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7 Unique ways on How to Make Money for Christmas
7 Unique ways on How to Make Money for Christmas

7 Unique ways on How to Make Money for Christmas

Are you wondering how to earn money this Christmas? It’s understandable since there are a plethora of goodies up for grabs. Luckily, I got your back, and I will share with you seven unique ideas on how to make money for Christmas.

Making money during Christmas, an introduction

As the year wraps, the Christmas mood sets in. Everybody wants to spend and throw money on everything that comes their way. If you have noticed previous celebrations, the chase for gifts and goodies starts early, mostly from September.

Probably immediately after Halloween. Everything heats up towards thanksgiving, black Friday, and cyber money. With winter approaching, people will mostly order online.

Shoppers are in a craze, and other that paying utility bills; they have some money to buy gifts, travel, and enjoy life. With all the money flowing, it’s time to make money this Christmas season.

1. Make money through affiliate marketing this Christmas

There are several ways to make money during Christmas, and below here, I have rounded up seven ways to make money online. The first on the list is selling products and services through affiliate marketing.

This concept involves earning commissions through the promotion of an affiliate link. When a customer earns through the link, you earn a commission. It’s much simpler if you have an existing blog since all you need to do is promote the link in there. Similarly, you need to provide your audience with relevant content that will lead to high traffic and conversion.

There are several products you can sell through affiliate marketing. However, you need a clear strategy, choose the right products, and ensure your theme is Christmas related. I’ll quickly mention various products you can sell through affiliate marketing this Christmas in the next paragraph.

Products to sell through affiliate marketing this Christmas

There are affiliate programs you can join and earn some bucks this holiday season. However, these need to have a Christmas related theme. For an instant, you can promote fashion, jewelry, kitchen utensils, electronics, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, travel tickets, and much more.

The ShareASale program has partnered with several merchants to promote their products. Examples include the Ugly Christmas sweaters, King of Christmas, and others. Likewise, these companies have their own affiliate links you can promote and earn commissions when customers buy. Clickbank and Amazon associates are affiliate programs where you can make money by promoting an affiliate link.

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Make money this Christmas as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you can spare some time away from the celebration to make some money. The advantage of freelancing is that you can make money all year round, anytime and anywhere. You can write blog posts, and it’s a quick way to earn cash.

2. Earn money as a writer and blogging

There are several websites you can submit a blog post and earn money, such as guidepost, scary mommy, and site point. If you are good at blogging, you can select a niche and write interesting topics. Here you can make money by promoting your blog and use of Google AdSense to earn money through ads. However, you need to optimize your blog for SEO through the use of keyword research.

Also, you may join freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiverr and create a portfolio. Here you offer your services to the buyer and earn money through writing, web design, transcription, and much more. You can select topics like Santa themes, frosty, the three wise men, and others.

3. Earn money as a customer representative

If you stay at home, you can earn money by working as a customer service representative. The digital space has brought tremendous changes, and few companies employ in-house customer representatives. During the Christmas period, there is a surge in customer inquiries, and thus you can apply for these jobs and respond to customer questions. There is also an option to respond to chats and emails.

Make money through online programs

Other than affiliate marketing, online jobs, and writing service, there are several programs available online that could earn you quick bucks. I will mention them briefly in this paragraph.

4. Make money by selling domains

Selling domains is a quick way to make money, especially during the Christmas season. There are several websites, such as GoDaddy, that sell expired domains at a low price. These websites can be registered again and sold in the market place. Choose domains with Christmas themes since they are likely to move fast.

5. Make money through Swagbucks

Did you know its make money by watching videos, filling surveys, through online purchases, and surfing the net? Swagbucks is an online company that will pay you to do all that stuff online. The earnings are in the form of points that you can redeem for cash through PayPal or receive an Amazon gift card.

There are other such platforms such as Netflix, Mypoints, and inbox dollars that will pay you for watching videos and online content. Even as you do your Christmas shopping, be sure to enroll in a program where you can make easy money.

