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How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Let’s stop for a bit. Breathe in! In my previous posts, I said that people panic and stop at this part! Before we begin the second part of the Niche research, How to make money with online affiliate marketing, let’s clear up some of the misunderstandings that are spreading over the Internet.

Common misconceptions about Affiliate Marketing

I want to ask you something.

Why don’t you start your affiliate marketing business ?

Maybe you’re afraid of failure. (You don’t have to be afraid, it won’t be the end of the world if you fail)

Maybe it didn’t work out and you’re done. And you’re telling yourself: “I got a chance, I did something wrong, and?” Stand up and try again! Learn from your mistakes. Maybe the technical stuff makes you nervous? Believe me, you just need a little patience.

I’m not a marketing expert or a programmer either. Maybe you don’t have time for this? In fact, I’m sure your best excuse is that you don’t have time! Believe me, I know this very well! (but if you want freedom and break out of your prison, you have to take the time)

But you know what I know?

When I started and for half a year, I had no traffic on my website and I did earn nothing, what would have happened if I gave up?

– Oh, this doesn’t work for me!

– Oh, so many people are dealing with it, it’s too late.

– Oh, I don’t have time for this….

In my previous videos, I’ve already said a few sentences about my story.

You also need freedom

If you have watched these videos and listened to my story, that probably means that you want to build your own successful online business.

You also need freedom. You would like to do something in your free time what you love passionately. That’s why I said at the beginning of one of my post to write down those things you want to do!

Would you like to replace the daily treadmill with your vacation schedule?

You want to make enough money by being in your pajamas all day? And you would like to do what you want on weekdays? Need something better? Well, I want to help you get started. And I’m not going to ask you to buy something from me.

Remember, I said earlier that I’ll help you starting your adventure. But you have to build it yourself. This does not mean that you have to give up your job and just work on this, because you won’t see the results of this work in 1 month. I know it from my own experiences, and you can read the story on my website.

The first step in creating a website was to find the right topic. The proper market gap! That’s why I would like to help you how to come up with the right topic. Yours! Because everyone is different. But the task, the work, will be the same. Believe me, I won’t stop either. I am still learning. And I’m not going to stop!

But believe me, maybe I know more than the average person, but another myth among people is that big companies or other websites like Amazon, eBay or others are listed without proper review. These pages also have to go through the ranks. They websites are also reviewed every day just as your own first website.

You’ll be able to outrun them and anyone else,

because you will be ranked higher (you will have a so-called outrank / outrank / page)

It is likely that your authority ranking on Google will not be the best. But after some time, due to the content built on well-chosen keywords, Niche keyword-Long Tailed key and due to the professional, unique articles, your website will be ranked.

Of course, under certain conditions! (which you will learn during content marketing on this site). Because believe me, your content will be better than the content of these companies in general. They can only rely on their generic (crappy) content and on their domain name, which helped them to reach a good authority rank on Google.

If you have a website that really focuses, so it deals with unique topics in depth and contains specific articles, you will be able to outrun them and anyone else because you will have a higher ranked (so-called outrank / outrank) page. Just be patient! You probably won’t get it in 1 day. But you will, that’s for sure! And you don’t have to be an expert to do that.

Another common misunderstanding among people. They think that the competitors have already created every topics and websites and with those they are in the competition, so why they should deal with the same! I won’t try! Well, you’re not so intelligent by saying that, or if you think that way, because the exact opposite is the true. If you have been paying close attention to the previous posts, then it is sure that you see the light at the end of the tunnel which is your own Niche (market gap).

It does not matter if there are websites on a topic for years, if you have a good market gap which will be interesting for the people, of course. And this will make

your online business viable and this will be the solution for your business!

You will obviously find similar topics on competitors’ websites. But if you do create a smaller niche website on the same subject, with at least 15-20 pages (obviously professional), with proper niche keyword and SEO, you will have a really good Authority ranked website. If you remember, you will have a 100-pages website.

The giant companies or entrepreneurs who have been on the market for 25 years and have a professional domain name cannot outrun you. If you understand this, that you will and must need to compete with these companies, you need to make sure how you do, and you should do better than the rest.

It is important that I would like to clear up the Niche website misconceptions constantly. And I would like to help you determine how to make money with your website.

How To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing And Creating A Niche Website?

Simple answer! ????


And another SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  common misunderstanding among people!

You will quickly and easily make a lot of money with your Authority ranked website.

It’s a big nonsense and a beautiful dream for anyone

who wants to create websites thinking that those will be ranked in the search engines immediately and suddenly they will be millionaires.

Let’s say they make $ 1,000 a month. It is not true. And I’m sorry if I just broke your dream! The truth is that one of the keys to have your website ranked is to choose a topic you love passionately! (remember my post when I asked you to choose 5 topics that you like, and you would do even if you were not making money from it? Now it’s the time to check those 5 topics. If you did not watch my “How to make money online for beginners” post yet, it is the time to watch it. Because you shouldn’t ride the horse backwards

And finally, here you are the result of your work, the money!

You are going to do this because of this passion. Because I am sure you will do a lot to learn about these topics to create real content.

You need to create a lot of content that you focus on.

But you need to understand when you first start … you will work hard and passionately (of course, if you have chosen good topics) but you will not immediately benefit from it, you won’t have any profit.

The fifth common misunderstanding is

that people think that Google AdSense ads can earn you a lot of money.

With Google AdSense ads, you will earn only a few dollars, even if you choose a good niche.

It is true, that it will pay better in some market segments than in others, but you shouldn’t really rely on that income because you will be terribly disappointed. Obviously, it can be used as an extra revenue, but you shouldn’t rely solely on that one source of income. The reality is, when someone clicks on a Google AdSense ad that you put on your website, you get a fraction of the value paid for the click (which the advertiser pays, of course).

