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Jaaxy vs long tail pro: Which is better?
Jaaxy vs long tail pro: Which is better?

Jaaxy vs long tail pro: Which is better?

Between Jaaxy vs long tail pro which one would you pick over the other? Both are keyword research tools, and in here, we will have an overview of each. Read on.

Overview-How can I rank up faster?

You may think you know what keyword you want to target

First things first, the fact that you are here means you are looking for information on a tool that will be beneficial for your business. Better still, one that will make your content rank high and quickly.

We are glad that by landing on this page, you would like to evaluate your options before picking either of the two. There is no doubt that both tools are valuable and are leading the pack in the industry. The makers of these remarkable tools have built successful businesses and have all the information on the best ways to rank on Google.

Keyword tools are essential for any business. Indeed, search engines record an impressive five billion figure of searches every day. Google searches are approximately forty thousand every second. These figures of people searching for stuff are mind boggling. What if you grab a small part, your business can grow and earn you a lot of money.

Nonetheless, for you to rank, you need to make use of the right keywords that users are searching. It may not be easy, especially if you are new with no one to support you. You may waste time should you underestimate the power of keywords. It’s essential to pay attention to the use of keywords and research.

To get traffic, you need to target the right keywords and for ranking. The content you post must have achievable and realistic goals. Content must be of high quality to boost traffic from google and other search engines. To scale up your website and your business to higher heights, you need a keyword tool.

At this juncture, you need to decide on the best keyword tool. Either of the keywords has its benefit, which we will highlight in this post. We will raise the differences between the two in the subsequent paragraphs.

Interesting facts about Jaaxy

If you would like to try Jaaxy, no need to worry about contributing anything since there you can sign up for a free account.Here you will benefit from 30 searches that are useful when starting.

Whenever another user creates an account using your link, you will benefit from new searches.

Nonetheless, if you would like an authority site, you need more detailed research, and thirty searches are not adequate. You may need to upgrade your account.

Jaaxy is extremely easy to use. It’s also fast and allows you to get your results in a flash. When you compare with Long Tail Pro, you will realize that the speeds are impressive. It’s no secret that the more costly the account is, the higher the speeds and you will get your results much faster. Even so, if your online business is new, you can use Jaaxy, which will still give you fast results.

With Jaaxy, it will take you a maximum of five to ten seconds to get your results, although this will also depend on the strength of your internet connectivity. The long tail can take approximately five minutes for you to receive your results.

With Jaaxy, it will take you a maximum of five to ten seconds to get your results

Jaaxy is also easy to use, and the instructions are straightforward and simple. Any user can learn on their own in just a few minutes. Long tail; is a bit complex and Jaaxy takes the trophy in matters to do with simplicity.

Jaaxy is more accurate when it comes to monthly searches and completion. The use of quoted search results facilitates this precision. This metric gives you the exact figure of other pages using the same keyword. However, when you are doing a basic search, you will only need these metrics.

Tracking is another essential feature of Jaaxy. You can track the keywords you use and monitor the changes in their ranking over time. You can try this when you publish a blog or update some old blog. Then place the keyword to track. Jaaxy will automatically draw a graph and show you the performance of your ranking. Therefore this motivates you since you can see the fruits of your efforts.

Something else to note is that Jaaxy allows you to construct a list of keywords. After which you define the subject and do the listings. This procedure is essential since it lets you track a specific niche on your site. Also, it’s quite useful when starting a new subject and when trying to determine the type of keywords to use.

All about Long tail pro

So far, we have seen the benefits of Jaaxy. Cheap, accuracy, reliability, keyword lists, and high speed. On the other hand, when it comes to popularity, Long Tail Pro takes the mantle. Of course, this is a positive sign when starting. It means you can have the confidence in testing it since many people trust and believe in it.

Reviews are there to tell it all. People will leave testimonies about the product, and this will attract many people. It seems like Long tail has held the number one position for quite some time now. However, the question of how long it will stay at the top will depend on its consistency in service delivery.

Competitors such as Jaaxy are not sleeping on the job. Recent studies show that Jaaxy is slowly but surely showing impressive growth. Soon or later, it might catch up.

On the issue of ranking values, numbers don’t lie. They help in tracking progress and showing estimates. Long Tail Pro will give you nominal numbers in terms of how much you are likely to earn if you rank high on Google.

This value will help you in deciding whether or not it’s worth spending your time posting articles or blogs. You can also choose the best keyword that will help in ranking and boosting profitability.

There is something known as Average keyword competitiveness (AVg.KC) in Long Tail Pro. It’s a metric just like the QSR for Jaaxy. The difference comes in when evaluating the competition.

A lower number is easier to rank the keyword as opposed to a higher number. Jaaxy vs long tail pro

QSR will only give you the quantity of the competition while Avg.KC will evaluate the quality of the competition. It’s a metric or number starting from 0 to 100. A lower number is easier to rank the keyword as opposed to a higher number.

If your site is new, a KC of 30 and below is preferable. However, if it ranges above 50, then your keyword ranking is doing badly, and you have to rethink your strategy.

