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How To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
How To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to know how to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing? You’ve come to the right place. I’ll tear apart everything about Clickbank affiliate marketing in a short while.

Clickbank affiliate marketing?

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of Clickbank marketing, let me first explain what Clickbank is all about.

The Clickbank marketplace

No doubt, selling other people’s products is a lucrative online venture. If you’ve heard about affiliate marketing, then Clickbank is the place to be. If you’re a beginner, I can guess what’s on your mind right at this moment.

Probably, you’re wondering what this concept is all about and how does one find the right products to promote. There is no need to worry since all this will become clear once I through with Clickbank review.

The market is awash with all manner of affiliate programs, for example, Linkshare and Amazon Affiliate. Well, Clickbank falls into the same category. When you think about Clickbank, try to envision an intermediary in a market, and the whole concept becomes simple and easier to understand.

In a normal market, we have sellers, buyers, and the facilitators who make things happen. In simple words, Clickbank is the facilitator in an online market. Perhaps to get to the bottom of it, I will define Clickbank and give possible examples.

What is Clickbank?

Now that I’ve introduced what a marketplace entails, Clickbank is simply a platform where sellers avail tech products such as eBooks and computer programs. It’s an online bazaar that connects sellers and buyers of digital products. It also offers a payment solution to complete the selling and buying process.

Is Clickbank a scam? No, Clickbank is an affiliate marketing program that links various players in the digital marketplace. Here, you’ll find merchants, product sellers, advertisers, and vendors. Also, present are affiliates or publishers.

This company has been around since 1998 with its headquarters in the US. It’s one of the most prominent players in the market today where makers of a product showcase their products, publishers pick and promote them and earn a commission. Their commission structure is also one of the best on the market today.

Advantages of the Clickbank marketplace

Most online entrepreneurs start their journey as affiliates, then graduate to vendors and maybe, just maybe product owners. Nonetheless, Clickbank has a lot of benefits to all players in the marketplace.

I’ll mainly focus on how an affiliate can make money under this remarkable platform. However, I’ll touch a little bit about how other stakeholders benefit from Clickbank.

Clickbank has everything under one roof.

Clickbank is useful for affiliate and product owners. If you are a beginner, Clickbank marketplace is an excellent platform to kick start your online business. Most often, it can be challenging promoting products online since the internet is so vast, and it is a frustrating experience matching your niche to the audience.

Since the commission structure under Clickbank is attractive, there’s a chance the products will hit the market in a short time. It’s also a perfect chance to grow the product owner’s business.

How Clickbank benefits the various players

Clickbank connects products to the affiliates who will promote through their blogs, websites, and social market programs. Of course, they’ll earn commissions after promoting products.

Clickbank allows affiliates to sell the products to the prospective buyer. A product owner is only required to sign up for an account and set the price for the product.

Clickbank allocates codes for each sale, and therefore, it’s easy to track it to the owner’s website. The process is much easier for the buyer since every transaction will take place at the Clickbank platform.

Merchants also have a chance to make money since Clickbank has a referral program. If a merchant brings in a new product owner, they get a 22% discount on the subscription fee. They can use this commission to market their service.

Publishers or affiliates also benefit immensely from Clickbank since there are lots of incredible products they can choose and sell.

How to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing

How to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing? Clickbank is a perfect marketplace for affiliates to make money. However, if you want to make a substantial amount, you must have a niche and understand the kind of products you’d like to promote to prospective buyers.

Most people who are starting wonder how much money they can make under Clickbank. The amount of money will depend on the product you’re promoting. If you are looking to maximize your revenue, you can promote more products per day.

You can choose different product categories and set sales targets. For instance, if your target is $50 per day, you can choose to promote products worth around $80.

However, for a newbie, it may not be as easy as it sounds. You can aim small in the first few months, then depending on how your business performs, increase your sales targets. People are making even $300 per day, so it’s possible with dedication and choosing the right niche.

Finding the right products under Clickbank

The advantage of a Clickbank account is that there are several categories of products an affiliate can pick and promote. Clickbank has a wide variety of products in various categories, and different niches affiliates can choose. It presents an excellent opportunity for beginners and established affiliates who’d like to expand their line of business.

There is also ample information regarding each product that is also available in the market place. You also get accurate figures for your sales and purchases. With Clickbank, it’s possible to get ideas for your niche and products.

How to create a niche website – help to share your website

After you’ve chosen the right product, you can send audiences to the merchant’s page through direct linking. It was a popular method back in the days, but currently, it’s essential to have a direct engagement with your audience before sending them to the vendor.

Another approach is the Lander method where you create a landing page and be the link between the vendor and the customer. You can create videos or educate the customer about the product.

Other approaches involve the use of content marketing to promote products. This method consists of creating a website and optimizing it for SEO by use of relevant keywords. Every affiliate marketer must have a website or a blog.

Next, you can create an email list or promote the Clickbank affiliate link in several other places such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can entice your visitor with interesting articles and ask them to subscribe.

All these efforts help in increasing traffic to your website and helping your site rank on google.

Signing up under Clickbank marketplace

The Clickbank signup process for an affiliate is pretty easy. It’s free, and once your account is up and running, you can browse through the list of suitable products from the numerous vendors.

After finding a product, you’ll receive a Clickbank affiliate link, which is linked to the vendor’s website. The next step is to share the link with your audience, either through your website, blog, or social media platform. You need to convince people to buy, and every purchase will earn you a commission.

Clickbank is popular than other affiliates.

Like we’ve seen earlier on, Clickbank has a wide network of affiliates and allows for publishers to window-shop and pick the best product to promote. Other than that Clickbank affiliate program is a legit program and more popular than their Clickbank alternatives due to several factors.

Payment options under Clickbank

Clickbank products are known to pay high commissions of up to 70%. Assuming you promote a product worth $1000, your commission is $700. Amazing, right? Yes, that’s unbelievably high, but it’s real.

I know you must be wondering how they’re able to do this. Since the products are virtual, their cost of production is quite low, and therefore, the profit margins are high. There are no shipping costs, return fees, and other costs that you normally find with real products.

The other advantage is that Clickbank remits money fast at least once a week or twice every week. Other affiliate programs may pay after 30 days, and this is what makes Clickbank unique. With Clickbank, you don’t have to worry about your cash getting stuck somewhere.

Clickbank is a user-friendly platform.

Some of the affiliates are usually strict when onboarding new members or affiliates. Although security comes first, it makes it hard for new entrants. However, with Clickbank, it’s a user-friendly platform even for newbies to start their affiliate marketing journey.

Another advantage is its global presence that accepts different payment methods, including Payoneer. This approach makes it easier for online workers to promote affiliate products from anywhere in the world except for a few countries where there are legal restrictions. For instance, there is Clickbank Nigeria and Clickbank India, to show the international reach.


I’m sure by now, you know how to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing as an affiliate. It’s a simple process, free and will not take much of your time. If you are serious about expanding your online income base, then Clickbank affiliate marketing is an ideal consideration. How To Make $100+ PER Sale In PAYPAL Money!

How to create a niche website – help to share your website

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