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Best website start blog and make money easily online
Best website start blog and make money easily online

Best website start blog and make money easily online

Many people start a blog for different reasons and the top is blogging for money. However, which is the best website start blog. Keep reading as I explore this topic further.

Best website start blog, an overview

Like I mentioned earlier, people have diverse reasons for starting a blog. Probably, you want to showcase your writing skills or establish a brand. Better still, you’d like to tool to market your brand and boost traffic. Blogging also helps people connect and share ideas.

If you’re blogging for money, the biggest question would be how to select the best website for your blog. The truth is, there are many options out there, and sometimes it may be hard to pick the best. In helping you choose the right platform for your blog, I’ll examine the factors to consider, then give a few examples.

How to choose best website start blog

When shopping for a website for your blog, there are several things to put in mind. The issue of cost will not go away, at least not at this moment. It’s the first consideration since you want a website that will fit within the budget consideration.

Other than paying for hosting fees, you also would like real value for money. A free website may be an option for many newbies. However, there may be little you can do, and your online business might start at a slow pace.

Another thing is how easy it is for you and your audience to interact with the blog. A user-friendly option is a good idea; it makes your work easier.

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For a beginner, such a website will be easy to manage without the use of complex codes and skills. Also, there should be 24/7 support whenever you need help.

A good website should have many features and be flexible to your needs. For example, you should be able to modify its design, add more features and make new changes as your online business grows.

The website should offer you solutions and be easy to maintain. Lastly, the website should accommodate many options to make money. Remember, the primary purpose of setting up a blog is to make money. In considering all the above options, the best website is one that blends with your blogging goals.

Blogging for money, Create a website

Before you start blogging for money, the first step is to choose a website for your blog. You may need to start by creating a website. In this review, I’ll mention the wealthy affiliate program since here; you’ll have the option of creating a free website. Secondly, you’ll have valuable training on how to run a successful online business.

Certainly, the bitter truth is, blogging is not easy since you need to get those numbers flowing. You need visitors for your website to rank and have an audience reading your content. The wealthy affiliate program is the best place to be since there are training, materials, and resources to help you along the way.

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Choose a niche before creating a website

Before you create a website, you start by choosing a niche that comes from an idea. Since your intention is to create a blog for various reasons, the idea is the interest. It’ll form the basis for your content creation and attracting a credible website.

Create a website using SiteRubix

SiteRubix is an online platform or tool that allows you to create a website in easy steps. The benefit of joining the wealthy website is that you’ll be using SiteRubix to create a website. It’s free to create a website either on the free platform or the premium platform.

The free option does not charge you a dime to be a member. However, the training is shallow, and if you’re a serious online entrepreneur, I’d advise you to join the paid membership. It’ll only cost you $19 in the first month after registration.

Subsequently, you’ll pay $49 every month. The most outstanding features of the premium option are unlimited training, free keyword searches, over 50 free websites and free hosting. Also, there’s the boot camp training, 24/7 support, and a vibrant chat community who are always ready to help.

For your website to rank, it’s important to optimize the content through the use of keywords and SEO. This action will help you during ranking in search engines.

Best website start blog, the top sites

Below here, I’ll highlight the best websites to start blogging for money. These are popular and have many bloggers and users. website

Best website start blog, WordPress is a favorite blog website among top bloggers. Statistics reveal that it has more than 30% of the total internet. WordPress is flexible and gives users total control of the website. It’s extendable, and there are thousands of options to customize using plugins.

You’ll love the wide variety of stylish themes you can choose for your blog. That’s not all; it works perfectly with search engines and social media. There is the protection of privacy, and there’s no infringement of your content. The community is large and lots of support.

Theirs is the free option where you get subdomain hosting on However, you can still upgrade to the premium option to get most of the benefits such as free domain hosting on Bluehost and others. WordPress is good for business, marketing, and professional blogs.

Wix Website

Wix is almost similar to WordPress and allows easy blogging for money. It is user-friendly, and you can drag items or drop. The website is easy to customize, depending on the types of templates and apps. You don’t need any special skills since the setup is easy, and the hosting is top-notch.

There are lots of templates and themes to choose from, and you can design the blog using AI or Artificial intelligence. There are many free images in Wix. Just like word press, there is the free account and the premium account that comes with extra features.

Medium website has been around since 2012 and is a popular platform for bloggers, journalists, and other writers. Here you can write your blogs and also network with the online community. Also, you may comment and like other people’s blog posts. It’s easy to join, and you only need to sign up and start blogging. There are user-friendly interphase and great user experience.

Wix has higher plans with lots of space, free domain, and apps. There is also a high-cost plan that has VIP services. Wix is ideal for businesses and creative bloggers. Medium website is free and is ideal for writers seeking to build and grow their writing skills. You can also use it to write hobby blogs.

Best website start blog, other options

There are other websites where you can start a blog. These may not be as popular as WordPress, Wix, or medium; however, they are ideal for beginners. website website website is more of a publishing platform that focusses on blogs. It’s like a streamlined version of WordPress and perfect for

beginners. The main advantage is that it has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require prior setup.

There are other capabilities, such as SEO or social media platforms, which are built-in. The price depends mainly on the traffic and websites. The prices range from $29 per month to $249 per month.

Weebly website
Weebly website

Weebly website

Weebly is also another website where you can start blogging. It’s a web-based version and allows you to pick any template. You can also set up the content in different blocks or areas. Weebly is easy to set up since you only need to drag items, then drop. There are various apps; thus, you can use or blog even on your mobile phone.

You may start with free registration and, subsequently, pay $5 every month to get a custom domain. Other premium plans have high-quality backgrounds and stats. Weebly is ideal if you have a business and would like to blog. Since it requires no special skills, it’s ideal for beginners. website website website

Blogger website is free hosting and was started over 20 years ago. However, Google acquired it in 2003. It’s easy to join, and you only require your Google account. There are many features, including images, real-time tracking, and templates. It’s ideal if you’d like a hobby or personal blog. Since there are no expandable features, I’d not recommend it for business blogging.


Best website start blog and make money easily online
Best website start blog and make money easily online

Best website start blog, which one do you prefer? The options are many. However, the best website will depend on your budget and unique requirements. If you’d like to blog as a hobby, then you may choose the free options. However, for business blogging, you need a premium blog such as with expandable features and easy to use.

Also, the user interface should be user-friendly and easy to navigate for your audience. The most important thing is to monetize your blog and make money online. Nonetheless, it’s important to invest in Keyword research by the use of tools such as the Jaaxy.

As earlier noted, the wealthy website has all these options for free when you join the premium membership.

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