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How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2020
How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2020

How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2020

Do you want to know how to make money on Pinterest in 2020? It’s easy, and in this review, I will explain the simple steps. Let’s dive.

Introducing Pinterest and Affiliate marketing

Probably you were searching how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links, and fortunately, you bumped into my review. Well, that’s good enough because here you’ll find all the information you need about affiliate marketing and how to stay at the top.

Before I dig into everything about how you can make money on Pinterest in 2020, I will start by defining what Pinterest is and introducing the topic of affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate programs out there. However, today, I will talk about Clickbank.

What is Pinterest?

Have you heard bloggers and successful online entrepreneurs talk about Pinterest? Perhaps you should have listened again. The truth is that thousands of people are raking in big bucks on Pinterest. Have you ever wondered why? I will explain shortly.

Pin interest is a website where people share beautiful pictures or infographics centered on several themes, such as home improvement. Most people love this website.

Signing up is easy, and once you get in, there are various boards you can choose for your feed. If you are apprehensive about getting into some online scam, worry less. Pinterest will not charge you a penny to join. You can upload any content, such as videos and images.

It’s a popular social network where you can share stuff and discover things or interests posted by other people. It’s known as pinning on your board or other users’ boards.

Unlike some social networks, Pinterest doesn’t alert users when someone views their interest. It’s an advantage since you can view many users’ boards anytime.

Does Pinterest matter in affiliate marketing?

People join Pinterest for a variety of reasons, whereas some join for inspiration, quite a sizeable join to promote their products or services and increase outreach or audience. If many people view your interest, then there will be more attention and close a deal.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s all about promoting your affiliate link and getting people to buy through the link. Where does Pinterest come in this kind of arrangement? Like I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a popular social network and boasts of 250 million users. That’s pretty huge. What if each one of those users clicked on your board. Quite amazing, I’d say.

Will you be marketing to the whole audience? Of course not. You need to define your audience and promote those who are likely to buy your products. I will quickly talk about the concept of affiliate marketing and how to use Pinterest to market your link.

The concept of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people’s products through a link. Once people buy these products, you earn some commission. To make money by affiliate marketing, you start by joining affiliate networks. This method does not require any expenses, credit cards, or advertisements.

Some people may wonder, are there affiliate programs for Pinterest without a website? Although a blog or website is desirable for any online business, the good news is that you don’t need it when using Pinterest. If it’s the first time on affiliate marketing, then this makes everything easy.

You don’t need any experience, and although you may struggle in the initial stages, it eventually pays off through persistence and hard work.

There are two ways in which you can make money on Pinterest using the affiliate link. You can use a blog or no blog.

How to make $100+ per sale through Wealthy Affiliate referral

The wealthy affiliate has a referral program where you earn commissions when someone signs up under premium membership through your link.

How to make cash on Pinterest through linking your blog

In this approach, you can make money through ads and driving traffic to your blog. However, you need to provide the audience with high-quality content. You can offer solutions to problems through buyers’ guides or information about a particular product.

You can pin the post on Pinterest, and when users click, they are directed to your blog where there is the affiliate link. Once you have a blog ready, you can apply it to various companies to promote their products.

How to Make Money on Pinterest without a blog

The second method is making money without a blog. As a beginner, you will like this approach. This method involves copying your affiliate link and pasting on the Pinterest pin. This link will direct users directly to products or services you are promoting.

Although it’s a secure method, in the future, you may need a blog since there might be some limitations from some companies in linking their products directly to Pinterest. Also, your audience will connect better to your blog, and there will be more conversions. In the pin, you can disclose the affiliate link through the use of hashtags such as #affiliatelink

Clickbank affiliate program

There are various affiliate programs out there. However, Clickbank is a popular platform among affiliate marketers. Anybody, including a beginner, can join Clickbank affiliate marketing for free. It’s more of a market place where you can find a product to promote. You can also use a merchant’s website to locate a link that you can paste to Pinterest or blog.

The advantage of Clickbank is that it doesn’t delay payments; therefore, you’ll have a constant flow of cash. Consequently, you can take care of your costs as you venture into various ways to promote your affiliate link. It’s also the leading market place for digital products and safe to use.

You receive your payments to your bank account and PayPal. Therefore this program is available in most countries that accept payment through PayPal.

How Clickbank works

When you promote the product to an affiliate website, a customer may click on the link, and when they buy, you get a commission. Your earnings are transferred to your account within a matter of minutes.

Joining Clickbank

Joining Clickbank is free, and the sign-up process is easy. Once you sign-up, you find a product to promote, get the affiliate link, and promote. If you are wondering how to make money with Clickbank fast, the answer lies here. However, it requires more than copying and pasting an affiliate link.

It’s not unusual to find successful affiliate marketers making thousands of dollars daily. Typically an affiliate will make approximately $30 commission per sale. As I said, you need to define your strategy and audience.

How to make cash on Pinterest? Try Clickbank

Pinterest has 250 million people, and not everybody is interested in buying the product you are promoting. Focus only on those people who may have an interest in purchasing your product. You need to have a strategy in place.

Identify your audience on Pinterest

There are various topics on pin interest, such as motivation, entrepreneurship, and marketing. You start by zeroing on users who may be interested in purchasing your product. These are your audience, and they may be interested in a specific topic.

The next step is to send customized messages to each person offering to help them find solutions to problems. For instance, you can request from them if they still need assistance in a previous request.

All the people you send messages to will get notifications on their emails or the Pinterest app on their phone. In this approach, you want people to click on the link, read about the product, and convert into real buyers of products.

Factors to consider when promoting on Pinterest

For you to make money on Pinterest, you need to target the right audience. Not everybody is a buyer; some people are on Pinterest probably to learn or connect. However, there’s a small chunk that would be interested in buying products and paying for services.

For starters, you can leverage on your blog or social media channels. In this way, you will be spreading the link to family, friends, and audience about the Pinterest page. You can make use of hashtags and send personalized emails to the audience.

Make use of Pinterest boards to promote the product. You can do this by ensuring your profile reflects the products you are promoting. Also, optimize the use of keywords on the titles and the descriptions visible in searches.

Add your affiliate links to your board. Here you can decide on the best board to pin and share. Lastly, increase the visibility of the pins and the boards to increase traffic. You can use social media, blogging, and much more.


Affiliate marketing lets you reach a broad audience by promoting stuff you like. The Clickbank affiliate program has dozens of high-end products you can promote. You can choose products from popular brands and promote them through your blog or website.

Pinterest affiliate marketing programs are some of the most popular methods to make cash online. The advantage of using Pinterest is that there is a broad audience, and this will open a pathway to earn passive income. How to make cash on Pinterest in 2020? There you have the answer, join the Clickbank affiliate program, choose your product, get a unique link, and promote on your Pinterest board.

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