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Here are top Affiliate Products to Promote this Christmas
Here are top Affiliate Products to Promote this Christmas

Here are top Affiliate Products to Promote this Christmas

Undoubtedly, towards the end of the year, there is a promotional craze. Every retailer tries to get a piece of the market. In this review, I will talk about the top affiliate products to sell at Christmas.

Christmas promotions

As the Christmas season approaches, everything becomes real, and there is a lot of emotion and frenzy. Everybody wants to get their best product out there and make a sale. If you think it’s too early to start promoting your affiliate products, then you are mistaken. The time is now to plan your Christmas affiliate marketing promotions.

Why start Christmas promotions early

The holiday season begins in October, and during this time, you’ll find e-commerce retailers trying to leverage their sales. Also, buyers start planning early for the holidays. Some buyers would prefer to purchase products early before the last-minute rush.

How to plan your Christmas promotion strategy

You need to define your specific niche of what you will be promoting. You must have the goals set so that you can increase your sales this holiday season and make money.

With your goals ready, the next step is to figure out the strategy of achieving the goals. For starters, you need to have traffic to your website or blog, and this will boost your conversion chances.

Secondly, you need to have a strong social media presence and promote your affiliate link to all those places your audience likes hanging out.

Your promotion strategy must appeal to your audience. Every e-commerce merchant will look for ways to reach the audience. Due to this, you need to select a unique approach that will work for you.

Also, you need to customize your promotion, blog, or website and leverage digital marketing. For instance, email marketing could work well for you. It’s vital to have your email list ready and send the affiliate link to your contacts.

When selling, focus on the solution and not necessarily about the product. Most brands work round the clock in improving the quality of their products or services. If you have an existing blog, you can write buyers’ guides and reviews to educate users about products.

Ultimately, think about the period after Christmas. People are busy going back to their routine life, and it’s time to pump your promotion. After Christmas, you can promote “thank you cards” or “thank you gifts” which can still earn you some cash.

Now that your strategy is ready, below here, I will highlight several affiliate products you can promote during Christmas. Keep reading.

Christmas Cooking Recipes & Cooking Affiliate Programs

Christmas trees and lights

Several affiliate programs sell artificial Christmas trees and lights. Similarly, several e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, have artificial Christmas trees and decorations at incredible prices. As an affiliate marketer, your promotion should not miss a Christmas tree.

Commissions on Christmas trees sales

For instance, the “Christmas trees and lights” is a popular UK based supplier of artificial Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and other accessories. They have an affiliate program that pays 6.5% commission for every sale.

There is also a 3% commission if a customer buys through vouchers. The advantage is the cookie period, which can last up to 30 days. When you sign up for such a program, you’ll receive an affiliate link, and when customers order through the link, you get a commission.

Christmas trees decorations and ornaments

Quite often, some people have classic Christmas trees at home, and all they’d want is to decorate the old tree. Decorations and ornaments are popular products which will allow you to make money.

There are affiliate programs such as the Christmas villages where an affiliate marketer can join. Once you become a member, you get an affiliate link, and when a customer buys through the link, you get a commission.

Christmas villages are just an example of an affiliate program in Canada. What happens is that Christmas programs usually are location-based; however, you can search for listings for one in your location.

The ShareASale affiliate program has partnered with several suppliers of Christmas products, such as King of Christmas. There is a wide range of Christmas products to promote, and signing up is free.

Fashionable clothes with Christmas themes

People will want to look good during Christmas, and trendy clothes will fuel up your commissions. There are lots of products you can choose, such as baby’s clothes, t-shirts, caps, sweaters, shoes and much more.

However, these are not just ordinary clothes, but they should go with mood or frenzy. They should have a Christmas theme around them. Some popular stores have partnered with affiliate programs or have their affiliate programs that you can sign up and sell.

Ugly Christmas sweaters

Just like the name says, ugly Christmas sweaters have fun themes and are popular affiliate products that can boost up your sales. The company behind this promotion is Ugly Christmas sweaters, and they have super deals on sweaters for men, women, and kids.

Several affiliate programs such as ShareASale and run this promotion. It provides excellent opportunity since you can promote the specific link and earn commission on sales. The Ugly Christmas sweaters promotion offers a 10% commission in ShareASale and a thirty-day cookie.

Also, ugly sweaters are found in online stores such as Amazon, and therefore you can join the Amazon associate program and promote the link.

Fashionable Christmas themed scarfs or beanies

Beanies or scarfs are usually in high demand when holidays are around the corner. The temperatures may be chilly, and to stay warm, buyers will be searching for the latest product on the market.

They are also a fashion statement for various outfits. Most retailers sell these products at discounts, and you can take advantage of this to promote them as affiliate products.

When selling, you need to educate the buyer on the importance of keeping warm and ensure to include all the details in your blog.

Similarly, look for appropriate keywords that will attract traffic and conversions. Choose the most fashionable scarfs or beanies in Amazon and promote them through the amazon associate program.

