits at Christmas, but there is very high demand for it in the summer. So, to compensate the loss of revenue in the winter, you are obviously looking for this search term, for example: “Halloween costumes”

So, to compensate the loss of revenue in the winter…


Look at that curve 😊! So, if the search trends for your passion are seasonal, then look for another topic you like, but one, that will generate profit to you on another website in another season. Do not panic if you find such a niche market. I just showed it to you so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you and you won’t be surprised when you get into a Niche like that.


I’ve been trying to show the seasonal trends to make you aware that your website won’t always generate revenue. This may change monthly. You can also build on your seasonal products. Just check out the example of “Easter eggs” and others. This is also perfect for Niche site ideas trends.

By now, you probably understand why you need to keep track of trends due to seasonal changes. But be sure to choose your region! It does matter if you sell in Germany or in the US, because trends, customs, holidays are different!

You don’t have your niche yet to compete and get a better rank on Google, but you’re on the right track and getting closer to your goal. If you have checked my previous posts and followed the steps, there is no standing still!

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