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CJ affiliate vs ShareASale Comparison - If you're a fan of affiliate marketing
CJ affiliate vs ShareASale Comparison - If you're a fan of affiliate marketing

CJ affiliate vs ShareASale Comparison – If you’re a fan of affiliate marketing

If you’re a fan of affiliate marketing, some terms might interest you. Here, I’ll look at the CJ affiliate vs ShareASale comparison. Let’s dive.

CJ Affiliate review

If you’ve worked as an affiliate marketer, chances are you’ve heard about CJ affiliate review. CJ affiliate is one of the most extensive affiliate programs and is popular amongst big brands. CJ Affiliate was formerly known as Commission Junction. It operates like a one-stop-shop, where you’ll find everything under one roof. The CJ affiliate marketplace has lots of advertisers, and this makes it easy for one to compare each segment.

Joining the CJ Affiliate program

Commission junction offers some of the world’s best affiliate programs. You only need to sign up, select your commission junction products, get an affiliate link, and promote the product on various platforms.

Commission junction requirements are simplified such that signing up is easy and straightforward; it’ll only take you a few minutes. Fill up your profile and wait for the approval. For your request to sail through, you must provide information regarding what you intend to promote and details about your blog and website.

You can choose your region depending on the target audience, add your site link and mode of payment. There are several CJ affiliates payment methods, such as checks and direct bank transfers. CJ also sends money to Payoneer accounts at least once on the 15th of every month.

How to find the best affiliate under CJ

Most bloggers will choose Amazon for their affiliate marketing since it comes across as an easy option. But it could be they don’t know of other options out there. For you to succeed in affiliate marketing, it’s essential to have a dedicated partner. For example, if you’d like to write about hosting or domain, you can choose a hosting program such as GoDaddy.

However, under the CJ affiliate, you’ll find everything you need under one roof. For example, if you want to write about fitness, you can search anything about fitness or gym. Once you locate the partner, think about your website and the type of content to avail to your audience.

You can have a quick glimpse of the commission junction pricing structure and terms and conditions. Commission junction pay per call is attractive among affiliate marketers.

J affiliate login opens a world of limitless possibilities. Once everything is clear, you’ll receive a notification of your approval. CJ affiliate will provide you with link maker, widgets, and banner. C

CJ affiliate vs ShareASale Comparison. ShareASale Affiliate program

If you’ve been looking for an affiliate program, there are several of them available online. I’ll introduce the ShareASale concept. It’s a popular marketplace where you can earn an extra buck.

How does ShareASale work?

ShareASale opened its doors almost 20 years ago. It’s a popular affiliate program where publishers or affiliate marketers join and promote affiliate products for a commission on sales.

I will introduce some terms commonly used in ShareASale. Merchants are entrepreneurs found within the affiliate platform, and their work is to drive sales. The marketers are like you and I who join the program to promote products and earn commissions.

The software is hosting services. For instance, ShareAsale is the software. The marketplace is where you’ll find products or services to promote. You can interact with other affiliate marketers.

Signing up under ShareASale affiliate program

Signing up for ShareASale is similar to other models. Before you create a ShareASale account, it’s essential to create a website first. There are several free options for beginners, such as WordPress, Wix, and the wealthy affiliate, where you can set a site within 30 minutes.

Any vendor will see your website, and any unofficial website will lead to rejection of the application. In the next step, key in your email details, name, payment, and your address. ShareASale allows you to receive payment via a check or direct transfer. You can modify your payment details on the dashboard. Approval takes between one and two days.

CJ affiliate vs ShareASale comparison, the similarities

Now that we have a clue what CJ affiliate and ShareAsale affiliate programs are, we’ll look at the similarities.

Both are affiliate programs, CJ affiliate vs ShareASale

Both ShareASale and CJ affiliate are affiliate programs where you can earn commissions by referring people to buy other companies’ products. You will be rewarded when a customer buys a product through your affiliate link. How To Make Money With CJ Affiliate

Both programs are the link between publishers and vendors. There is a working relationship between all the players, and there’s a tracking system for each sale. For you to earn money, it will depend on the kind of content you have on your website and the web traffic.

