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Christmas Affiliate Programs
Christmas Affiliate Programs

Christmas affiliate programs-Time to sell and make more money through

With Christmas bells beckoning, how do you plan to make money this holiday? Sit back as I discuss how you can earn extra bucks with Christmas affiliate programs.

Christmas affiliate programs, an overview

The Christmas season is all about spending quality time with your loved ones. It’s also a time to bond and share gifts to those close to you. There are lots of activities during this season, which may include decorations, shopping, a visit to Santa, parties, dinner, and caroling.

It’s also a time to make some money through affiliate marketing. I will share with you some of the best affiliate programs you can use to leverage sales and earn some bucks.

Earn during Christmas while spending time with loved ones

Worry less about spending less time with your family. You can go on with the merry while still promoting your link and affiliate products online. You only need an internet connection and laptop. With the advent of digital marketing and social media, you can use your mobile device while on the go and still make some money.

I have been selling during the holiday season and pulled some big sales. From experience, I’ve come to realize that during the holiday season, regular sales typically take a nosedive. However, if I add flavor to my promotion, then I make the most sales and increase my revenue.

Finding the right keywords for Christmas promotion

I love affiliate marketing since I can make money with little investment. Unlike ads, where I must direct traffic to my blog, with affiliate marketing, I only need to market the link.

Before you pick the right product to promote, you need to find a profitable niche. If you don’t have a blog, you can still make money, and your success will depend on the content. You can write Christmas posts and pin them in Pinterest. I’ll share with you ideas that have worked for me during my previous holidays.

For instance, you can promote some Christmas t-shirts, ornaments, dog ornaments, and greetings cards. How do you know which content to pick? Pretty simple, you only need a Keyword finder tool (KWFinder) to uncover those keywords that are trending, and this will increase your traffic.

How To Make $100+ PER Sale In PAYPAL Money!

Promote Ugly Christmas sweater

Are you trying to find a product to promote this holiday season? Look out for ugly Christmas sweaters. Most often, people ask me, why promote ugly sweaters at Christmas? It’s a popular program, and they’re so much craze about ugly sweaters that you don’t want to miss.

You will love selling these sweaters, and the good news is, you will jingle with joy this Christmas with a fat bank account. If you have an online business, you can cash on the affiliate program. Ugly sweaters are popular and guess what, there a “national ugly Christmas sweat day.”

Ugly sweaters promotion ideas

Since you are an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to organize a garage or yard sale. If you have a blog, you can promote the affiliate link and have people search for the sweaters in online platforms such as ShareASale.

Here you’ll get a commission of 10% per sale. You can promote fashionable sweaters, and the company Ugly Christmas sweaters are lucrative, and an affiliate marketer can sell custom-made sweaters, jumpsuits, and much more.

For fairness, you can get all glitter and choose a sweater that will match the occasion. My bonus tip, big names, will spend thousands of dollars to pick to the fanciest ugly Christmas sweater.

Ugly Christmas sweaters parties

And this season, there’ll be lots of parties for ugly sweaters, and I will share with you one secret that will work. It may be unorthodox, but it works like a charm. Tell everyone about the Christmas ugly sweaters you are promoting. Shootout to your loved ones on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere they hangout.

Well, if there are any parties, be confident, your ugly sweaters will be the main subject. Also, if you live near a community of students, contact their fraternities and promote the Christmas ugly sweater link. In a nutshell, during the holidays, ugly sweaters are going to be a major hit, and people will be more than willing to spend a few dollars to get their hands on them.

King of Christmas affiliate program

King of Christmas specializes in the sale of custom-made Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and much more. If you are into affiliate marketing, I would suggest you think about the King of Christmas products.

ShareASale manages this affiliate program, and as an affiliate, you get all the tools to help you make money, for every sale, you earn a commission of 6%.

The only thing you need is to drive customers’ to the King of Christmas website and make money when they buy.

Why King of Christmas is a popular program

King of Christmas has been around since 2012 and is a large online retailer for Christmas products. Tons of Christmas decors offer their clientele to have a maximum holiday experience. Their prices are reasonable, and it’s a thrilling experience for people during the holidays.

How to make money on King of Christmas affiliate program

There are super deals on their products, such as the Christmas trees available at low prices. As an affiliate, you can make use of a blog and write promotional guides on Christmas trees and assembling.

The next step is, of course, to promote your affiliate link through various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The idea is to drive traffic and increase sales.

