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Best keyword search tool out there
Best keyword search tool out there

Best keyword search tool out there

Keyword research is the center stage of any online business. In this post, we shall have a detailed look at the best keyword search tool available. Let’s roll.

What is the keyword research tool?

First things first. If the lack of organic traffic costs you, maybe you need to consider your keyword strategy. If your site cannot be found during a basic search, then you are missing out big time. You will miss on traffic to your site, lead generation, and sales revenue.

As an affiliate marketer and here within Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to become an expert with keyword research and coming up with search terms that people type into search engines.

Keyword research tools are essential and will help your online business have some right foundation necessary for growth. They are imperative in improving traffic to your site since users normally have specific words. These words are the keywords, and you need the right keywords. Having the best choice optimizes your blog for SEO.

Google and other search engines will use keywords as essential factors in Search Engine Optimization ranking. Therefore, the best thing to do is to provide relevant content naturally. Therefore, when people type in Google, they can easily bump into your content.

In my web site I will show you how to use Google as a keyword research tool and find out the exact words that people are

Search Engine Results page.

searching for on Google in your niche.


By using the right keywords, your blog or website will be visible in SERPS or Search Engine Results page. Therefore, there will be more traffic to your website. The big question is, how do you find out what people are searching? The answer is simple, by using keyword research tools.

Although keyword research tools are not the same, they work similarly. Users typically type the keywords on the search box, and a list of ideas is generated. Therefore, before starting to use the tools, you must have a list to get you started.

These words may be related to niches or topics you want to write. Keywords research tools help you in brainstorming these words in a particular order. These tools are rated in terms of efficiency, value, reliability, speed, and overall performance.

The main advantage of Keyword research tools is that you get the value of your content. There will be an increase in terms of popularity and usage.

As a content writer, you will agree with me that getting to know about most popular keywords on search engines will surely help you come up with trendy contents for organic web traffics.

In this post, we have top picks of the best keywords research tools available on the market. These will help you in optimizing your content and allow you to rank properly.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is One of The Best in The Market

How much is a keyword worth to your website?

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is One of The Best in The Market

People love Jaaxy, and they do it for a reason. It has been named the most competitive keyword research tool in the world. Affiliate marketers mainly prefer it due to the incredible options available for users. It’s cheap, fast, and reliable.

It’s basic, yet it has excellent options to meet every user’s need. It helps in managing various aspects of keyword generation, website ranking, competition, and research.

It’s no secret that there are billions of searches every day. For this reason, you need a keyword tool that will get your content up there. The Jaaxy makes you discover specific and unique keywords that will help you in your SEO campaigns.

Jaaxy exposes your niche amongst millions of others through various metrics such as brainstorm and QSR. It also helps you dominate your market by staying ahead of the competition. You can spy on the data results from your competitors to have a better understanding of how they are performing in matters to do with ranking.

Ranking, Meta tags, backlinks, content length, and ads are useful in analyzing your competitor’s strength. You can also use the data in your content strategy.

Jaaxy also has useful features such as site rank which is exclusive to it. It allows you to monitor, track, and get valuable insights when it comes to ranking in search engines. You can also trace any changes since you will get notifications when ranking figures change. It’s a useful tool loved by millions of website owners and marketers.

My website is 30 days old. Not only will you find out how much traffic the keyword is getting, but Jaaxy also tells you how much traffic you can expect to get from that keyword if you rank on the first page for it.


Jaaxy also helps you in building domains. High-quality domains are valuable and can generate lots of revenue. Jaaxy has this feature which produces high-quality domains such as .com or .org, which are useful options.

If you are new to Keyword research tools and would like to try them out, you can start by signing up for Jaaxy’s free program. This setup gives you up to a maximum of thirty searches. It allows you to have an experience of what Jaaxy is all about. You also get introduced into the world of Keyword research tools, and you can play around with figures and words. Create a STARTER Account (Sign Up & Get 30 Searches,

Enter a Keyword to Start a Search


Once your searches have been exhausted, it’s now time to upgrade to the pro subscription which costs $49 every month. The enterprise subscription costs $99 per month. Therefore, you can upgrade to your preferred option depending on the number of resources you have.

Nevertheless, for every business to excel and be profitable, it must be willing to spend some money. If you are a small start-up, you can choose the pro plan which will keep your costs low but will give you value for money.

Long Tail Pro as the best keyword search tool

Up next is the Long Tail Pro keyword search tool. Arguably experienced users who have been in the industry for long regularly use of this tool. Long Tail Pro is ideal if you are looking for high-quality keywords that have few competitors. Also, if you are looking for speeds and would like to discover different ideas or topics.

Unlike Jaaxy, which has a free subscription for new users, the Long Tail starts its program with low priced subscriptions. The lowest goes for $37 every month. The next program costs $67 per month while the last option goes for $147 per month. These prices are higher than those of Jaaxy; however, the Long Tail Pro is more advanced when it comes to keyword search and analysis.

Long Tail Pro will ensure your keywords remain competitive. You can calculate how viable your ideas are on a scale for 1 to 100. It uses an algorithm to measure the level of difficulty and give you recommendations.

