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Best Way to Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing
Best Way to Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

Best Way to Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

The internet has opened a world of possibilities for individuals to make money. We’ll dig into the best way to make money online affiliate marketing. Let’s get started.

Affiliate Marketing Overview

We’re going to discuss affiliate marketing since it’s easy one can use the internet to make money. It may sound easy; however, it requires dedication and hard work.

Most successful affiliate marketers put a lot of effort, and here we shall look at the strategy. Affiliate marketing is a good option for people who would like to quit their 9 to 5 jobs.

It’s also a favorite amongst freelancers, including mommies taking care of their kids at home. It does not require a lot in terms of capital investment, and one only needs a functional computer and stable internet. Like I said earlier, you need to pick the right products. For example. Christmas Cooking Recipes & Cooking Affiliate Programs

What does affiliate marketing mean?

The concept of affiliate marketing revolves around selling or promoting other people’s products or services via a link. If people purchase through the link, then you’ll get a commission.

It starts by recommending the products to your loved ones. You can also suggest your family and friends to a popular service and earn some commission.

The market space has undergone tremendous changes over the last few years. The consumer is now likely to be found on the internet, including social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

The internet market is overflowing with consumers, and companies must reach out to this untapped market. To promote products or services, they need help. How to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketer bridges the gap between the company and the customers. As an affiliate marketer, you promote the products/services on various channels and earn a commission. You refer people to the company’s website, and when they buy, you make some money.

Getting a link for affiliate marketing

The first step in obtaining a link is applying to the company for approval. Nowadays, almost all companies use affiliate marketing to promote their products or services.

It’s essential to have a website first. There are several programs, such as the wealthy affiliate training that offer free sites to their members. After approval, use the link when referencing the company.

Although affiliate marketing is a widely accepted concept, every company has its own rules. For you to succeed, your audience must trust you and what you offer must be credible.

Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2019

Do your research. Niche research. Sign up, pick some products and then earn yourself a nice referral revenue. Here is a great article from Solvid: Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2019 And here’s another great opportunity. 3 Best Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate [2020]

Use of social media for affiliate marketing

Social media is coming up as a favorite tool for marketing. Any company that ignores the power of social media will be to their disadvantage.

Below here, we’ll look at the different social media channels you may use to promote your affiliate link.

Facebook Groups as a social media channel

Facebook is the biggest social media channel, with over one billion users. It has a promotion strategy that is the envy of many marketers. You can start by establishing a strong Facebook following. Create a group and add family and friends to the group. You can introduce exciting topics related to the niche you are promoting.

You can also entice your followers with non-monetary gifts such as being top fans or having their posts pinned to the group. For every post, remember to add the link for your affiliate company, and once they click, they will be directed to the website and probably buy.

If you have a blog, you can write topics to educate your audience about particular products. Then use Facebook to post the link to your blog. Here, your audience will get a chance to read and click on the affiliate link. The advantage of Facebook is the wide reach and a large number of followers.

Use of Twitter as a social media channel

Most people use Twitter for news and networking by writing tweets or short messages. Therefore, if you are going to use Twitter for affiliate marketing, then you must ensure your message is short and quality.

You must capture everything on the 280 characters. Otherwise, your strategy may fail. On the message, include the link so that your followers can click and follow the link to the company’s products.

Your twitter bio is essential as it will tell people what your brand is all about. It will also increase the number of followers. Also, increase the level of engagement with your audience and prospective clients.

Join an affiliate marketing program

Most people are afraid of joining an affiliate marketing program due to the high number of cons — exercise caution before subscribing to any program.

The Wealthy Affiliate training program is one such platform that is genuine. Below here, we’ll share with you everything about the Wealthy Affiliate and how you can use it in your affiliate marketing strategy.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is one of the few training platforms that allow you to join for free and sample a lot of free things.

Tons of goodies when you join the Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate program is one of the few training platforms that allow you to join for free and sample a lot of free things.

Once you subscribe to the free membership plan, you will have seven days to sample the premium membership before opting for the paid plan. However, you can still stay on the free plan and enjoy tons of goodies.

You will get a chance to create two free websites in addition to sub-domain hosting. Also, you will have at least 30 keyword searches, a start-up course, a blog, phase one of boot camp training. There are also introductory video lessons, including the two classroom lessons. For you to build a strong brand, the free plan may not be enough.

As an entrepreneur, you can subscribe to the paid membership, which will only cost you $49 per month. However, you can enjoy a discount if you pay yearly.

Benefits of the paid Wealthy Affiliate program

The benefits of joining the paid plan are enormous. You will have the whole training package, including the boot camp training program.

Besides, there is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals you can connect to and share each other’s experiences. There is a free keyword research tool that you get support and feedback anytime.

