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How to make money by selling Christmas affiliate products
How to make money by selling Christmas affiliate products

How To Make Money by Selling Christmas Affiliate Products

Do you want to make money this Christmas? Well, I will show you how to make money by selling Christmas affiliate products. Sit back.

Christmas promotions, an overview

As affiliate marketers, we must admit that the year has been busy, selling everything under the sun. Probably our bank accounts are almost exploding. Maybe we missed some steps, and our strategy didn’t work as expected. There is no need to worry; we still have a few weeks to close some super deals.

If you think the year has ended and it’s time to wrap up everything, you’re mistaken. The selling season has just begun.

Christmas season, a time for endless opportunities – How to make money by selling Christmas

The Christmas Jamboree is just around the corner, and one thing for sure, there’ll be a lot of merrymaking. Other than that, people will buy gifts, presents, party, and shop. If you promoted Halloween or thanksgiving products, then the Christmas promotion is bigger.

What’s on your mind right now? Do you want the festivities to be thrilling? Are you looking forward to ending the year with a fat wallet? That will depend on the effectiveness of your promotion strategy.

There are several ways you can earn quick money by selling affiliate products. If you are starting your affiliate journey, there is a possibility to make money even as the year wraps up.

Affiliate marketing and Christmas promotions-How to earn money?

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote products and earn a commission per sale. You may not be the original owner of the products, but you can direct traffic by promoting the affiliate link. It may sound exciting; however, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Christmas Cooking Recipes & Cooking Affiliate Programs

It’s an easy process, but first, you must join an existing affiliate program such as ShareASale, Clickbank or Wealthy Affiliate. After registration, you’ll get a link and a tracking code.

The secret is promoting the link through various channels, for instance, your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. When people buy through the affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Turning around your Christmas affiliate strategy

During the Christmas season, you’ll find different brands having their own product links, and this presents a perfect opportunity too. Grab this chance now and start promoting Christmas products.

The Christmas season is an affiliate marketer’s dream. With everybody out to buy and to flock every retail store, this presents an excellent opportunity to maximize your affiliate promotion strategy.

Secrets to double or triple your affiliate commissions

During the Christmas season, there is the potential to double or triple your commissions. December is here, and you can still stretch the limit by picking the right products.

Of course, the holiday is so short that most people feel it ends before it has even begun. However, you need an effective strategy in place and remain focused on what you want to promote.

Whether you want to promote a Christmas themed product, an old bestseller, a new product, or anything all at once, you need some prior preparation. If you are not new to this, relook at your previous strategy and see whether it worked.

However, with people throwing away money on anything that comes their way, you might be surprised to find that every strategy will work. Have a flashback on Halloween, or black Friday or cyber Monday, and whether everything went smooth. If there were a few pitfalls, it’s essential to make sure everything works out right this time.

Promote your affiliate link through various channels

Due to time limitations, you may not have a lot in your tray in terms of energy, dedication, or money to promote on every channel.

If you wish to scale up your earnings, you can use the campaigns and channels that worked for you in the past. Remember, high traffic is ideal, more so if the conversions are high. Don’t forget to capture the mood by availing Christmas themed affiliate products.

Take note that most of your audience will use their mobile devices to make purchases. Therefore ensure your content and adverts are mobile-friendly. It shouldn’t come at a surprise when a potential client runs around their iPhone or tablet to search for a product.

iPhone or tablet to search for a product
iPhone or tablet to search for a product

Boost your income by selling Christmas affiliate products

Hear this; you can earn money by selling Christmas themed affiliate products. However, there is a need for a strong strategy in place. First, create an email list and send Christmas greetings. Don’t forget to send your affiliate link, and if there is any discount, mention that too.

Remember, shoppers are already in a Christmas frenzy and will respond if you offer a solution. If you have a blog, ensure the content is in a cheer and friendly tone to capture the holiday mood.

Limited time? You can still promote your affiliate products

As an affiliate marketer, you must be aware that boosting your earnings may not be easy. It takes time to plan and get the dollars trickling into your account. Unfortunately, the Christmas season is short, and there may be no time for major campaigns.