Long Tail Pro will help you have a competitive edge. There will be a list of keyword ideas which you can use to do a comprehensive analysis of your competitors; the top websites will appear on SERPs. There are some more detailed metrics such as trust flow, site age, and citation flow that are useful. These will give you ideas of how you can outrank them.

The Rank Tracker also helps you in checking how your keyword is ranking. Long Tail Pro helps you in updating the rankings for the keywords daily. Therefore, you can make important decisions in regard to your website.

Another outstanding feature that makes Long Tail Pro the best keyword search tool is the Avg.KC metric. It’s also known as the Average Keyword competitiveness and helps in evaluating your competition in terms of quality.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

This tool helps users find the appropriated keywords when bidding for ads such as paid search and pay per click.

It’s popular for marketers hoping to make the best out of their websites by earning through advertisements. However, it’s also useful as a keyword research tool since it will help you get the right tools for your content. In optimizing your keyword, it also boosts traffic to your website. It does so by obtaining all data on google.

The main advantage of Google Ads is that it’s free. Therefore if your business is new, you will cut down on costs massively.

It’s easy to use since all you need is a google account, next click on the menu to access tools and setting. Under planning, scroll down to Keyword planning and tool window will launch. To find your keywords, use the tab, discovery new keywords.

Here you can key in the product name or the URL then choose the category of the product that will make sense to buyers. After that, click on the tab, “Get Results.” A new page with all the data you need will be generated. Here there is the average search per month that gives you data on the popularity of your keywords.

Also, you can view the competitors’ analysis. The bids for the ads are also available there; therefore, you can find out of your keyword is popular, and if it’s capable of generating any bids.

In the results page, you will also find the “Grouped ideas ” box, which gives you broader topics valuable in evaluating your content. Google Ads also makes use of phrases, ideas, topics, and niches that are of interest to you.

It also helps you with planning when to advertise and what to advertise. You can share with your marketing team everything about the content and the right keywords to use.

It differs from Google Keyword Planners which is more for advertising AdWords. Jaaxy gathers the data in a more simplified fashion so that users can easily find what they are searching. Jaaxy keyword research tool review 2019


There you have it. The best keyword search tool is one which will help you in your SEO efforts. You can have one keyword tool or use a blend of several tools. However, the result will be relevant and quality keywords which you can incorporate in your content. Keyword tools will also help you in generating new ideas by the use of competitor analysis. What matters is something that will resonate with your audience.


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  1. So I use Jaaxy because of the free part of it. But it never occurred to me to use Google Ads Keyword Planner. Good looking out, it’s good to have other options and be able to compare and contrast. Doubt very much I’ll need the other one. Jaaxy and Google should be enough…for now

  2. Thank you for this great post.

    I currently use Jaaxy, as it’s part of my Wealthy Affiliate membership but I’m always open to additional tools if they’ll help me with my SEO endeavors.

    I’m going to have to check Long Tail Pro out.

    I didn’t realize there was an advertising keyword tool out there.  Looks like I have another one to look at.

    What are your thoughts on ahrefs?

    Thank you,


    • Dear Scott,
      there are many keyword research tools on the market. Ahrefs is one of the most powerful social media & SEO tools that ever used. Most SEOs know it as a -backlink checker- that competes with Majestic and intelligence – analytics tools with smaller indices like Moz & SEMRush.
      Ahrefs has so many features that you can get lost. That is why I did not want to mention it in this article. It deserves more than a 1,500 word blog post.
      Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be writing an article soon called “What Is Ahrefs?”. I’ll try to review and test with the Jaaxy keyword research tool.
      Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks for taking your time to dish out this remarkable and educating review. As an affiliate marketer,traffic is a very important part that requires the use of standard tools and hard work in other to archive tangible results and clients. Getting the keyword has been a serious job but with this review, I feel educated and enlightened in better ways to generated traffic and get keywords that would rank me well on google.

  4. Hi Peter, thanks for your review.

    I just wanted to know which one you use the most and which one would be better value for money, out of Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro? 

    You seem to think that Long Tail Pro is the best. Have you tried them all out with the same keywords to see it their results differ?

    That would be an interesting experiment


    • Hi Stevie,
      I also think the Long Tail Pro is the best. But it is perfectly enough for Jaaxy to make money from niche websites at home. This doesn’t require Long Tail Pro.It is an unnecessary waste of money because Long Tail Pro is not competitive from the point of view of affiliate marketing but in other respects it is best. It is worth testing for the same keyword. Thanks for the idea. I’ll write my keyword researcher review article about this soon. I also recommend this article to you: Jaaxy vs long tail pro: Which is better?

  5. Hi Peter this is a very detailed guide and review on keyword research tools.

    I’m currently still using the Jaaxy Lite since it comes free with the WA membership, but it does have some limitations and restrictions and I’m definitely considering upgrading to higher tiers. Right now I still can’t really afford to upgrade yet, but I will eventually.

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s very easy to follow and understand, keep up the good work!

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