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Be blogger get paid, here are the tips of how you can monetize your blog
Be blogger get paid, here are the tips of how you can monetize your blog

Be blogger get paid, here are the tips of how you can monetize your blog

Let’s face it, online money is sweet. You earn from the comfort of your coach, pretty amazing! Here are the tips to be blogger gets paid, monetize your blog.

Does blogging earn you money?

Yes, blogging can earn you good money. Probably, you’ve heard the news that a blog can make you money. May, you have no clue how to go about it. Worry not, I’ll show you how you can easily monetize your blog. Be a blogger get paid. It may not be a rich quick scheme; however, with the right strategy, some bucks will start trickling into your account. Before we dive right in, we’ll look at the concept of niche and niche selection.

Before you set up a blog, know your niche

There are many types of blogs, financial, parenting, fashion, and more. All these are specific niches and centers around particular products. Before you start your blogging journey, it’s important to carefully select a niche that comes from an idea or an interest. For instance, if you’d like to blog about smartphones, digital products, and programs, the niche is technology.

Everything about your blog will revolve around technology, and this gives you a chance to expand on the content. There are lots of things you can do on your blog, and a niche is important.

It’s the bitter truth; not all niches will make profits. It doesn’t require a passion, expertise or hard work. It’s all about being able to choose a profitable interest or niche. Then, work on your strategy and turn the niche into a business idea.

Get the right content for your blog

After selecting your niche, the next step is to select your content wisely. Content is what will earn you money. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a blog is if the content is shallow. Be a blogger get paid. Your content is the key to monetizing your blog. In this review, I’ll explain further when I touch on the topic of affiliate marketing.

Drive traffic to your blog

With the right content, visitors to your blog will increase. This is important since it’ll lead to a high ranking in google. It then essential means, your blog is likely to be found through organic searches. For you to make money with your blog, you must promote it in various places, such as social media, with the intent of driving traffic.

For you to make money through blogging, you need an audience. Therefore, you’ll need to create high-quality content on your topics or blog posts. Pick topics that are most popular in the niches you choose.

You can also grow your audience through an email list. Send your blog posts to many subscribers. This strategy will increase your conversion rates. Similarly, you need to optimize your content for SEO through Keyword research. The wealthy affiliate program has Jaaxy Keyword tools, which help you in searching the right words for your content.

Be blogger get paid, the wealthy affiliate program

A blog is basically a web page, and it’s easy to create one. You don’t need special skills to have everything ready. There are various websites that help in blog creation. In this review, I’ll mention the wealthy affiliate website.

Here you’ll learn how to create a blog through their site builder popularly known as site Rubix. You’ll also get useful lessons, materials, and resources on how to promote your blog, monetize, and increase traffic.

Join the wealthy affiliate free or premium plan

There are two plans that fall under the wealthy affiliate program which you may join and set up your blog. The first is the free premium, which will cost you nothing to join. There are seven days to get a feel of the premium program.

However, still, at the free plan, you’ll get some few benefits. You can create two blogs or websites and have them hosted under the wealthy affiliate. Also, you’ll get some bits of training about growing your online business. You’ll also get thirty keyword searches.

The premium program is an upgrade of the free plan, and it only costs $19 in the first month. Subsequently, it’ll cost you only $49 per month. I like the free program since other than learning how to create a blog; there are valuable courses in niche selection and marketing.

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You’ll have a chance to create up to 50 websites or blogs, and there’s free hosting with a Wealthy affiliate domain. In addition, there are several lessons in the boot camp training alongside a vibrant chat community. You can get help and feedback anytime you want.

Be blogger get paid through an affiliate marketing program

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to monetize your blog. Normally a merchant has products and services to sell. Since you already have a niche, you only need to select the products to promote. You’ll receive an affiliate link that you can promote in your blog. Be blogger get paid, when someone buys through the link, you’ll get a commission.

The Amazon affiliates program

The Amazon affiliates program is one of the largest programs you may join and promote products. There are many products to choose from, and all you need is a blog and a link. For starters, you must have the right content before selecting a product.

Signing up for the amazon affiliate is free, and then you can choose the products to promote. For instance, assuming your blog is all about technology. You can choose tech products from amazon and get a link. When buyers buy through the link, you make money.

However, the type of content matters, and you must offer solutions to the buyer. For instance, if you’re talking about technology and would like to promote a hair drier, you may write a buyer’s guide or review. You may educate the audience on the most important tips in choosing a hairdryer. Such actions help in boosting the traffic to your blog and increases the chances of conversions.

Other affiliate programs

Be bloggers get paid; content matters a lot. There are other affiliate programs you may choose to join. The concept is the same as the Amazon associates. You need to have a blog, choose a product, and get a link. Then promote the link to increase audience awareness and conversion. Other examples include CJ junction, Clickbank, ShareASale, and more.

Be blogger be paid, promote your blog widely

There are various places through which you may promote your blog. For example, social media is the perfect place to start. Facebook enables users to create groups and pages. Here, you can create a group and attract many followers. Promote the affiliate links here and your blog.

It’s important to keep your blog lively by availing high quality and relevant content which your audience will love. With a large following, there will be more traffic to the blog, which will improve your ratings in search engines. Also, it’ll help improve conversions and your blogging income.

Be blogger get paid, other methods

Other than affiliate marketing, there are other ways you can monetize your blog. However, in all ways, you must have a niche and deliver relevant content to your audience.

Promote digital items in your blog

Other than selling other companies’ products, you may choose to promote digital products. These are perfect ways to make money. For example, you can sell eBooks, images, apps, themes, and online workshops or courses. Ensure they are relevant to your audience and create unique products.

Monetize your blog, sell Ads

The importance of having traffic flowing to your website is that it gives an edge in the digital world. Be blogger get paid, you can use your blogs to promote Ads and earn a share of the advertisement income. You may not need to advertise since promoters will come knocking on your doors.

Ads are either links, banners, or buttons. Also, you can use your blog to write high valued sponsored content. You can also sponsor spaces in your blog for podcasts, videos, or email newsletters.

Be blogger, get paid, monetize your blogs through PPC Ads

PPCs are popular ways to make money by blogging. It’s all about placing the ads on your blog. PPCs are banners or ads that you can place within a blog post content or a sidebar. When your audience clicks, then you’ll get paid. Others are CPM, which means Costs per every 1000 impressions. They are standard amounts depending on the number of viewers to the ad.

Google AdSense is also a popular way to promote Ads in your blog and make money. In this program, advertisers will place banners in your blog. When the audience clicks on the ads or banners, you’ll earn money.


Be blogger get paid, yes, it’s not rocket science as long as you have the right strategy. Having a blog is one thing while monetizing it is another thing. It also starts with choosing a niche that comes from an idea. Then, increase your audience through aggressive marketing in social media or even through email marketing. With a credible audience, the next step is to monetize your blog through ads, sale of products, or affiliate marketing.

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