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Site Structure Mistakes: Errors You Must Avoid When Using Links
Site Structure Mistakes: Errors You Must Avoid When Using Links

Site Structure Mistakes: Errors You Must Avoid When Using Links

Site Structure Mistakes. Remember to follow the structure of your website. Linking properly is an important aspect of the process, as well as, using appropriate tags. This will go a long way toward helping you improve your site’s usability.

Your website is a compilation of hard work.

You have probably dedicated some time to develop your site, from the time it was first conceived. That should give you some peace of mind that your website has been put together well, from a clean sheet of paper, as well as, a decent eye for design.

While it is great that you have thought about the look of your site, it is still of no use to you if the user doesn’t know what to do next. You have to teach them how to use your site. The best way to accomplish this is to structure your site properly.

Use breadcrumbs for the most part of your site. Breadcrumbs make navigation easy. But, they also allow you to include links that are clearly labeled with clickable links.

If you are doing a page-by-page or block-by-block approach, it is a smart bookmarking approach. If you are doing a general navigation system, you can still use links to your cornerstones. In this case, the anchor text is included in the link. When someone clicks on that link, it leads to the full-blown page.

However, do not get into the habit of using links that make your site look as though you are having a strong relationship. This can cause confusion and may even lead to a loss of credibility. No one wants to think of your site as some “dummy” type of entity.

Remember that the pages are linked together on a sequential basis. If you have a page that says, “Welcome, Part One”, then it is just fine for your visitor to click on that page. Of course, it may be best to post the part one of the page on a separate page, in the order that it was originally listed.

If you decide to use blocks of links in this manner, make sure that your anchors contain the same keyword for each link. In other words, the links should be the same word. If there is any variance in the anchor text for the different links, this may cause problems.

The general link goes to the part one link. The part two links go to the part three link. The third link goes to the next page of the site. The fourth link goes to the part five link.

No matter how many links you place on your site, when a visitor clicks on one of the links, it should point to the main content area of the page. There is no sense in going to a different location for every click. Each click should make the visitor take a look at what is on the page and then return to the page that they came from.

For instance, if you wanted to include an arrow pointing to the next page of the site, you would put the anchor text within the anchor text. You may wish to include the main keyword in the link text, such as, “next”. Just be sure that the anchor text is descriptive enough to communicate what you want your visitors to see.

Those are just a few of the many site structure mistakes that you should avoid. Remember to keep it simple, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor more.

Site Structure Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing!

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