By creating and relying on an Authority ranked web site you can generate approximately $ 100 revenue a month. It’s true that in a really short period of time you can actually earn a decent amount from six months to a year, but the point here is that you shouldn’t rely just on Google AdSense as a source of revenue for your business.

One final misunderstanding is that it costs a lot of money to start an online business.

How to make money online with affiliate marketing
How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Obviously, there are costs. Hosting service, email service etc. But as a beginner, you can do everything for very, very little money, but also you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it. The result will be the same.

Even if you spend more money on it, you won’t earn any more ???? Another issue is that there are tools which can save time for you and time is money. Thus, this misconception is true in some sense. But after a specific amount of money, it won’t work better. Because that’s not how it works. It can be easier. But even that is not certain. Because you buy an expensive software that shows you your Niche keyword in a click, but you need to learn that software, you need to become an expert with that tool. That’s exactly how to make money with online affiliate marketing. You might spend more time researching Niche keywords while I write 50 pages of unique, professional content that will make a profit.

I will quickly summarize these common misconceptions

1. You need to be an expert- Not true.

2. Large companies and websites will always have advantage. – It is bullshit!

3. There are competitors and that is why you won’t start it – You are stupid if you think that.

4. You will make a lot of money very quickly – Confute me! Whoever tells it differently, is lying!

5. Google AdSense is enough to make your online business viable – True, you can make money fast, but not too much.

6. It costs a lot of money – What is lot of money ???? You still have to work on it!





  1. Peter, honestly, I am wowed by what you have written here. The way you have used soothing and encouraging words to explain the misconceptions is saw awesome. I also had this misconceptions too. About the struggle, that it is expensive (because I met scammers), that is ouodnt be able to wrote good enough to meet up. The fear is real. Its fabulous to note that you are clearing all this doubts once and for all. Thank you and keep up with the good work.

  2. Thanks for this informative article, explaining the basic of making money through affiliate marketing has never been easier to understand, I actually like that you corrected my thinking on use of Google Adsense ads for affiliate marketing,  I actually invested alot into Google ads and it did brought little returns and I have been looking an alternative. Can you please  recommend one to me?

    • Hi SeunJeremiah,

      For new websites or blogs, the AdSense program can be one of the fastest ways to generate income, which is why it’s so popular. But while AdSense is free and easy to use, there are aspects you need to understand about it, and things you can do to maximize your success with it. There’s not much you can do with it. I would rather recommend it as a supplement.

      But a perfect niche for you and a professional website will provide you with the complete solution. How do you find the perfect niche market? How do you build your website? How do you optimize (SEO)? These are questions many people don’t know the answer to!
      Read the niche research articles. They’re worth the treasure!

  3. Hi Peter, 

    I think the most common fear about the affiliate program is we don’t know when eventually we could see the result from some program we are doing. So, I always tell myself to be prepared for a long marathon instead od a short and fast sprint.

    May I know what your motivation is when you feel down and found nothing happened for your own website even the subject is something you have passion about? It would be good to learn from an expert of Niche like you. 

  4. Hi, your post is very helpful for young affiliate marketer like me, you really understand what I am.passing through as a newbie in the business and I really appreciate you for giving solutions to my problem.

    i joined wealthy affiliate last month but I realize no traffic to my website yet but I will keep to your advice by keep posting I want to rely on google AdSense but with your experience to give me advice not to.

    i really learn from your post and this is a helpful post to every new affiliate marketer we need to change out mindset and not put profit as the first thing, choosing what we love doing will help us a lot .

    • Hi AmDetermined,

      You primarily need research. Google AdSense is not perfect for this. This tool has been developed to optimize ads. Unfortunately, you won’t make much money with ads. The gold mine is on niche websites! Niche research-niche research, ninche research … and perfect keyword research to help you create unique, informative blog posts.
      Best regards,

  5. Hi Peter, first off I just wanted to say a big thank you for such an honest, open and informative article. It’s a proper ‘down to earth’ myth buster piece and one that we should all take notice of. There’s a couple of things I’ve heard over the last six months and wondered if you could shed some light on them. Obviously once you’ve found your niche and started to add content, adhering to the guidelines for quality and SEO, there seems to be differing opinions on how much content is the ‘threshold of expectation’ when it comes to an upturn in traffic. Is 100 posts sufficient or does it need to be closer to 150, as I have heard ? I know some sites manage to see larger quantities of traffic with less and maybe that’s niche specific. The other question falls into the ‘myth busting’ category and that is the ‘Sandbox’ I’m not sure if this is a real thing or not. All I’ve heard is that Google ‘holds’ your site back withing the first four to six months, almost like a probationary period, until it is satisfied that the site has longevity. Any of that ring true ?

    • Hi Twack Romero,

      Partly true of what you read. Death, it takes time to rank on Google. I recommend that you optimize your blog posts for keywords that very few people search for. First, inform your site visitors. You are not allowed to “sell”!
      It’s important that blog articles with highly competitive keyword-based content are not really ranked by Google. Because it’s a black hat method. We need to help people! Once Google is ranked, it can be built on competitive key words (in about 3-6 months). Just slowly …. it’s not a horse race!
      Have a wonderful day,

  6. Making money online is not very difficult as people assumed it, said by an experts. Yes, they may be right because there are alot of online businesses opportunity like survey, blogging,freelancing,audio transcribing and affiliate marketing. The beauty of a business is to be able to run it even when we are inactive for the some time. This is why affiliate marketing is more desirable and more recommended. The only problem is the issue of competition and ranking. Many people got discouraged along the way when they can’t breakthrough alot of competition that comes their way. Google AdSense is also a cool business. I have people that are using it for a passive source of income and they are doing very good with it. Is it possible for one to combine both affiliate marketing and google AdSense business together.

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