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5 SEO Strategies For Bloggers
5 SEO Strategies For Bloggers

5 SEO Strategies For Bloggers

The basic problem every blogger has is how will my blog rank very high for me to make my website known to the whole world, from one of my previous articles have stated it clearly that there is no short cut to ranking on Google and Bing, the process is still intact such as: creating quality content for SEO ranking. Still, i need to say this even content creation is not the end to its self, that means you can create it without being rank on page 1, take this or leave it, it is a very bitter truth. Many bloggers use tools to create content, but can it work out like that?

It better to choose the search queries to rank high because at least success comes from this and helps our SEO website ranking, with millions of content being written every day; every blogger needs to do keywords research correctly, i think it is essential than any other things. During the keyword research, it is good to decide the actual search queries you need to aim and rank for; anytime you are done with that, keyword research then follows your focus shift to content optimization, the purpose of doing this is beneficial at the long run. How do you now choose the search queries that worth the value?

It is better to attend to keyword first.

The fundamental principles p of keyword research, the techniques to use have been structured together for bloggers vloggers’ consumption.

1. Long-tail keywords

2.Queries with low SEO difficulty

3. You learn what works for competitors.

4.Complex technical topics.

5. You can create a new product category.

1. Long-Tail Keywords

Jaaxy vs long tail pro: Which is better?

According to the word long-tail, these kind of keyword are not general but strictly specific phrase that the visitors are sure to use at the point of taken action or very close to purchasing, I said something very similar to this in my training of Long-tail keywords, which is the kind of traffic that attract ling-tail because it does not enhance massive or large amount of traffic because those who look for information use the vision of such website to search and it is very sure that sales will come from it, many people make use of short keywords, but the competition is very high compared to long-tail keywords, short keywords generate more traffic, to give this as an example SEO TACTICS’ this is very vast and competitive, a new blogger will find this difficult to break through, but there are some tactics to use to actualize long-tail keywords:

– You can get ideas from the forum: You can achieve this by observing the question most people ask in a discussion and communities; you do not have any stress to discover this before you come out with a real-life problem that helps a lot in the community.

-Keyword research tools: There is no way to talk about SEO and neglect keywords because its part of Google algorithm, you can make use of Google Keyword Planner, it can be explored to discover many keywords changes and variations and Kwfinder can be used to analyze the backlinks and domain authority between many search results, every blogger’s goal will determine the strategy to use, and at least it can generate 50-100 traffic in a month, it has a meager competition and the certainty of action being taken is very high.

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