6. Make money by teaching a skill

Do you have a unique skill you’d like people to know? Did you know its possible to make money by teaching people online about your skill or occupation? It’s a reality Like I’ve said over and over again, the internet is a world of possibilities.

There are several programs online, such as; Skillshare or UDEMY, where you can develop an online class and share in the form of a video. During the Christmas festivities, you can think of something unique such as preparing handicraft products, ornaments, beads, Christmas recipes, and decorations. You can also choose DIY topics on how to decorate the house this Christmas. Under UDEMY, you can create a course and sell it to college and university students.

7. Make money by selling old items that you don’t need

Towards the end of the year, it’s time to take stock of what you don’t need. For example, if you have some clothes, kid’s toys, shoes, bags, and other such items, you can sell them on the digital space and make some money.

Tips on how to make money for Christmas

Now that we know what to promote, sell, and unique ideas on how you can make money this Christmas, I will share the tips on how to make money for Christmas.

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Choose the right products to promote this Christmas

With the holiday season fast approaching, shoppers have only one thing in their minds, Christmas. It may not be wise to promote or sell products that do not blend with the Christmas mood. Make your selection carefully and advertise Christmas themed products. Popular items to sell this Christmas include clothes, shoes, jewelry, household items, travel tickets, books, Christmas trees, decorations, and much more.

Choose the right channels to promote this Christmas

When promoting items for sale this Christmas, the channels you use will matter a lot. A shopper would love to buy their items online and have them delivered right at their doorsteps with less hassle. If you are selling affiliate products, you can promote the link in your blog.

Ensure the content is relevant to the product or services you are promoting. Make use of keywords and optimize your blog or website. The next step is to ensure there are traffic and conversion.

There are various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, where you can promote your affiliate link. If you have community groups, promote there too. There’ll be lots of parties this season, and you can take that advantage and talk about the products or services you’re selling. If you are doing online writing, you can choose topics that go well with the Christmas mood.

Increase your networks during this Christmas

On a positive note, if you are working full time, you can fill the extra time in the evening by networking with friends and your loved ones. By talking to people, you’ll get more information about the availability of seasonal jobs.

Some people may want you to sit their kids or pets when they are away. You can use your extra time by scrolling through websites that promote such jobs. Your community job boards could work out well. Also, you can organize a garage sale and inform your networks about the deal. Also, offer discounts for bulk purchases


There are several ways on how to make money for Christmas. With the right strategy, the right products, and determination, the sky is the limit. The Christmas season is a time to connect with loved ones, have fun and shop. However, it’s also very short and New Year will be here with use even within a blink of an eye.

One time promotions could work in your area lookout for random jobs that do not require a lot of commitment. Whatever the strategy you choose, the bottom line has some dollars by the time the season ends. Are you thinking about making some money this Christmas? The time is now.

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  1. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  t is a busy time of the year, and money for Christmas is important for someone like me, who wants my kids to have a good Christmas.   agree with you that having an Affiliate site is a great way to get money for Christmas!  That is one of the easier ways I get money and it works, especially if you are passionate about the topic!

    • Hi Jessie
      It’s a perfect niche for Christmas, but I have to make sure it’s seasonal. Combine your affiliate marketing strategy with the niches that “put money” in your wallet every day of the year. The goal is not to fool blog readers. It’s about writing an article on topics we can help others with! This is the key to all affiliate marketing (content marketing)
      Merry Christmas to you too!
      Peter 👼

  2. Hi buddy,” The 7 unique ways on How to make money for Christmas” sounds great. I just start a Wealthy Affiliate program 2 weeks ago it makes me a good impression about the websites on seeing your article, it gives some additional information about their money and “seven tips” help me a lot and I have a question and keep creating more article for the viewers use.

    • Hi Yoge
      That’s why this business opportunity is great. WA is one of the best. I’m glad you found my article and got it down. If I can help with anything, just feel free to ask!
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