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How to Make Money with CJ Affiliate
How to Make Money with CJ Affiliate

How To Make Money With CJ Affiliate

How to make money with CJ Affiliate. Most often, individuals may wonder how to make money with CJ Affiliate. It’s a simple concept which I’ll explain shortly in this review. It’s going to be interesting, don’t go yet.

Overview CJ Affiliate

Probably, you’re wondering what CJ means. It’s a short name for Commission Junction, and today I’ll slice up everything about this remarkable program.

I’ll also tell you why it’s a trending topic among affiliate marketers. I’ve been a member of this program, and for sure, it’s one of those places where you’ll find premium products.

How To Make Money With CJ Affiliate
How To Make Money With CJ Affiliate

Notably, in the recent past, commission junction has been rebranded to Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant. For purposes of this guide, there’s no difference between the two.

What is the Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant?

Commission Junction conversant is an affiliate platform where you’ll find tons of products to market and earn you some bucks. It’s global and a market place for bloggers or affiliates like you and me. Here we connect and interact with dozens of affiliate programs from different brands.

Monetize Content with Ease
Monetize Content with Ease

The CJ affiliate is not a new concept and has been around for at least 20 years. It’s one of the best systems when it comes to affiliate marketing and connects promoters and publishers. It offers all players space where they can promote and sell their products.

The commission Junction blog allows popular ads to appear on your blog. In return, you earn a commission when people visit your blog and fill a form, subscribe, or buy. There are some agents, also known as Affiliate Program Providers or APP, who coordinate the affiliates and the subsidiaries.

How do you Join the CJ Affiliate by Conversant?

Maybe you could be wondering if joining commission junction cost anything. That should not be a problem since it’s free to join. All you need is to fill up your information on the profile and wait for the approval. Unlike other affiliate programs, the CJ is less complicated, and approval is pretty fast. You will receive a notification on your email with your commission junction log in.

Earn commissions by partnering with the world’s
Earn commissions by partnering with the world’s

Upon joining, you can now get commission Junction affiliate marketing network unique links depending on your preferred program. There is an advertisers list that makes your search easy and straight forward. There are different categories you can select or browse, depending on your niche.

Also, you get a specific number and a unique link that allows you to link to an affiliate website. These links also direct visitors to your website and earn a commission if a sale occurs.

There is no need to worry if your blog has a different niche. With CJ affiliate, it’s easy to choose a niche for your blog and rake big commission. The commission rate is also higher when you compare to other affiliate sites.

Under the CJ affiliate, there are large companies, and thus, you can view the commission rates offered by each affiliate. Here you can choose the appropriate commission junction account manager without necessarily going to the respective company.

For you to join this program, you must be 18 years and above and have a website. You can still add more sites. However, you must ensure there is consistent traffic. Slow websites will lead to your commission junction account deactivated within six months after sign up.

What Makes The CJ Affiliate Different From Other Programs?

There are various ways to make money online, and the CJ affiliate by conversant is one of them. This model is one of the topmost systems that is also risk-free and guarantees enormous earnings. It’s merely a platform that connects the affiliate programs and the marketers or promoters.

CJ affiliate has some unique features that make it different from competitors such as Amazon associate, ShareASale, eBay, and Clickbank. Below, I breakdown the features.

Affiliate Automation Feature under the CJ Affiliate?

One challenge as an affiliate marketer is getting links for the products you want to promote. Most people lose the opportunity to make money since the products in their blogs may not match those in the affiliates.

CJ affiliate helps you find the right product, and this is made possible by the new feature Affiliate Automation. It lets you monetize the affiliate links seamlessly without the need to edit the older links. Therefore you can add a JavaScript line on your site and covert the external links to the affiliate link.

Some of the commission Junction complaints of this feature is that some rules may not augur well with most affiliates. For example, you must have an existing relationship with the CJ promoters. Also, the promoters need to have a strong link for integrating domains.

Deep Link Feature

The deep link feature allows you to create a link with any CJ promoters. Here, you can drag the deep link icon and drop to your browser’s bookmark or any other promoter’s website.

Therefore it’s more of a manual process that lets you generate an affiliate link to a particular page. However, one must have the right to access a deep link in the CJ Account Manager.

Other Useful Features of the CJ Affiliate

Other than the affiliate Automation and deep link feature, other features distinguish the CJ Affiliate with its peers.

Real-time reporting and mobile package

The advantage of CJ Affiliate is that there is real-time reporting. Here, you’ll get minute by minute reports and, therefore, no need to reload your page to monitor activities. Other programs may overwhelm you and can be tedious, refreshing your page.

Real-time reporting and mobile package
Real-time reporting and mobile package

CJ affiliate is a reputable brand and boasts a wide network of publishers, merchants, and vendors. There is a mobile package, and this allows it to keep up with the technology. You can download the app to your phone or mobile gadget and use it on the go.

There is recognition of top publishers

If you have high-quality content for your audience, be assured this will be recognized. Top-notch blogs have more vies, and therefore, there is a chance for recognition under the CJ Affiliate program.

There is the Content Certified Program that recognizes top publishers and allows them to connect with top brands. It’s an attractive package and with tones of benefits. For instance, you can get access to top marketers who offer high rates.

How to make money with CJ affiliate, multiple programs

Still wondering how to make money with CJ affiliate? The advantage of the CJ affiliate is that there are several programs that it supports. For example, do you promote electronics, gardening, or automotive? Worry not, there is a program for every online entrepreneur or blogger.

How to choose programs

On your page, scroll to Links, and some filers allow you to select the category you need. The different filter is Events such as Mother’s Day and Christmas. There also Promotion types, with examples such as Sales and hot sweeps or products. Also, the Link types include Banner, content, and text link.

How to set up your account with CJ.com, choose the best offers and how to get started promoting them. See the video

To illustrate clearly, let’s assume you want to advertise under the niche health products under your niche. Your review could be the ten best health equipment for elderly persons. Now, this is your idea or niche, under a category, select Health then scrolls to Equipment.

Under promotion type, select sales or discounts. Under link type, select Banner, or text link. From here, you can select the best ad that matches to your contact. Impressive, isn’t it?

Most products under the CJ Affiliate are CPAs meaning Cost per Acquisition. Here you’re paid per sale, lead, or call. There are a few promoters who pay per view or click.

There are also other opportunities, such as flat spend and placements. You can promote to audiences on your social media pages to increase traffic.

How do you get paid under the CJ affiliate?

There are several options through which you can receive payments as a publisher. The payment method you choose depends on your preference. There is the direct deposit and Commission Junction Check. However, for people outside the USA, there is the Payoneer option.

You will receive your money every 20 days after the month ends. However, there is a minimum payment of USD 50 for direct deposit and USD 100 for Checks. If you have several programs, all commission junction revenue will be clustered together into your account. For Payoneer, there is a conversion from USD to at least 150 currencies. Notably, CJ affiliate has no links with credit cards and PayPal.


Trusted by the World’s Largest Brands
Trusted by the World’s Largest Brands

Old wine indeed has a sweet flavour, like the Hungarian Tokaj Aszú, and though expensive, people will still go for it. The CJ affiliate program is an old affiliate program and has withstood changes in technology to be one of the biggest brands around.

It’s a big name with statistics to prove its vibrant and robust foundation. It has a partnership with over 3000 renowned brands, and therefore, you can never go wrong in choosing it as part of your affiliate marketing program.

I believe this guide has been useful, and now you clearly understand how to make money with CJ Affiliate.

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