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How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate
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2. How To Become Affiliate Marketing
2. How To Become Affiliate Marketing

2. How To Become Affiliate Marketing

Most often, I’ve heard individuals ponder on how to become affiliate marketing. This review is all about how to monetize your website and make money as an affiliate. Stay tuned. You can read the previous section here.

The Concept of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept where one makes money by promoting other people’s products. Try to envision the internet as a marketplace where sellers and buyers meet to exchange products or services. There are other players, too, known as the middlemen who facilitate the sale. They are not the owners of the products, but get a commission after closing a deal.

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Affiliate marketing is as simple as that. An affiliate marketer is also known as a publisher. They act as the link between the merchants or the advertisers and the audience or the buyers. He/she promotes affiliate products or services and earns a commission. It’s a popular approach and ideal for starters willing to make money online.

Starting As An Affiliate Marketer -How To Become Affiliate Marketing

Before one joins any affiliate program, you can review products in your niche. For you to succeed, you must have a niche, idea, or interest. The internet is huge, and the opportunities are endless. You can start by creating a website or a blog and talking about a product or service you like. You can dedicate yourself to what you want. However, for every niche that you select, it must resonate with what the audience likes.


A website as an important affiliate marketing tool

Once you have the niche at the tip of your fingertips, it’s now time to create a website. If you’re an experienced online entrepreneur, that shouldn’t be a problem since I assume you already have a running website. However, for a beginner, the situation may be different, and knowing where to start might be a problem. There are several programs where a beginner can create a website in a matter of minutes for free. But here you’ll get a subdomain hosting.

For instance, the wealthy affiliate program has a free membership where a beginner can create a free website, subdomain hosting, and keywords research. Other examples are Wix and WordPress. Creating a website is easy; however, you must choose a domain or subdomain name that blends to your website. For example, if you’re thinking about babies’ products, you can have words like baby or mommy in the domain name.

It’s essential not to misspell or use slang words since clients may not find your website during an organic search. Work on the appearance of your website by choosing eye-catching designs. However, content is what matters, and I will expound further in subsequent paragraphs on the issue of content and SEO.

Choosing an affiliate marketing program

Now that your website is ready, the next step is to select an affiliate program. There are several of those on the market, such as the Amazon Associate, Linkshare, and ShareASale. The program you choose will entirely depend on your preference and how much you’re willing to commit.

Easy ways to make money on the internet

How To Become Affiliate Marketing – Signing up for an affiliate program

The sign-up process is the same. You start by login into the affiliate website and completing a joining form. Here, you’ll key in all your details and then wait for a confirmation email. After approval, the next step is to choose the products you want to promote under categories.

Get an affiliate link.

The affiliate websites give you the option of copying the affiliate link and posting it on your blog or website. Whenever customers buy through the link, the merchant can trace each sale through a unique code, and you get paid.

At this juncture, you can also set up a payment method depending on the affiliate program. Most programs are flexible and can process payments to various destinations across the globe.

How to become affiliate marketing starts with content.

Now that you have a website, an affiliate link, and a niche, it’s now time to work on your content. Quality content is the driver of your affiliate marketing effort. Audiences will become real customers, depending on how they perceive the content.

Keyword & niche research, an integral part of the content

The world has changed, it’s no longer the customers searching for the sellers, but the sellers searching for the buyers. The internet has changed how companies conduct their business. With just a touch of a button, a customer can find the product they desire and have it delivered at their doorstep. With the above in mind, your products must be found by the audience. It all boils down to the quality of your content and your SEO efforts. You must optimize your website for SEO and do some keywords research.

Choosing the right keywords is not just about selecting random words and sprinkling them on your content. No. You need to invest in a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy or Longtail.

There are some programs, such as wealthy affiliates that offer keyword research services for free. However, they have limited searches; let’s say 30. These may limit your online business and growth. A serious online entrepreneur will join the premium membership and pay $49 per month. The benefits are unlimited.

Other than free websites, boot camp training, free hosting, support, and community, there’s also the benefit of unlimited keyword searches. Optimizing your website for google will help in ranking, and customers can easily find the products you’re promoting.

Promoting your affiliate link

Once you have the keywords ready, now you can promote the affiliate link through various channels. Your blog is the starting point since most buyers will buy a product after reading your thoughts or recommendations. Product reviews and guides are popular since they promote the best products in a merchant’s websites. They also give the pros, cons, and factors to consider when shopping for a particular product.

For example, bath bombs are soapy products that dissolve in water. An affiliate can write a buyer’s guide with the title, “Ten Best Bath Bombs Reviewed for quality.” For every bath bomb chosen, there should be an affiliate link that directs the audience to the merchant’s website, such as Amazon. When the buyer buys, the affiliate marketer will earn a commission.

How to become affiliate marketing? Promote on social media. Social media is a vibrant market place where people connect, and you can make use of Facebook Affiliate Marketing. You can create a Facebook page, or get a twitter hurdle and develop an audience-first approach when promoting.

Try writing interesting blog posts that will move audiences and get them to click and buy. The most important thing is to drive traffic to your website and promote sales.

Examples of affiliate marketing programs

As I mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of affiliate marketing programs that can join. However, in this review, I’ll only mention the main four to programs namely, Amazon Associate, Linkshare, ShareASale, and Clickbank affiliate marketing program

How To Make Money as An Amazon Associate

The Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

The reason why I’ve picked the Amazon affiliate program is that it’s the biggest because Amazon is the largest online shopping mall in the world. They have hundreds of merchants and affiliate marketers.

If you’re wondering how to become an Affiliate Marketer, there are numerous products you can choose and promote. One product may not be enough, and it’s advisable to pick many products and expand your niche selection. It’s free to join, and upon approval, you can embark on the promotion of the affiliate link and persuade audiences to become real customers.

ShareASale affiliate program

ShareASale works in the same way as the amazon associate. It’s free to join, and after approval, an affiliate marketer promotes the affiliate link and earns commissions.

To maximize your content marketing strategy, you must use the right keywords and write buyer’s guides and show product review videos. One must have a ShareASale account for ease of interaction. The promotion methods are the same through the affiliate marketing blog, websites, and social media.

Clickbank affiliate program

Clickbank works under the concept where merchants earn commission through promoting products and closing sales. The only difference here is that affiliate marketers under Clickbank sell tech products like software and eBooks. There’s no shipping or storage since the products are purely virtual. Similarly, the commissions are high.

The promotion methods are the same and include prompting an affiliate link to various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and others.

Compare ShareASale vs Clickbank

Linkshare affiliate program

Linkshare affiliate program is also known as Rakuten marketing and is an old program where publishers sell affiliate products and earn a commission. The promotion methods are similar to other affiliate programs, and the commission structure is competitive.


How to become affiliate marketing? It all starts with niche selection, build your platform, getting an affiliate link, promoting the link, and earning a commission when a customer buys. It may seem easy. However, it’s a challenging journey that requires endurance and playing by the rules. One doesn’t become an overnight millionaire; you must offer quality content that will make your audiences want to buy.

I hope that this review has been useful and will be a guiding factor in your affiliate marketing journey.

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