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How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate
Learn How to Build Successful Online Business...
How To Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate
How To Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate

How To Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate

The platform is a training program where you get skills on how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate. Below here, I will tell you how to make cash on Wealthy Affiliate. Keep reading.

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

An important question comes into many people’s minds about how is wealth created online or how to become rich online. Yes, there are millions of people around the world using the internet to earn a living. However, it’s not easy, and they put a lot of effort into getting that dollar in their accounts.

Everything About The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

There’s no limit on how much net worth is considered wealthy. Some wealthier people may be worth billions of dollars. Is wealthier a word? Well, some others will be happy with just a few dollars. The daily habits of wealthy people will tell you that making even a dollar is not an easy affair.

A quick search online about online money will reveal results such as; “how to become rich”, “easy ways to get rich” or “how to become rich overnight”. How to make money on Wealthy Affiliate, but not pretty fast as there is a lot to do.

Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible program that offers training to online entrepreneurs keen on maximizing their income. It has lots of tools to make this possible. There’s the word press builder, keyword research tool and a vibrant online community. I will explain in detail later on in this review.

Wealthy Affiliate free membership plan

If you’re a beginner, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate by signing up on the free membership plan. The advantage of this plan is that it’s not like most programs that give users a free trial for let’s say a month, then charge your credit card.

The Wealthy Affiliate plan allows you to sign up for free and enjoy tons of benefits for seven days. During the free period, you can have a glimpse of the paid membership. After the seven days, you can choose to stay at the free program or join the paid membership.

There are benefits at the free membership; however, for a serious entrepreneur, it’s advisable to join the paid membership.

For instance, there’s an offer of two free websites and ten lessons to kick off your online journey. The advantage of starting here is that, when eventually you join the paid plan, there is a discount in the first month. You also get a chance to enjoy free hosting for your website.

Wealthy Affiliate paid membership plan.

The premium membership allows individuals to maximize their income. For you to make real money under the Wealthy Affiliate, then the topic of costs is a vital one. There’s no difference between an online and offline business. Both are businesses, and there are business costs.

How to make money on Wealthy Affiliate? Join the paid membership. The advantage of joining the premium membership is that you’ll have access to the whole program and get comprehensive training. I will explain later the costs and benefits of joining the paid membership. There’s also a personalized training, fifty websites and community support.

Does it cost anything to join the Wealthy Affiliate?

Most people would say, I want to be rich, let me join the Wealthy Affiliate. Whereas dreams help us in goal achievement, it’s also true joining will not make you rich overnight.

As mentioned earlier, there are two plans under the Wealthy Affiliate program. There is a free plan and paid membership. Below here, I’ll expound on the paid membership and how much it costs to join.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam? A useful insight

The cost of joining the paid membership

Without a doubt, the free membership will cost you nothing to join. It’s free, and even after the seven days, you can continue being a member without paying a dime. During the seven days, you’ll have access to the paid membership plan so that in the end, you can decide whether to pay or remain in the free program.

The advantage of joining after seven days is that you’ll enjoy a discount in the first month. You’ll pay only $19; the following subscriptions will cost you $49 per month. If you choose to pay the yearly fee, it’ll cost you $359 per year. There are massive savings when you pay yearly.

The cost breakdown

You may wonder if you can become wealthy with no money. It doesn’t happen in the real world since every business requires some investment or capital.

How Much Does The Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Offer

Although it costs you $49 per month, the amount is reasonable because it includes the training cost and tons of benefits. You can pay the cost of domain hosting at $15 each year or buy a domain from elsewhere.

As a beginner, you may feel apprehensive about paying to join since you’re not sure whether there’ll be any returns. It indeed takes time to have the dollars trickle into your account. However, it requires a lot of training and hard work on your part.

The Wealthy Affiliate offers a comprehensive training program that will equip you with the right knowledge to start this remarkable journey of being a successful online entrepreneur.

How to make money on Wealthy Affiliate? Sign up first

To join the paid membership, you’ll need to sign up first. Here you fill a profile page with your detail. You also upload a photo; it doesn’t have to be your picture. However, for the sake of interaction with other online members, you can upload your photo.