Other Christmas affiliate programs

Other than King of Christmas and ugly Christmas sweaters, there are other affiliate programs you can join and make money this holiday season. I will briefly highlight them below.

CheapOair Christmas affiliate program

CheapOair specializes in the provision of cars for hire, hotel rooms, holiday packages, and airline tickets. Most holiday lovers are addicted to their service due to world-class customer service and a wide range of travel products available. By promoting these services, you’ll have the opportunity to make money this Christmas.

There are super deals, especially with families taking some time off from their busy schedules, travel and make merry. As an affiliate, you can sign-up with Rakuten marketing or Commission junction. The commissions are high, and your work is to increase traffic to their website.

Balsam Hill Christmas affiliate program

Balsam Hill Company offers handcrafts and artificial Christmas trees. There are ornaments, florals, decorations, and other products that sell during the holiday season.

There are Black Friday offer and crazy promotions you can take advantage of to boost your sales. The affiliate program falls under ShareASale, and here there are close to 2000 different products you can choose.

There are also giveaways and newsletters to keep you informed of upcoming events and promotions.

The Wooden Duck Shoppe affiliate program

The Wooden Duck Shoppe has a full tray supply of collectibles you can promote during the Christmas season. The commissions are quite high at 10%, and here families can find gift boutiques at affordable prices.

There are handicrafts, home decorations, and Avant link manages this affiliate program. You can join Avant link and promote the products through various platforms.

Future memories affiliate program

Future memories program is yet another Christmas affiliate program under the ShareASale affiliate program. The idea behind this incredible platform is to come up with future memories, as the name suggests. Here users can find various gifts for events like graduation, anniversary, Christmas, and much more.

During Christmas, holiday lovers like stuffing gifts, and you can take advantage and enroll for the program. The commissions are quite high at 8% for every sale if someone purchases through your link. There are up to 11000 unique products up for grabs.

ForYourParty affiliate program

ForYourParty is a website where big brands offer a wide range of products for sale. Some products can fit the Christmas theme, such as gift bags, tags, coasters, napkins, and cups.

Similarly, they are under the ShareASale program, and therefore you can also have access to stats and track the performance of your link.

They will keep you updated through their numerous newsletters, and therefore you can know when there are new offers, contents, and promotions.

There are lots of customized holiday favors, accessories, and fancy designs, which will surely boost conversions. Your commissions may increase when you perform exceptionally.


With the holiday season approaching, there’s no stopping now. Time to sell and make more money through Christmas affiliate programs.

The time to pick a Christmas niche is now. You can focus your attention on gifts since Christmas is a time to spread the love. Travel products are also a good selection since people travel to visit their loved ones.

We cannot forget artificial Christmas trees, and custom-made ornaments, and much more. The list is endless, and only your unique strategy will work for you.

Again, don’t forget about traffic, lead generation, and conversions. Ensure your links are out there for people to click and buy. After implementing the above strategies, the New Year will start on a positive note.

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  1. Hi Peter,
    I just start a wealthy affiliate program 2 weeks ago it makes me a good impression about the websites on seeing your article, it gives some additional information about Christmas affiliate program. and the keyword you used is very attractive and keep creating more article for the viewers use.

    • Hi Yoge,

      You are in the best place or on my team. You get a lot of help with an international business here. Wealthy Affiliates is one of your best affiliate marketing tools! Use it!
      Merry Christmas and good luck!
      Peter 🎄

  2. Wonderful post Peter! In this modern period affiliate marketing is a big platform to build up your own business & making money in the online market becomes easier than before. I’m a newcomer in this field but haven’t any idea like this to make money from Christmas Affiliate Programs. I love to work with travel products and holidays are coming so, I think it’s the best time to affiliate my products. From your article, I got many more ideas & I’ll work on it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Christmas is indeed a great period – in my opinion, the best – to make money with affiliate marketing. Most people buy gifts and since they buy that many gifts they don’t have time to search for the best gifts, they will search for someone to tell them which one is the best one. And that’s the time for affiliate marketers to shine!