It’s also important to note that the Long Tail Pro usually organizes a boot camp training which is an all-inclusive training with lessons of how to grow your online business and make money. If you are a beginner, you can benefit from new ideas, and it’s a deal worth your money.

With Long Tail Pro, there is a supportive team at hand to answer all your questions. There is a Chatbox where you can type your question and get instant feedback. This kind of support lacks with Jaaxy. The only support you can get is through the Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro? Which is better?

Based on the comparison between Jaaxy Vs Long Tail Pro, which one would you choose? Let’s find out.

In deciding the best plan, there are some factors to consider, such as price and competition. If you are on a budget, probably you will settle on Jaaxy which is relatively cheaper as compared to Long Tail Pro.

In the recent past, Jaaxy had a significant update which saw them set prices. The Pro subscription will cost you $49 each month while the Enterprise will now cost $99. These may not be the lowest prices since they are other small players on the market. However, Jaaxy has been riding on the understanding that it may be the world’s best and most preferred keyword tool.

Jaaxy Pro-Most popular for New websites

But, does this justify the low price? Well, there has a premium membership which allows you to purchase click funnels at the rate of $99 every month.

On the other hand, Long Tail Pro has different membership rates. Their lowest price is $37, followed closely by $67, and next is the $147 plan. These prices are a bit higher than those of Jaaxy; however, most users would prefer a cheap plan.

Both tools have discounts for yearly subscriptions which is cheaper when you look at the long-term perspective. Also, subscribing to annual memberships ensures you commit yourself to use the tools and benefit from it. Tools may not be beneficial if you don’t make use of them. It is a measure of your business success.

Competition is also a factor to consider when deciding between the two. Both tools will give you a detailed analysis of other plays on google. Some of the information on this analysis is Word count, links on website, backlinks, Alexa rank, and AdSense.

Long tail will show you something different about your competitor. It’s a more detailed analysis that allows you to evaluate the competitors ranking and whether you can outdo them. Therefore, you can decide when to pounce or when to change your strategy.


Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro, which one would you prefer? From the analysis, it’s quite evident that both tools are useful for online business. However, your choice will entirely depend on your preference, how much you are willing to spend, and how you view your competitors. Both keyword tools are different and successful online business people usually use both tools. If the question of cost does not bother you, then your choice will be limited to simplicity and your preference.

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  1. Edwin Bernard

    Apart from comparing two keyword search tools you highlighted the importance of using effective keywords in ones article title as well as in other places where appropriate. I have used Jaaxy and found it very useful. I have not used the Long Tail Pro tool. Thanks for bringing that up.


  2. For those just starting out online I would have to say that it is unwise to make use of both keyword tools due to their subscriptions. It would be wise to just stick with one. From my personal point of view I think beginners should startoff with jaaxy due to it ease of navigation and features and also its pricing is very reasonable. For the more experienced online entrepreneurs they can go for longtail pro because of what it offers. That is just my personal opinion.

  3. Hey

    Thanks for the article. I can say that I have always wanted to try long tail pro but now i will stick to jaaxy. I have seen many reviews on long tail pro and had decided to try it out but according to your comparison I think jaaxy is a bit cheaper and easier to use. But also I have seen that you get better results if you subscribe to the research program. so jaaxy it is. Thank you

  4. Excellent article, your post is very helpful and awesome,for every blogger,and online business owner,I’ve been using that techniques since and its works and perfect,using keywords tools is vital for the success of the business,as you have opened my eyes to the importance of both,everyone has its own preference and also affordability must be considered,thanks for sharing this wonderful write-up.

  5. If we are looking for details of keyword searches, I would go for the one which brings faster result and that is Jaaxy. I am using this keyword tool since I did affiliate marketing and so far, I can’t say any problems with it. It clearly shows great comparison of keywords according to traffic and competition that I use before writing an overall content. I haven’t tried Long tail for me to say something about it. Knowing that you have unbiased comparison would leave to the users which one is better. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Brilliant review, Peter. For me, I’ll go with jaaxy but this is because it’s the only one I have used out of the two and since I already fell in love with it, it might be difficult for me to change to another tool. I didn’t know much about long tail pro until I read from you that it is the most popular of the two. Well, this might be because I’m relatively new to online marketing.

    So. I’ll say it is great to learn what alternative is available but I prefer jaaxy for its simplified and numerous metrics it supplys for a keyword. Thanks.

  7. Hi, Peter.
    This was a piece of exhaustive information on Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro. Thanks for the review as it made easy to decide my next purchase.
    As a budget customer, I would prefer Jaaxy due to its price as well the features offered. As a new affiliate Marketer whatever analytic is provided by Jaaxy is sufficient, to begin with and excel. It is also proven by many success stories with Jaaxy.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  8. These features of both jaaxy and long tailed is very amazing. People love going for a cheaper tools that can search for different keywords that can easily rank higher on Google trend. They also want a platform that is highly trusted and respected. This is why both of them makes alot of sense to me. Can a non members of wealthy affiliate also have access to jaaxy? If that is the case, it means jaaxy won’t take long time before it becomes widely spread.

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