Fill in a small description about yourself and what you hope to achieve by joining the Wealthy Affiliate program.

The Wealthy Affiliate training program

The Wealthy Affiliate program offers individuals with detailed training on how to make money and build a successful online business empire. By joining, you get to benefit with useful lessons on how to market your business and the strategies to employ.

Advanced training courses
Advanced training courses – How To Make Money

Once your profile is ready, use the access button on the dashboard to join the training. Some people will be tempted to search stuff such as, “how to become wealthy fast” or “how to become rich online”.

It’s not wrong to know how to make money online; however, it’s essential to be patient and start at the training section. At the end of the training, you’ll be awarded the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).

The Wealthy Affiliate training program breakdown

The Wealthy Affiliate program offers comprehensive training for new members. Also, old members benefit since the course is regularly updated, and they can add more knowledge. The course is a step by step program where you learn and grow after each lesson. It’s important not to miss lessons as every lesson is crucial.

The benefit of this program is that there is live feedback, introductory videos, and support. There are also live class lessons where you can ask questions in case something is not clear.

The boot camp training also equips you with more knowledge. You’ll also learn how to create a website and optimize it for SEO by use of keyword research.

Other benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program

Other than the classroom lessons, the Wealthy Affiliate has tons of other perks which I will highlight shortly.

A vibrant online community

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate program, you’ll soon discover there’s a vibrant community of other like-minded individuals some of whom have built successful online businesses. There’s also the advantage.

There’s also a chance to interact with the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate. There are live chat sessions where you can ask questions and get instant feedback. Besides, you can send private messages to the members in their inboxes. Of course, it starts with you visiting their Wealthy Affiliate profiles and having a private chat.

The engagement helps in boosting your search engine ranking since you don’t have to buy credits for commenting, once you share a post, members can comment, and you can also comment on their posts. Every two comments will earn you an extra comment.

As you create your website, you’ll get assistance from other members who’ll tell you about the progress and where to improve. You’ll also get some criticism that helps you in building a strong foundation.

24/7 Support under Wealthy Affiliate

There are various programs on the internet that promise members of accumulating wealth in a short period. However, some are scams which are only after subscription fee, and after that, they offer little or no support to their members.

It can be frustrating, and you may end up thinking everything on the internet is a fraud. The Wealthy Affiliate program is one of its kind. When you compare to other programs, the Wealthy Affiliate has a 24/7 support where you can raise issues and get instant feedback.

As you scale up, you’ll realize, support is part of your everyday life at the Wealthy Affiliate. Sometimes you may need the one-to-one coaching sessions where you ask direct questions. If you feel there’s an area you’d like clarification about, you can request support to assist you.

If there are technical issues, especially when building your website, you can always raise a ticket and support will come in handy.


How to make a salary on Wealthy Affiliate? Indeed, the WA is a training program where you get all the skills and knowledge of how to build a successful online business. The knowledge you acquire is what enables your business to get the best foundation and succeed in the future.

The Wealthy Affiliate does not make you an overnight millionaire; it’s merely a platform for growing your business. Other than training, you also benefit from a free website, Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool, supportive team and robust community. I hope this review has been useful, and now you can kick start your online journey with confidence.

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  1. Hello Peter,
    I always come back here to your site and find out a lot of interesting things about Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Recently I purchased the annual membership package on this platform and I want to say that it was the best decision I made. Together with all the members, we are a family and we manage to achieve all our goals. For me, this has become a 2nd job from which I earn some passive income and I am very pleased. Every dollar matters and every new thing learned here makes you grow your skills every day.

    Thanks a lot for this posts and for the honest and confident details about Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hi Peti, Thanks for this amazing post! Really helpful and informative, I just start a wealthy affiliate program at 2 weeks ago it makes me a good impression about the websites on seeing your article, it gives some additional information about their free membership plan and cost of joining the paid membership.I choose  Black Friday Special Offer and keep creating more articles for the viewers’ use.

    • Hi Yoge,

      It’s never too late to start 🙂 Welcome to my team! This is exactly why this website is designed to help you make a lot of money with Wealthy Affiliate platform.
      Thank you for your comment!
      Have a great day!

