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Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?
Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?

Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?

Probably you have heard stories of people making money online. Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money? ‘It’s a broad question with concrete answers, as explained below.

Success stories

The Wealthy Affiliate training program will set the success way for you.

After many years of existence in the online space, it is clear enough that making money online is a possibility. The Wealthy Affiliate program has thousands of followers, and it is apparent all these people have stuck around for some reason.

People are the foundation of every business, and if it were a scam, probably by now, it could be rated amongst failures. There are success stories of people who built their online businesses from scratch. Under Wealthy Affiliate, there is a training program that allows you to pick a niche for your website.

It is quite broad, and you can earn money from different products online. All you need to break even is traffic. It’s possible to make money online if you have a functional website even when you are not selling anything. With high traffic, you can earn lots of money with ads.

You don’t need to have let’s say 10000 visitors to make thousands of money. However, content is what will drive traffic to your website. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get to learn of tens of ways to earn money and the processes involved.

From member stories, it is clear that Wealthy Affiliate is for like-minded individuals looking forward to starting a successful business online. Also, people selling their stuff, such as photos and creative art pieces have found this platform quite useful. Others are people interested in video marketing through YouTube, people working from home, and online marketers are some of the success stories to mention but a few.

None the less, this fantastic internet wonder is not for those seeking to become internet sensations overnight. Online business is not a shortcut to the richness; it requires real effort and with focus. There is a lot of hype with testimonies on how people are raking big. However, don’t fall into everything being said but work smart.

Affiliate marketing is lucrative and starts with creating a niche, a website, and providing your visitors with relevant content. These visitors will eventually convert into real customers, and you will get commissions if they buy from your link. The Wealthy Affiliate training program will set the way for you.

Incredibly Low costs

Incredibly Low Costs at Affiliate Marketing

Building an online business requires funds. Just like any other business, there are costs involved. The beauty of the Wealthy Affiliate program is that you will incur unbelievably lower costs, but the returns are enormous.

Hosting your website is pretty affordable. Although managing a website involves some costs, the experience you will gain in terms of driving traffic to your website is free. For your business to be a success, it’s not a must to own products and services.

Most other programs do have a free membership, and if you are a beginner, you will kick start your journey here. Here you will have access to the free training program that is an introduction of everything about Wealthy Affiliate and what to expect.

It is essential to give it a try since it is a perfect way to learn about the tools that will help you in affiliate marketing and starting a bog. The starter pack offers you a gateway to have a glimpse of the online course.

There are free lessons and you are offered two free websites. Yes, you become a life member of the free program; however, there is a limitation in some features and access to tools and resources. However, after seven days, you can subscribe to the paid membership at a discount.

You also get access to the video walk, phase one of the bootcamp training, web hosting, 30 searches under keyword tool, a personal blog, and the rapid writer.


The wealth of knowledge is quite immense, and you will have the urge to subscribe to the paid membership. Most people usually wonder if it’s possible to make money with the starter package. It is reasonable but minimal.

When you join the paid membership, you will get value by seeing other members earning, which will give you the motivation to succeed. Finally, you can join the premium membership by taking advantage of the seven days offer. You will pay a total of $49 per month. You can also make annual payments of $359, which is much cheaper.

Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money? Useful lessons

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative recurring affiliate programs on the planet
You will learn how to optimize your content for SEO using relevant keywords

As earlier discussed, Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that has a systematic approach to building a successful online business and earning money. The training has different levels useful to you as a beginner or an expert.

The program has ten lessons that will eventually lead to the award of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. This training will take you through a series of different courses in creating an online business from an idea or niche.

Level one of the course helps you realize the kind of potential you have as an online entrepreneur. You will understand the entire concept and what’s involved. It’s quite interesting since you may ask questions if you are stuck.

It is an excellent lesson, especially if you have zero knowledge and would like to learn the basics. It’s important not to skip the steps since you may miss out some essential facts.

The affiliate boot camp training has seven phases comprising of many lessons. The valuable lessons will walk you through how you can create an online business from a niche within the Wealthy Affiliate program.

After you have learned how to choose a niche, other key highlights of the course are how to set a functional website. It’s a simple process that will take you less than a minute. You can choose your favorite design depending on your niche and how you would like it to appear to your visitors. Find niche products in 5 minutes.

The other lessons are getting the website ready for google. Here you will be introduced to the concept of content and why it’s crucial to provide high quality content.

You will learn how to optimize your content for SEO using relevant keywords. Knowing your keyword is essential, and you will benefit from the keyword research tool. Under the free membership, you are only limited to 30 searches; however, with the premium membership, you have access to thousands of searches.

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.

Sign Up & Get 30 Searches,

A supportive community

The Wealthy Affiliate program is a prosperous training platform that has helped individuals create a successful online business and make thousands of dollars. However, success can be attributed to several factors behind this remarkable initiative.

Once you become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, you will quickly find out that you are not alone. There are thousands of other like-minded individuals who are members of the supportive community. The community is vibrant and boost your engagement while holding your hand through this journey.

There are live chats where you can engage in talks or ask questions. Further, you can send private messages to members if you would like one to one discussion.

Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money? Definitely yes, however, building an online business without help is a non-starter. Getting support when you need it is paramount. The community is not limited to other members since the support team is also a part.

Every business, whether online or offline requires technical support, and if you have any issues, you may raise with the support team. Unlike other programs, the advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate program is the response time taken by the support team. They will respond to your questions within a short time and are available 24/7.

Wealthy Affiliate Help Center-There is also an Ask a question blog which allows you to get opinions from other members.
Wealthy Affiliate Help Center-There is also an Ask a question blog which allows you to get opinions from other members.

With the Wealthy Affiliate, you will also have the chance to interact and communicate with the owners of this incredible program. No other program has such provisions, and most often the owners usually work behind the scenes.

This program is the number one choice for many people, and every individual matter. You will have a sense of belonging and have a unique connection with people from all walks of life.

The Wealthy Affiliate boasts of being the most extensive online marketing membership in the globe and creates a long-term relationship. Most people have had positive testimonies of how they walked in as strangers and built unbelievable relationships.

Every day approximately 10000 people network within this program and create businesses. ‘It’s through these interactions that you will get useful insights and build your own network.

Under this program, you will rub shoulders and interact with people who have benefited immensely. There is expert training and coaching to allow you to have a personalized touch.


Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money? Yes, it does. There are numerous ways in which this program will help your business grow and rake in dollars. From the induction training, niche selection, website building ( How to research a niche, to profit from your website? ) , and supportive team, this platform is legitimate. It has been an incredible journey with thousands of successful people testifying of how they started low to build a profitable business venture. Nevertheless, just like any other business, it requires lots of effort, commitment, and endurance since success does not come overnight.

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  1. It’s great to see that Wealthy Affiliate does make you money. 

    Is this guaranteed success then? So if I purchase the program and just do what it says I’ll make money for sure? That sounds a bit too good to be true.

    I can see there is a supportive community, which sounds great.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Mike,

      Success is guaranteed if you “do it” You can’t make money without work :). But the key to your success is in the training you get here for free!

  2. Hello peter, great article you have written about wealthy Affiliate and I must say, you have helped clear all my doubsts and misconceptions about wealthy Affiliate. Seeing the success stories and how huge people make money through this platform is really great coupled with the training and the tools made available to everyone. Wow! That’s nice. I like the fact that there is a friendly community that would be willing to help me get on track in everything I do. Thanks for sharing this

  3. I have to agree with you, one can really make money through wealthy affiliate. I just joined not quite long and I have friends who have already started making good money from it. I believe that if one takes it seriously and work hard, money can really be made. I’m currently taking training and I must confess that it is really informative. The community as you have said are very helpful. They welcomed me warmly when I first joined. So yes, wealthy affiliate has all the tools on place to make anyone money and I believe I can be successful on there too. Good post you have here sir.

  4. affiliate_ghost

    Wealthy Affiliate is great at making you money even though it takes a while for yu to get going but considering the fact that it has all the results to improve your success it is the best i have come across.

    I started out with little to no knowledge on affiliate marketing and over the past 8 months i have learned so much and now i am beginning to earn a little bit at a time.

    This is a awesome post and if i had read something close before i started my affiliate journey i would have taken it more seriously.

  5. Thank you for this excellent wealthy affiliate review, I really do like who thorough and honest it is, I really do like the fact that you can join wealthy affiliate for free so as to give you a chance to in a way, try before you buy, the free option gives people the opportunity to see for themselves from the inside exactly what wealthy affiliate is all about before they make the decision on whether or not to sign up to the premium membership, personally, i would encourage anyone who is thinking about starting up an online business to try wealthy affiliate, I would also advise people to read your wealthy affiliate review first so they will know exactly what to expect, thank you for sharing.    

  6. If not for the sake of anything, I would join this platform because of the success stories and the support system made available. The other platforms I have been concerning learning the basics of online marketing are not really great with support and as such, I always end up getting confused with the practise of the learned tutorials. This is great to see. Besides, wealthy Affiliate has a free memevership and I can check things out for myself first before considering whether to change my mind or to go for the premium. Thanks

  7. Thanks for this really nice post. I have been on search for a legit means to make money online since I’m planing on retiring from my day job whose earning is quite low. I’m glad to have come across this post because I have heard alot about wealthy affiliate and the chances of making money from it, but I have doubt’s in it. But seeing this post have given me assurance and I would love to give it a try. 

  8. This is a very comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate and clearly outlines that one can make money online and that you get extensive training when you join the platform. It is a great supportive network with many opportunities to learn and grow your business on-line. As with any business, it does take time to build it up. Hard work and patience will pay off and make it worth your while.

  9. Another comprehensive post you have here, Peter!  Yes, Wealthy Affiliate can make you money.  The whole program is geared towards that, but it’s not going to happen overnight. WA is about the fundamentals of online marketing for creating a sustainable online business.  Focus and effort, as you mentioned, are truly essential. 

    And, one more thing I’d like to touch on is how the cost of the membership (which includes all the tools, training and community) far outweighs the potential earnings. There are just so many ways to make money from a single website, and WA will help you achieve that.

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