  4. Your post provided me with a bunch of great ideas. I would have never thought of promoting greeting cards.

    Since I am new in the affiliate marketing world, I have not heard about Kind of Christmas yet. Thanks to you, I now already feel prepared for next year’s holiday season (I’m a bit late for this one). Any suggestions for Easter? 🙂 🙂 

    • You’re funny today, Katja,

      Easter is still far away. Then it’s time to write about Easter affiliate programs. For now, Jesus must be born.
      Merry Christmas. See you at Easter too 🙂
      Peter 🎁

  5. The digital age has taken holiday shopping to another level. Now instead of the hassle of fighting through long lines and congested traffic in a mall we can search and click through our options online. Your holiday theme of affiliate options is quite clever showing the reader how to benefit from this shopping trend. Of course, this leads to how does someone take advantage of the growing online shopping market. The answer is definitely Wealthy Affiliates which provides all the tools necessary to create, promote and grow a successful affiliate website.

    • Dear Stacy,

      This is indeed the case. Thank you for your comment. I can’t do better than Wealthy Affiliates yet, because the value for money is very good. But we do not know what the future will bring. They are developing a lot in WA. There will be many surprises for us and newcomers in 2020 to make money in their homes. It’s a wonderful gift for everyone!
      Merry Christmas! 🎄

  6. I can’t believe there’s a national ugly Christmas sweater day. Seriously?

    But considering how many of them I‌ get every year from my family, that makes sense. 

    Well, you’re right! This year, I will make money from them. I‌ don’t have a blog yet, so I‌’ll have to start one, but I‌ like this idea so I‌ don’t think it’ll take long.

    Thank you very much!

    • Yeah …. 🙂 🙂 this is Christmas sweater day Kate,
      Build your affiliate business as soon as possible and start giving valuable, unique articles to your website visitors. It is that simple!
      I’m glad I could help!
      Have a nice Christmas, too! 🎄

  7. Hello Peter. I’m really greatful for giving me this affiliate program suggestions. Because Christmas holidays are almost here i was looking to earn some passive income with Christmas afiliate programs. I will have 3 weeks paid leaves from my job and that means i will have a lot of time.  

    King of Christmas affiliate program is very interesting. The people from my social network are looking every year to buy the best Christmas trees. Do you know if I can promote this products using my website created with Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thanks and keep in touch! 

    • Hello again here 🙂
      The Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to “run” a professional website from home. It’s just icing on the cake that you’re making money with it. Glad you re-posted my article. You’re doing a great job on the team!
      I wish you a successful Christmas affiliate business too!
      Peter 🎁

  8. With a 10% commission, I‌ think The Wooden Duck, it’s my favorite one. My family spends a couple of hundred dollars every year on Christmas decorations, so I’m sure that others do the same, as well. Especially if you think about the gifts we do to others. Friends, cousins, etc.

    Future Memories seems like a good affiliate program, as well, and since I’m already an affiliate with other programs on ShareaSale, it’ll take less time to get accepted. I’ll take a look at this, too. 🙂

    • Hi Alicia,

      Here we say this proverb: many little ones go far. Say. The 10% commission may below, but if you have a lot of it, it is a very good business plan for you. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money in your home. ShareaSale is also a great option. here I write about it. Read it now.
      Merry Christmas!
      Peter 🎄

  9. Hello Peter!

    It is nice to find out there are various affiliate programs that are dedicated for Christmas! The offers you presented have great commissions and affiliate marketers will of course enjoy!

    I would be glad to find one such program being related to PC components, since they are my area of interest. Anyway, I am already going to make extra bucks before Christmas.

    It would be good news if I started earning via affiliate programs with my niche site, before Christmas comes and this year ends.!

    Best regards,

    Another Peter :).

    • Hello Peter,

      That’s the deal. It also works at Christmas. with patience, perseverance, a professionally built website, and unique blog articles, you will be at a competitive edge. You have to be patient and “the fruits come in”
      Dear Peter,
      Peter 🔔

  10. King of Christmas! Even the name suggests that you should do there your Christmas shopping!

    I‌ took a look at the site and it has indeed a lot of things you get at good prices. What I‌ like the most is the variety of trees they have. They even have prelit trees. I‌ didn’t even know these things existed!

  11. Well, this is a veritable gold mine that you have given us. With all the hype that has been around over the last month in regard to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it has been all to easy to forget that the huge seasonal holidays are fast approaching. I had never even considered pushing for extra affiliate sales during the Christmas period.

    A few well-thought outposts with the proper backing and it will surely bring in some extra revenue, for a time that for many, things will slow down. The ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ is a perfect opportunity, not only for some sales but also for some fun at home. A theme party would seem ideal. You could send out invites with the link on. I like that.

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