Both affiliate programs are free to sign up

Both programs are free to sign up, and these are good news for beginners who are kick-starting their freelancing. The CJ affiliate sign up, and ShareASale sign up process is simple and only requires you to fill your details and wait for the confirmation email. Once your account is approved, now you can start promoting the affiliate link in different platforms such as your website, blog, and social media platforms.

Both affiliates have a wide network

Both programs boast of a wide network and thousands of merchants selling different products. For instance, CJ boasts of having over 3000 vendors and a working relationship with big brands such as Home Depot, Boden, Apple, and much more.

ShareASale has over 4000 merchants, and just like CJ, there’s a partnership with big names such as NBA, Mod Cloth, and much more.

Both have flexible payment options

CJ affiliate vs ShareASale comparison, although both programs don’t allow PayPal payments, they are flexible in their payment schedules. For instance, CJ affiliates will pay you on the 20th of every month after meeting their threshold of $50 for direct transfers or $100 for checks.

This plan is similar to ShareASale, where you’ll receive payments on every 20th after meeting a threshold of $50. Payment is through checks, direct transfers, or Payoneer. Both payment plans are compatible with different world currencies.

Both affiliate programs have customer support -CJ affiliate vs ShareASale Comparison

As an affiliate marketer, you want a program where you can ask questions and get instant feedback. When it comes to affiliate marketing, support is everything, and every program must have a functional team that responds to members’ concerns.

ShareASale program has a phone and email support. On the other hand, CJ Affiliate has only phone support. Therefore, if you have a technical issue, you can always get feedback.

Both have metrics to measure performance

Both programs have thousands of merchants, and as a beginner, it may be tricky trying to figure out the best affiliate program for you. The advantage of CJ affiliate and ShareASale is that you can get real-time reports on the performance of the merchants and products. It makes it easy for you to select a fast-moving product from a reputable brand.

CJ affiliate Vs. ShareAsale affiliate programs, the shortcomings

Despite the similarities between the two amazing affiliate programs, there are a few unique differences that I find worth mentioning in this review.

Global affiliate companies, less attention

These two programs have a global presence. It means that the kind of products or services available is acceptable by people across the world. It’s attractive to merchants and publishers available in many areas.

It seems like a good thing. However, it could lead to less attention to individual products, which can significantly compromise on quality.

Lack of Frequently asked questions on the Affiliates

The positive side of support has a general space on the website, where members can always refer to common issues. Lack of an FAQ section in either of the affiliate program undermines the importance of support.

Besides, these two don’t have a 24/7 support, and when unavailable, members usually wait till when they can call or send an email. FAQs are essential since members can always refer to issues not considered as an emergency.

Lack of PayPal payment option on the affiliates

PayPal is a global payment solution available in many countries. However, both ShareASale and CJ affiliate programs do not allow for payments through PayPal.

It can be quite discouraging to members who only consider PayPal as an alternative payment option. The $50 threshold is also high, especially for new members struggling to close the first sales.

Lower commission rates for both affiliates

Some users complain that these two affiliate programs have a lower commission structure. It could be due to other costs such as shipping that reduces the amounts payable as profits.

Still, the secret lies in selling many products or volume to increase your revenue. Nonetheless, when you compare to Clickbank, the commission rates are low.

Conclusion-CJ affiliate vs ShareASale Comparison

The review of CJ affiliate vs ShareAsale comparison clearly shows that both programs are a good starting point for a beginner willing to join affiliate marketing. The sign-up process is the same, and so is the payment option.

There are other similarities, such as customer support, commission terms, global presence, and much more. For you to make money on either of the programs, it starts with niche selection and applying the best strategy to reach your audience.

It’s vital to offer high-quality content that will awe your audience, solve their problem, and attract traffic to your website. The ultimate goal is to get the numbers through conversion.

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