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Niche keyword research - Google AdWords Keyword Planner
Niche keyword research - Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Niche keyword research – Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Part 3. Niche research – How to choose a Niche to make a profit from your website? An ideal tool for niche keyword research is Google AdWords Keyword planner. As you can see on my website, I’m not only helping enthusiastic money makers in digital marketing but in today’s digital world, the IT knowledge which you need to keep up with your business, blog, services, products, is essential.

Digital tools are essential in the online world.

And most of all in digital marketing. So as not to get distracted or missed out on the latest digital trends, I created this website to help those who want to go and learn systematically in the world of Internet, IT and gadgets without chaos. If I can help one person in the digital world, then it was worth creating this website

If you’ve managed to find a website – among the false, sometimes stupid, and sometimes disgusting information – that helps you find content that offers real value, real support, and real help, without any hunts for likes or any requests to join fan communities.

Nowadays, the real star is not the one with the most hearts, likes, followers on the Internet,

but the one who provides an in-group group with SPECIAL and INDIVIDUAL help and not just a copy of millions of entries. This is a Niche. 😊

Remember what you discovered in my previous posts?

  • You already have those five passionate topics you want to deal with online or have already dealt with offline.
  • You have learned that if you focus on exploratory research, so how to solve the problems, you will be getting closer to your Niche, which is your customer community.
  • You already know what market channels exist, where you will need to prevail, and you learned very well to build solely on good keywords to get traffic!
  • You already know some rules that you need to carve in stone
  • I protected you from a few traps and cleared up misconceptions. Then you “rested” a little bit
  • We started researching Niche using Google Trend

We will continue to the topic of niche keyword research which helps you to make a profit from your website

In my previous post, we talked about the “variables” which have to follow a certain rule if you want a profitable product and you need to have a topic, trend big enough to support a 50-100 pages website. You don’t want to target a small niche like the cheap golf ball that can be purchased for under $ 10.

On the other hand, you have also learned that golf balls are still great if you build your website on this because relevant products are already giving you a niche market that is profitable.

Let’s see how to use Google AdWords keyword planner.

You can design how to create ideal niche ideas that will support your 100-pages affiliate website.

To access Google AdWords keyword planner, you need to log in to your Google Account and set your search to English and change your region to the United States, then search for “Google AdWords keyword planner.”

Keep in mind that this is where you can post the Google ads which you have encountered on the first page of the Google search as described in my post on “Where to sell your products – Market Channels”. You will probably be prompted to start an ad posting. You don’t have to worry about it now. You can learn more about this in a later video. Now skip this step with the “discard” button.

Your campaigns and ad groups are paused or removed. Enable them to begin showing your ads.

Discover new keywords

In the Tools menu, you should select the keyword planner and the search for new keywords button, and then enter the keyword itself: e.g., “Golf balls” and click on the “Get results” button.

It is important that the Areas should be the United States and the Language should be English!



Click the “keyword ideas” menu. Here we can check if we can build our website based on this keyword. By scrolling down, you can see what phrases people are searching for.

We are not interested in that ordinary monthly searches which are too high (too many)! Currently, there are 40,500 monthly searches for “golf balls.” Shockingly big number. We should check it later.

To comply with the 50-100 pages rule (you can read the rules in the first part of the niche research-Niche site ideas trends), you need to find at least 50 terms or sub-headings. Each of these separate terms must be closely related to the main phrase we are looking for. With these specific terms, one of our web pages will focus on its keyword. Those are the terms that will be SEO (search engine optimization) keywords when writing our blog post.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd,

people coming from outside who search for these terms on Google, will read and see those terms on your web page. And these 50 terms are very, very closely related.

I believe that from the list we see here, many of the phrases or expressions can become ONE FOCUS KEYWORD!

You see, there are 931 expressions (or at least at the moment) that all contain practically the main topic, the word “golf balls” and which are very closely related to it. With so many expressions, it’s obviously easy to build a 50-100 pages Affiliate website because the terms in this list are so closely related that you can build excellent topics.

If your topic that you wrote down and typed in has so many expressions, then you are on the right track because I asked you to write such topics for yourself that you would be passionate about.


If your topic doesn’t have so many expressions, at least 50-100, then you shouldn’t deal with it in the digital marketing Affiliate or content marketing area as people aren’t looking for it.


If there is no search, you will have no traffic. This way, you will not have any revenue.


Out of curiosity, let’s see what we find for “cheap Golf balls under $ 10” keyword?!

Here you can see that they are not really related to the original “cheap Golf balls under $ 10” keyword. I do not see the words “under $ 10” in none of them. And most noticeably, no one is looking for it 😊. Oh, sorry… maximum 10 per month 😊. So, in fact, the list below, which contains 650 expressions, is not related to the cheap golf ball, so you can’t build a website in this area! There is simply not enough competition for this term to build 50 pages with content that contains a keyword under $ 10! More specifically, the keyword “cheap Golf balls under $ 10”.

You can see that you can use the keyword planner to generate the Niche keyword ideas you need

Start typing in the topics of your choice. Let’s look at another topic. For example, “supplies”
or “artist supplies” keywords! Office supplies, architectural supplies, etc.

You can see in the expressions that they are not searching for the word “supplies.” It’s quite clear why, but market gaps (niches) are already appearing for the particular word. For example: “artist supplies”!

Or there is the expression “architect supplies.” These are Amazon products that you can sell. Obviously, if this is one of your passionate topics. As a creative designer, I obviously use this topic as well in the global market. It is amazing how many products you can sell.

The competition is very big for these terms.

You shouldn’t do it!

Everyone wants to optimize their own topic for these keywords, so their web pages, because many people search for these terms. Of course, this can generate traffic for those who are on the first page on Google for these terms.

As a beginner and someone – I may say that – who is not proficient in search engine optimization, website building and someone who wants to make money on the Internet right away, you would start using these keywords in your website content.

That’s why Niche research is there to help you find the market gap, so the niche keywords that you will get on the first page of Google. But to get started, you shouldn’t use highly competitive terms. Of course, they will search for these products based on these niche keywords so that you can profit from them after 3-6 months with your amazon Affiliate marketing strategy. We work on that; you work on that.

For example, if you search for “calligraphic kit” keyword on amazon, you will find many products.

This is all a potential Niche for you, which can be used to build a professional website.

Of course, these market gaps need to be checked for complying with the rules, like “price between $ 50-150, rated 4-5 stars, etc.” Read it in my previous post if you did not do it already. It is worthwhile! 😊

For beginners, this is the perfect way to generate the right niche ideas, and then to check if they meet all the rules. The listed terms are not all potential, ideal market niches for your website!

You will find keywords like “Supply shop” with medium competition. (with searches between 100 and 1000). But I do not want to skip sections. How to find the expressions that will be your market gap and get you to the first page of Google.

Of course, you do remember that building a web shop is not enough. You need content marketing as well!

You may have seen it in my previous post. So, any web shop that doesn’t contain unique and professional SEO articles, just the product and description, can be skipped immediately. Because on your page there will be 50-100 pages of articles based on problems, comparisons, opinions, not to mention niche keyword research!


Use the keyword planner boldly as it will give you real data. You shouldn’t start it without any information! Get great ideas for your five topics! Just type in a word and search for it, and you’ll be able to analyze all the expressions in the list. Only the sky is the limit! Is it up to you if you spend time with it.

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