Sunday , 29 January 2023
Wealthy Affiliate - The Home of Affiliate Marketing
Wealthy Affiliate - The Home of Affiliate Marketing

Hey Wealthy Affiliate family- you know we’ve got ourselves a new toy

Hey Wealthy Affiliate family, just to let you know we’ve got ourselves a new toy.

Hey Wealthy Affiliate family

Just so happened we wanted try Elementor Pro for one site for one-year expert help to test if it runs smoothly as we had our doubts it may conflict with other plugins, designs may be lost with updating WordPress and above all we weren’t sure if it would affect our sites speed.

Wealthy Affiliate - The Home of Affiliate Marketing
Wealthy Affiliate – The Home of Affiliate Marketing

In addition, for the past few weeks, we’ve been playing with the Elementor free version. We loved it so much, the learning curve was not so steep.

We also asked if some folks can give us some feedback, some has assured us that it would be okay, others not so much. They had other agendas up their stream.

So now totally by accident, we were checking on our account for a small detail, and we saw a little red banner bottom left corner, with a french bulldog GIF, saying come and click me — And since we love french bulldogs, they’ve enticed us to go and click. Elementor is offering BF discounts on pro subscriptions up to $50 great right, so we took the plunge and upgraded to the $50 discounted package that covers the full package up to 1000 sites for one-year. And we learned this is one off offer, it goes up to the full price the following year vs. folks at the Wealthy Affiliate is a bliss as they get grandfathered in the price. As long as their subscriptions are carried out year in year out. So folks we are so grateful and really lucky here.

So what’s the score with Website Development and Programming. We now have Divi full package lifetime subscription, GeneratePress Premium and Elementor Pro both for a one-year updates and support, not bad going right.

What about block editor, a lot of you are into that. We had a round but we weren’t so keen don’t know why. But not to say the least, we would indulge ourselves in again at a later time. It is all about being flexible, practical and all the time improvising to become better at our crafts. Also to have good all round knowledge so we can help a lot more folks. Two way process, we also learn by teaching. You have to know your stuff before you pass it along to others. Because others look up to you as their coach or mentor. So we always have to be aware of our surroundings and leaders lead by example.

We have a lot of projects up our stream, which is great keep us busy. Just in time, better get cracking on finishing the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday yearly sales deal, your affiliate links has now been prepped and you would find them $ sign top menu. Thanks to Peter and his blog post, we were able learn more about this years’ 2020 — up to $200 Black Friday yearly sale offers. That’s $100 off the full $495 Premium subscriptions and $200 off the full $995 Premium Plus +.

Just under 2 days 7 hours BLACK FRIDAY sales open to the public. Good luck y’all go get them folks.

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