For your affiliate marketing strategy to kick off on a positive note, the paid membership is the place to be. Although money will start trickling in after a lot of hard work, the benefits are long-term since you’ll build a robust online presence.

SEO is the best way to make money online affiliate marketing & Niche research

SEO is the best way to make money online affiliate marketing. Your SEO strategy is all about providing relevant content that will help drive traffic to your website. Creating a website is the first step in building an online business.

As seen earlier, the Wealthy Affiliate program is one place where you can create a credible website. There is a website builder that will help you design an eye-catching website that will appeal to your audience.

Once your website is ready, it’s now time to optimize it for SEO. There are some important things to put in mind, as we will highlight below.

Relevant keywords for SEO

For your website to rank in Google or any other search engine, you must how to use the relevant keywords that resonate with your content or brand.

However, you can’t just pick random words. You need a keyword research tool to help you choose the right words. For example, Jaaxy is one such tool that is favorite amongst affiliate marketers. Keywords will come from your topic, interest, or idea. Once you get the product or service to promote, generate keywords revolving around the topics.

After that, write topics or blogs about the same and include the keywords. You can also sprinkle the keywords in your social media posts. Your content is likely to be found and will rank high on google. Ranking means, there will be more traffic to your website and more conversion.

Ensure your website has everything your audience needs. You can utilize other strategies such as paid ads or PPC to earn more money from the increased traffic.

Also, you can use CTAs and forms, collect your audience emails so that you can send them promotional messages.

Backlinking as a boost to SEO

Also, link building helps in boosting traffic to your website. Here you can utilize backlinks that direct your audience from other websites.

Do guest posts to more established sites where there is high traffic or following. Your page will get a boost due to backlinking from the website, demanding a strong web presence.

Niche research to make money online at Amazon

Get 10 hot-selling low-competition products on Amazon. Start selling while they make from $3K/month. This list is free now but it will be gone soon. Get estimated revenue figures for any Amazon product. Helping you discover products with low competition and high demand.

Here’s a great tool for this:

I also learned affiliate marketing skills from Neil Patel.

Watch This Great Video “The Easiest Way To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing | A Step-by-Step Guide” I heard about Neil Patel first time back in 2015. One of my colleagues advised me to subscribe to his blog to learn about digital marketing. In past years, I have learned lots of lessons from him, it is not only about marketing skills but also how to be a fair human being.



Affiliate marketing requires more than just posting a company’s products or services on your social media channels or websites. The first step is generating an idea that your audience will love. Secondly, build a website, optimize it for SEO, and post relevant content that will resonate with the brand message. Once everything is ready, share with audiences in Social media and other places and add links for your affiliate.

The most successful marketers put a lot of effort into this to earn thousands of dollars. Although it takes time for you to get profits in the first stages, it will eventually bear fruit after following the steps highlighted above. Therefore, the best way to make money online affiliate marketing is through hard work and dedication.

Use our overall niche core to guide your product decisions. Get simple explanations on a category’s demand, competition, and advantage to see if a given niche is worth entering.

Remember…“Information is treasure”

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Thank you for reading my post! Share it with others on your social media profiles if you want to help others making money online. You know a lot of like-minded people who would love to know about affiliate marketing and its secrets. In order to make money online luck or secrets aren’t what you need, but something that has been dominating the online world for almost 15 years. “ information is power “ Have an amazing day! Peter Nagy: Digital Marketer

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  1. I believe that affiliate marketing cannot be learned in more simpler terms than you have bisected it down here. I really understood everything and you even cleared all my misconceptions about affiliate marketing. Making money online can be truly easy if it is done the right way in affiliate marketing. Thanks so much for breaking all of these down for my comprehension. Thanks

    • Welcome back here, Rodarrick,
      It is easy to learn, but it requires perseverance and patience. Eliminating misconceptions is always essential for me to help others make a decision. Affiliate marketing is a great money-making opportunity. Some have easy; some have difficulty. But with persistent learning, this can be done with professional courses. For example, here. It’s straightforward and triable. One of the best affiliate platforms. Just look at the following link. You will not be disappointed.

  2. I first learned about affiliate marketing in 2018. Too bad I didn’t follow the training the way in was really supposed to and I ended up in a niche that I could only make money through ads and sales were almost impossible.

    Since ads have always been regarded as the least paying way to make money online I just decided to get started on a real affiliate marketing and helpful blog. Hopefully I’m going to do it right this time

    Thanks for the helpful article, wish me luck

    • Hi Donny,
      It is not possible to build an affiliate business blindly. You need excellent training. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced, there are always shortcomings. Here I have to mention that trends, marketing strategies, Google’s search algorithm, etc. are ever-changing. Earning $ 100, $ 150 or even $ 350 per day with Google AdSense can be done from a home office. Many website owners are doing it. The only thing you need is planning, work, determination, and passion for your topic or niche.