    • Hi MrBiizy,
      Thank you for the encouragement. I hope you encourage others to start their own home business. It’s never too late to start a great affiliate marketing!
      Have a great day!
      You know … the information is treasure 🙂

  3. Awesome post, Peter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and gaining a lot of more information about Wealthy Affiliate. Particularly, I have been looking for an answer to 2 questions on Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll be glad if you can answer them:

    1. For how long can a free member get access to his/her free website in the Wealthy Affiliate Platform? And,

    2. Does Wealthy Affiliate have any plan to pay for 3 years or 5 years, or a lifetime? 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. Looking forward to the answers to my questions. 


    • Dear Akshay,

      thank you for your comment. Mostly the questions. Because they are driving my team and this great home business forward.
      It will always be free as long as the Internet exists. I don’t know about any other information yet. But remember, with a premium membership, which is currently only $ 19 a month, you will earn double this business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a premium member or free. I have been thinking and planning for 1 year. In that one year, I made $ 1,000 a month in revenue. Of course, everyone has a different goal, but the length of the journey depends on how much time and learning you spend on it.
      Have a great day!

  4. Hello Peter!

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate offers us a new chance in life and we are able to learn how to earn :). It takes time and work from our part, and there is no overnight success (not even “over month”), but if we are persistent there are better and better chances. It’s up to us!

    And here we can grow while being useful to other people by what we are doing.

    Are you already a member of the Affiliate Bootcamp?

    Success and kind regards,

    Another Peter 🙂

    • Dear Peter,
      Of course, I’m a member of the Affiliate Bootcamp. That’s why I’m successful because I’m learning from successful people 🙂 Without Affiliate Bootcamp I wouldn’t have achieved my goals!
      Have a great day! 🙂

  5. Hi Peter Nagy! I have been trying to build my business in the offline world and have experience concerning how much one has to work to make it work. So, I’ll enter this online business with the same energy.

    I find the paid membership affordable. I have a question: Can I use PayPal to pay to join? Thank you.

    • Hi Ann,

      Nowadays it is only the professional Affiliate business that you can join with PayPal account. If I had not had this opportunity, I would not have been a member either. This is the minimum I expect from an affiliate shop to make money in my home!
      Good luck!

  6. Hi Peter ! I have been learning about affiliate marketing and am convinced this is the best way to create a monthly income stream for me. I would like to join Wealthy Affiliate and test drive it first. That’s reasonable. I’m excited that in their free membership you say we can also have free hosting. I bought a domain two years ago but have it parked at the moment. With this free membership, can I host it at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Abel,
      Naturally. You can also import (park) your domain name as a free member. But it is important to be relevant to the market niche you choose.
      Thank you for your comment!

  7. First of all thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful article. You have discussed Wealthy Affiliate through your article. I also signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate website myself and got a premium membership. There are many tutorials on the Wealthy Affiliate website. There are many tutorials on the Wealthy Affiliate website. I think for anyone who wants to do business online, wealthy affiliate tutorial videos will bring a lot of success.

  8. hello finding reputable sources to generate any respectable amount of income through the web has become an ever-increasing challenge.Thank you for the review, with the steps you have given i can venture into making more money online. THANKS FOR THE REVIEW The truth is that It’s not easy making money online today. wealthy affiliate is one legit way

    • Hello Daren,

      It really is not easy to make money in your home if you are on the wrong track. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, not a scam. The tools are amazing. Just “use them”. We need to learn and act. This is also a job that will bear fruit if you are persistent and diligent!
      Have a great day!

  9. hello you have a great review here. affiliate marketing is one secure way to get extra income. and basically The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, mostly through an affiliate network,after that, you will start earning a commission if people buy through your marketing.i think It’s based on revenue sharing. i can attest that wealthy affiliate is one legitimate website that will help

    • Hello Benny,

      It is no question that this affiliate marketing business is legal and professional. Plus, you can do it from home.
      Thank you for sticking to my article and I’m glad I was able to help!
      Have a great day!

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