Fashionable shoes

You can choose a shoe from popular brands such as Nike and promote them in your blog. There are several niches you may select, such as kids, women, and men categories. These are also popular gift items during Christmas, especially those with holiday themes.

The top affiliate products to sell during Christmas, others

Well, fashionwear and trees seem to be the most trending items during Christmas. However, there are others, and the top affiliate products that I feel are worth mentioning are highlighted below.

Gift packs during Christmas

Christmas is a time to connect with your loved ones, spread some love, and show them that you care and appreciate. With the holiday season approaching, people are looking for gifts to send to their loved ones. It could be a gift to a partner, to kids, parents, friends, boss, and colleagues. The list is endless.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, gifts are an obvious selection. In Amazon, there are thousands of items you can choose to promote. For instance, some gift items include watches, jewelry, books, and much more.

If you have a blog, you can write a review of the best gift ideas or items to buy this season. Then promote your link to social media and optimize your blog for SEO by use of relevant keywords. You can also create marketing promotions to reach a wide audience. Also, you can make use of Pinterest to help increase traffic.

Christmas themed dinnerware

A dinnerware set will include serving dishes, plates, spoons, and mugs, all with a Christmas theme. During Christmas, people are going to hold parties. Christmas is a time for people to come together, eat together, and share the love.

A dinner set choice as an example of top affiliate products to promote this Christmas and is an excellent idea. Again, we go back to your blog and the kind of content you have for your audience.

Amazon has a wide variety of dinner sets from various suppliers and brands. You can take the opportunity to promote and educate your audience on the best collection. You can also suggest the idea of gifts for mugs with Christmas decorations.

Cosmetics for Christmas

People want to a good taste of fashion. Cosmetic products have a demand all year round. These products are an ideal selection that you can promote during Christmas and make money.

You can choose popular brands and explain to the buyer the advantages of shopping for one over the other. For instance, you can list the benefits of skin massage in your blog and select the ten best skin massagers.

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There you have it; the list is not exhaustive. There is a wide variety of the top affiliate products you can sell during Christmas and make money. It all depends on your strategy and choice of product.

Keep in mind that it’s the holiday season and most people are in a spending spree. However, not to mean that they can buy anything that’s thrown their way. Whatever product they choose to buy must solve their problem, and that’s where you come.

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  1. Thank you for your detailed post about which affiliate products to promote for the holiday season. I agree with you, that the promotion should start sooner than we would have thought. I think by seeing Christmas stuff in stores, that is a sign to start with affiliate promotions too.

    I wouldn’t have thought about Christmas themed dinnerware, what a brilliant idea! I have to remember it for next year… At least I have a lot of time to plan it properly 🙂

    • Dear Katja,
      They buy most at Christmas. I think we can take advantage of that in affiliate marketing. Get the right affiliate marketing business opportunity.
      Merry Christmas! ????

  2. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing revere about affiliate products for Christmas.

    I was trying to build an affiliate program but i gut stuck in finding a good niche. I think in this period this is the best idea to use all these Christmas traditional products and sell it. Everyone is looking for gifts for their loved ones during this period, and I was thinking of selling Christmas tree decorations.

    I see a lot of Christmas products on the internet and i can’t find a good niche. Do you recommend me a good niche or where can i search for it?

    Thanks and keep in touch.

    • Dear Nimrodngy,
      One of the best niche markets is Christmas tree decorations. Good choice.
      But you need to know that this is a long-term project. my good news is that every year there is Christmas and other seasonal trends. You can also plan the perfect affiliate marketing for this. Making money at home is no easier.
      Merry Christmas! ????

  3. This sounds simular to so many scams online. Always promising the moon for little effort or time. I can honestly say I was taken in once by a similar promise. I never really believed the little effort part. The problem is they dont truly give you any info that is easily actionable. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few legit services out there. Worth every penny. 

    • Dear Ashley,
      You really need to think about which affiliate platform we use.
      The Wealthy Affiliate Program is one of the best options. It’s all in one. Hosting, domain, article writing, spell check, plagiarism check, keyword research tool and more. You read about it here. The best example of making money at home in WA
      ???? Merry Christmas!

  4. Hello Peter,

    You write about an important topic which promoting products during Chrismas holidays.

    I was in the previous week doing shopping in one of the local stores in my town in Australia and I can tell you I saw this local store run out of all Christmas tree decorations and ornaments. The natural response of the offline customer to do shopping with another offline store or just go online to deliver the product fast to the door of the home.

    who think that offline stores are enough to supply the required product for any local town, is completely wrong. From this point, starting an online business that helps people is the greatest idea you should develop.

    • Hello Safia,
      Great idea. But remember, you can’t do search engine marketing with a webshop. Solutions need to be given to website readers by writing unique articles. Without this, you cannot be in a competitive advantage. Search engine optimization is one of the basic elements of affiliate marketing.
      Merry Christmas to you too!
      Peter ????

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