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10 Awesome Tips to Achieve a 100% Site Health Score in WordPress

10 Awesome Tips to Achieve a 100% Site Health Score in WordPress

A new Site Health score has been added to your WordPress dashboard and, like any other score, you are probably wondering how to get a perfect 100% score.

In this tutorial, I’m here to assist. First, let me introduce you to the newly-added site feature. I will lead you through 10 tips that you should adhere to for getting a 100% score on your Site Health.

In What Way Does the Site Health Score Work in WordPress?

Robust tools have been added by the Site Health functionality in WordPress to help you identify likely problems which makes it easy to repair your site if a problem comes up.

A series of tests are done by the Site Health tools and it shows you the results and recommendations based on what was found.

Another amazing feature is that tests can be filtered, tests can be added by the themes and plugins, and they can also remove existing ones.

Immediately you update your WordPress website, you will notice two new pages under Tools > Site Health.

The main page shows your Site Health Status with results grouped as:

  • Critical
  • Recommended
  • Good

 10 Awesome Tips to Achieve a 100% Site Health Score in WordPress


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