      The above results can be possible if you produce at least 200 to 250 great articles or blog posts per year for two years. Hard work, hard work can make a lot of money. You cannot get rich quick here. But it is a safe and reliable money-making opportunity for everyone. All you need is a useful tool. And of course for a professional trainer, for education. (Training)
      I am very happy to write such an article! Have a nice day!

  3. Hi Peter. What an an incredible article on affiliate marketing. I must admit that I have been into affiliate marketing for some time and the business platform I used to learn this is Wealthy Affiliate. You have summed up exactly what the benefits are to using their system. I spent many years looking for a way to earn money from home using the internet. On my journey I was conned by several organisations that wanted constant upgrades. These upgrades cost thousands of dollars. When I joined WA it was because they offered some free lessons and two free sites. I took those lessons and used the sites to develop my skills. Then I quickly joined their premium level. The upgrade was cheap. I have been with them for one and a half years now, I now have seven websites that I built using their training methods. I never paid for another upgrade. What a fantastic place WA truly is, thank you for highlighting it in your blog. All the best. Jim

    • Hi Jim!
      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best affiliate platforms. From storage to website creation all in one place. The best thing you could do is start affiliate marketing. Indeed, WA has enormous benefits. Making money on the internet is very easy (you just have to know how). There are no secrets. there is only one way. you have to get over it ….
      All the best,

  4. jessetoikkanen

    Great article about affiliate marketing and making money by being an affiliate. In my opinion, making money online can be a really easy way to go if you do it the right way, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to go but needs lots of work and patient. This article and site really help people to get more information and help to start their online business much easier I would say! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jessetoikkanen,
      Yes, you see that. You need patience and a lot of work for anyone who wants to make money online. This is not a game but a “dangerous” job, a challenge! Fortunately, there is training for it. I also help in my country in Hungarian. After all, there are great people out there who want to make money from home with affiliate marketing.
      Thank you for your comment!

  5. Hello Peter; Many people are lagging behind because they are too scared to start the training. Even when some of them have never been scammed online. The fact that they knew someone who had been scammed, or is scamming others. 

    Make it hard for them to take the step. People need to know that money does not come overnight. Doing affiliate marketing requires hard work and dedication just like any other business you desire to do.

      Are you certain sure that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online?


    • Hello Dorcas,

      Yes, you can make money through affiliate marketing. Good money. And, yes, you can even make money while you sleep. You can check out a niche on an affiliate retailer like ClickBank, Wealthy Affiliate vagy Amazon Associates to see if it’s worth putting time into it.Create your account now and get rolling with your online business today!
      Have a wonderful day!


  6. The post is a very straightforward educational post full of vital information related to affiliate marketing. I have found everything to be very useful and eye-opening, practical, and down-to-earth. The piece on the Top 15 Affiliate marketing website for 2019 was a bonus and a valuable asset. The video is equally significant and informative. On the whole, this post is very motivational and encouraging and an urge to keep working on my affiliate program. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Dear Marie,

      Thanks for your kindness. I insist on giving practical advice to my blog readers. Everyone needs motivation. Even for me 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!
      Have a beautiful day, Marie!

  7. Happier At Home

    Hi, Peter!  I really enjoyed this post!  I’m a total newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing, but everything I have learned I owe to the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate.  Joining that platform is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  

    I like how your article defines exactly what is necessary to become an affiliate marketer.  You’ve laid out all the key points and directed your readers to Wealthy Affiliate – which I can attest to as being a top-notch platform.  I got a little carried away and clicked on a few links in your post.  In fact, I’m off to watch the one from Neil Patel right now.  Thank you for this well-researched piece!  Blessings!

    • Best business strategy for those who are new to online business. But keep in mind that the Wealthy Affiliate program is not just for beginners. You made a perfect decision! Just look around to see if you can find more information, make money online!
      Blessings to you too!

  8. What an informative post about affiliate marketing. Most people assume that once they become a youtuber or social media guru they will kick off as an affiliate marketer but the reality is like you said that SEO is the best strategy and that can take times. I also think that email marketing is also essential if you want to be successful as well. Most importantly is to join a like minded group of people who are the expert in affiliate marketing. You will be surprised how many information and tips that you can learn from them and also you can share to them as well. Once you get all that covered, with only time and consistency, you will be successful 🙂

    • Hi Nuttanee,
      Is a perfect decision picking the right cool. In here, we have a review of Jaaxy keyword research tool that will reveal you all about it. One of the essential tools of SEO! I see that you are already an expert in digital marketing. I am glad that such professionals “get lost” 🙂 on my website and read my articles.
      Thank you for the tips,

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