The most vital thing is to stay focused on your promotion strategy. You may need to incorporate seasonal themes into your marketing strategy. Otherwise, you may need to double down your effort and speak the audience’s language.

Ensure to respond to your customer’s needs, and this is a sure way of boosting your affiliate earning this Christmas.

Earn money by promoting affiliate links in social media

During the Christmas season, there is an increase in web traffic, and as a blog owner, it’s time to optimize your content with Christmas related keywords.

Like I mentioned, start planning your promotions early. Ideally, your approach should not differ much with what you’ve been doing during the year. However, there’s a need for a touch of increased activity during Christmas.

Target those products that are offering perks and incentives. Do right, and you will notice a perfect execution.

Examples of affiliate products to promote during Christmas

The Christmas seasoning is bursting with activities and buyers with cash ready to purchase anything and anywhere. Unlike the past decades where buyers would throng shopping malls to make purchases, today’s market has changed.

With just a touch of a button, buyers can get the favorite Christmas affiliate products at their doorsteps. As an affiliate marketer, you need to choose those products that create a frenzy during the holidays.

Below here, I’ll mention a few of these products that could turn around your affiliate marketing strategy.

Clothing affiliate products

Fashion has the potential to generate a whim all year round. People want to look good and dress for the season. It’s also a time to buy gifts, and show off the latest outfits and trends.

Well, as an affiliate marketer, you can exploit this craze and promote Christmas themed clothing products.

Have you ever heard of ugly sweaters? If not, you need to look up at the ugly Christmas sweaters website. It’s a popular company that promotes sweaters during the holiday season. They also have an affiliate program where affiliate marketers can earn commissions per sale.

The good news is that, if you are already under the ShareASale affiliate program, you’ll integrate seamlessly into their promotions.

Winter scarfs affiliate products

Although temperatures are going down during Christmas, promotions are heating up. Buyers will most certainly want to buy something to keep warm.

There are several winter scarves available online with Christmas themes you can promote.
There are several winter scarves available online with Christmas themes you can promote.

There are several winter scarves available online with Christmas themes you can promote. For instance, Amazon has dozens of those, and you can join the Amazon associate program and start promoting scarfs. There are winter scarfs available for men and women, as well.

Other than scarfs, you can also include cozy winter jackets, blankets, gloves, beanie hats, boots, and much more.

Christmas trees affiliate products

Various websites have promotions running for sale of artificial Christmas trees. For example, King of Christmas has an affiliate program that pays commissions for every sale of an artificial Christmas.

Christmas trees affiliate products
Christmas trees affiliate products


Also, just like the ugly sweaters promotion, they have partnered with the ShareASale affiliate program, and here you can promote them with ease if you are already a member.

Christmas decorations and ornaments affiliate products, az-az how to make money by selling Christmas

No Christmas holiday is complete without decorations. Shoppers will choose the most striking and fancy decorations. When you visit most e-commerce websites such as Amazon, there are hundreds of decorations up for sale.

Decorations are thoughtful since they are also reasonably affordable, and you can sell volume. The trick is promoting your affiliate link in your blog and social media.


Unquestionably, the list of Christmas affiliate products to promote is endless. How to make money by selling Christmas? However, the right strategy will work for you. Even though your strategy may be centered around online, it’s essential to talk to your loved ones and people close to you. Join community groups online and promote the affiliate link.

Remember, everybody is in a buying mode, including your loved ones. Once everything is set, it’s going to be a walkover, and you will not only end the year in style but richer. What’s holding you back, get rolling, the time is now?

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  1. Hello Peter, thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Affiliate marketing is a very well sorted style of online business and it has moved up to be one of the top niches now. affiliating Christmas products like Christmas trees and bells is a very nice and interesting way to make some cash thanks a lot I would start up right away

  2. Seasonality is definitely a concern in affiliate sales.. how much of your business should be seasonal and how much should be evergreen? Is there a minimum commission you take? I have had a very hot and cold relationship with seasonality but I do like the spike in sales when it comes. Any tips on getting more consistent sales?

    • Dear Rachel,
      Both affiliate marketing strategies are perfectly applicable. With seasonal trends, it is clear that you can complement (fill in) the remaining niche markets.
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      Merry Christmas!

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